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eBay Australia 1% Cashback (Excludes Coupon Codes) @ ShopBack


Really excited to see that Shopback is re-launching ebay Australia!

My bot has been regularly pinging the ebay landing page on both Shopback and Cashrewards and has just now picked up that Shopback will be offering 1% cashback. There isn’t any expiry date so I’m assuming that this rate will be the standard cashback going forward.

Cashback will only be available through the Shopback app. I’ve not had one failed cashback tracking since I’ve started using the Shopback app.

Cashback is not eligible for purchases from Coles on eBay

Edit: As of 28th October 2019, Any purchases made with the use of Coupon / Voucher Codes are not eligible for Cashback

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$5 for referrer and $5 for referee with $20 referee purchase.

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  • its a shame that ebay are not doing the $1.00 fee on weekends for everyone anymore, there are no bargains to be had, so private sellers are not listing, most are same price as amazon and JB

    • The $1 weekends is available for targeted sellers.
      From what I can tell, it's only new(ish) sellers.
      My main account, which is a top rated seller account, doesn't get it.
      My secondary account, which has sold about 10 items, gets it every week.

    • I've been getting 1.10 total fees for any item over $10 for past 4 weeks or so. My account is way old and I transact on it heaps.

  • +3 votes

    Couple together with the 3% off coupon codes that's 4% off!

  • My bot has been regularly pinging the ebay landing page

    TIL dealbot is actually a bot.

  • +28 votes

    The discount is almost better than what eBay themselves are offering with their codes

    • I miss the 5% min $30 spend and the 10% off min spend $70 coupons. The e-gift cards kinda made up for them but now we don't even get those.

  • serisouly??! I just bought an expensive security system 10 mins ago and this happens -_-.. oh well..

  • Now I just need a good laptop deal like these ones.

    • So you can save ~$10 on a thousand dollar purchase?

      • It's more like, if you're already planning on buying something that costs $1000 or whatever, then those 10 buckeroos would be at the very least, a pleasant addition, wouldn't you agree?

        On the other hand, if you're buying that expensive something, without any prior intent to do so, or for the sake of utilizing this new 'discount', then…I'd be very concerned for your financial wellbeing..

  • While Qantas/Velocity points are probably better for the frequent flyers, pretty good for all others.

    Thanks for posting!

  • 1% cashback, but does the usual no GC purchases or payment, etc apply? I still have a few hundred left of my 10% off GC's.

  • So only on app, not via laptop or PC?

    • Looks like it, meanwhile my phone won't install the app. There's always android emulators for PC if you want to spend a couple of hours messing around to get them to work for what you need.

  • 1% cash back. Is this really worth the time and effort? Does not deserve to be on Ozbargain. Worst part is 72 people have given it positive vote. Unfortunately people think they have to LIKE the deal (positive vote the deal) just like they have to like family members photos on facebook. Why not say this is bullshit, Shop back and eBay can shove that 1% up their… you know where.

    • i gave your comment a + but still shows the count as a negative for you.
      but end of the day your right!

      • I put him back onto neutral now…

        seriously 1% cashback? thats like calling earning loyalty points on credit cards a bargain…

      • Not surprised. EBay and shopback (almost all major companies) have staff just to improve their reputation online and promote their deals.They can make accounts on Ozbargain and other deal & review sites and downvote negative comments and upvote shitty deals from their companies. Genuine Ozbargain members may get confused and end up buying into the deals.

    • How much extra time and effort is it to purchase an item through the app?

      • NOT MUCH. Just Download the app. Give them your details. Agree to their 'terms & conditions' (they will use your info to make money, they can even sell it -YOU AGREED TO IT. the info could be your name, PH no, email, products you purchased, products you are interested in, your location, the model no of the mobile you use, the optus/vodafone/telstra network you use, your location, how often you use their app, which sites you go to and 30 other things we do not know). Then you log in. Then buy the product through their app. In most cases wait a month (or 3-4 months) for your cash back. Then you get 1% cashback. OH AND THEY WILL MAKE SURE TO GET THAT 1% (lot more than 1% actually) BACK BY SENDING YOU PRODUCT DEALS YOU ARE INTERESTED IN -those probably are not real deals-just advertisements since they know you are interested in buying that particular product.

    • I haven't been a member that long but even I can remember the days when tiny 3% cashbacks deals were laughed off the front page.

    • True Ozbargainers uses shopback app for $0.20 cashback on using Uber.

    • Unfortunately people think they have to LIKE the deal (positive vote the deal) just like they have to like family members photos on facebook.

      Does anyone actually likes their family member's post because they have to?

      • Are you one of my family members?

        If not, yes of course I like more photos than I actually think are interesting

    • The argument would be 1% is better than 0% though…this is an oddly supported negative comment about a deal which is relatively innocuous.

      Relax OzB…

    • Yeah, how can people seriously think 1% off is a bargain ?

  • Surely destined to be the bargain of the year

  • Meh!

  • +14 votes

    Hmmm ao people scoffed at the 3% off promo code but 150 have upvoted a 1% cashback that takes weeks to process?
    You ozbargainers are a strange lot sometimes.

  • I don't understand why people are complaining about the small cashback.

    Guaranteed most posters on OzB already has a SB account and guaranteed most posters on OzB are buying "essential" stuff off Ebay whether there was cashback or not anyway. Now you get 1% back….for what? Clicking a link?

    Is it a lot? No, but if I had it when I bought my parents a new washing machine for $800, that would've been $8 back. It's not nothing and it's not going to turn a purchase into a bargain but if you find something that's already a bargain then this just extends it a little further. And at least there's that relationship again and that could potentially mean there's higher cashback later down the line.

  • I’ve not had one failed cashback tracking since I’ve started using the Shopback app.

    Lucky you then, Ive had 3.

  • Btw Qantas offers 1FF for $1 spent.


    Checked ShopBack an hour before this deal posted and bought from ebay.
    No soup for you

  • 275 Upvotes for a 1% cashbeack deal, are you ****** serious?

    Are we on OzBargain or OzMinuetDiscounts?

    Negging because this isn't a bargain. It's free advertising masquerading as a bargain.

    • It was 0% before so now it's 1% to me that's a bargain. You're on Ozbargain when you can get some discount for not doing much and no one else giving you the 1% on ebay that's a bargain to me.

      Every dollar saved is a dollar saved. How about you give us 1% discount?

  • only android and ios…

  • The bastards at eBay will probably change this to 'eligible' items in the future.

  • You better off going with Swagbucks to get the 1% cashback from eBay. Since Swagbucks pay you in USD and not in AUD.

  • Why not beat CR by another percent?

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