expired Microsoft Xbox One S Wireless Bluetooth Controller PC+USB Cable $56 + $12.95 Delivery ($0 with Plus) @ Futu Online eBay


Couldn't find any other deals under the Xbox One Controller OzBargain page.

Hope it helps someone.

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    what about this one? It looks like cheaper, are they same as your posting?


    That's a good price, but controllers are the only thing I always buy from EB Games, only because how easy it is to replace them if one of the buttons doesn't work (or any other reason).

    I suppose Big W or some other brick and mortar store could do the same (just replace a faulty controller for a new one on the spot) but then again they may choose to send it to Microsoft for warranty service or replacement.

    It's this risk that makes it worth it for me to pay $10-20 more for a controller from EB Games, and the risk that a new controller will arrive faulty is very high.

    I had to replace my new controller two or three times - the "A" button stuck on one, right bumper working every second or third press on another one, and there was one other fault on the third one, I think it was the home button or the headphone jack - something important anyway - meant I had to replace it for the third time.

    Of course ymmv


      Is the quality control that poor? Nice price, but hoping for different colours…

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        Well, I can only speak for myself, but yes.

        I suppose it's possible that EB Games kept reselling those faulty controllers until someone kept them.

        Someone who didn't mind (or didn't check) that one particular button or feature didn't work (if you play the same game for a while it's possible not to notice a faulty button not used by that game).

        Another possibility is that EB Games was selling refurbished controllers as new.

        Either way, my experience with new Xbox controllers is really bad.

        Ps. It could be just me, but it almost felt to me that the button size was different depending on the colour, and with the clearance around the buttons being so small, meant that one tended to just "stick".

        It would eventually pop back up, if you nudged it or something, but it meant it was unusable.

        I used to work with plastic injection moulding for cables, and I remember that different colours are sometimes made on different dies, but more frequently it was the plastic itself that was different depending on colour (more or less sticky, softer or harder, etc).

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          Xbox One S Controllers from EB Games are horrible. I bought a white brand new Xbox One S Controller at EB games. The box is sealed. However the A button won’t get back, it just get stuck. I went to EB games for a replacement and they give me another sealed controller.I opened the box in front of the salesman and tested, the A button is also faulty. So I asked for another. And I get a sealed faulty controller again.
          I asked for replacement. The salesman start to talk to each other and he then said it’s all like this and replacement is meaningless. Then he tried to persuade me to just get the faulty controller and leave. He said his controller is like the same. I denied. They talk to each other for a long time and a sales man go into the storage room for a long time and then came out with a controller which is not sealed. The buttons works fine but feels hard. I accepted the controller because the salesman said this is the very last time they replace it. And they took my receipt and said they have to keep it. This means I lost my right of warranty and proof of purchase. The salesmen looks like pretty angry and I have to go away with the last controller and my receipt taken.

          However my brother bought a same controller from Microsoft EBay and everything works fine. So I think you are right. EB games are selling faulty controllers and they have a common issue: ‘A’ button stuck and won’t pop up in time.

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            @theabyss: That’s bizarre, and bogus they kept the receipt!

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              @quarrymaster: That’s the only time I replace something at EB. However the experience is really bad. Their price are pretty high comparing to other stores. The product quality may not be their fault but the way they solve it is definitely not good enough.

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            @theabyss: That poor service from EB but you can’t really blame them for the faulty controllers if they’re sealed. It’s not like they purposely purchased a bunch of faulty controllers. I’m guessing they were just sold a faulty batch


            @theabyss: Yep, that sounds like what happened to me too (3 replacements of a new controller in 1 week).

            Too bad you got such bad service from them, because they're pretty good about things like that.

            But now imagine if you bought the same controller online, it would probably tale at least a couple of weeks, and if you didn't have a spare controller you wouldn't be able to play at all.

            So even in your case, with such bad customer service you received from EB Games, you may have been better off buying from them anyway, because you finally managed to get a resolution (imagine having to do this by email and Australia Post if bought online).


              @BooYa: Yep I can’t imagine multiple replacement in a row via post. That would be a nightmare.


                @theabyss: Yep. To be honest, if I had to replace a controller several times by mail, I'd probably not even bother.

                I drive a 6 cylinder Ford ($6 to nearest post office box and back) plus any postage, as well as time wasted, I'd just go to a brick and mortar store and buy another one.

                Then, if and when I ended up getting a good replacement for the first faulty controller, I'd have a spare which I could sell or keep (they break down quickly enough).

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            @theabyss: Same story at JB, not restricted to EB


      If you're paying with PayPal or have Ebay Plus you get free returns.


        I didn't know about PayPal offering free return postage on warranty claims.

        But for me it doesn't make much difference, because I usually only have one controller at a time, and the whole time it's in the mail or getting serviced or replaced, I wouldn't be able to play at all until I got a replacement (which has a good chance to be faulty too).

        That's why I personally always use brick and mortar stores for controllers (almost always EB Games because they have heaps of stores, and I have never had a problem getting a controller replaced on the spot).


    Anyone got a deal on play and charge kit?

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      If you dont mind generics, EB Games has a kit for $12.47 (50% off) https://www.ebgames.com.au/product/xbox-one/203859-play-xbox...

      Target has a PowerVawe kit for $14

      Panasonic Eneloop rechargeable AA batteries may be a better option, depends if you just need the kit or whether you can use the batteries as well.

      These batteries are made in Japan, and depending on the model, have around 2,000 charging cycles (but I find this hard to believe even for electronics made in Japan, there would definitely be a voltage drop over time in any case).

      Eneloops have by far the best reputation as far as rechargeable batteries go.

      I remember seeing those at Woolworths not long ago at half price.

      Ps. I just did a quick search, so I'm not sure if they're the cheapest, or best value for money, but they're cheap enough.

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    JFYI, these are $59 at MSY and last sunday i got JB HiFi to price match. $3 dearer but with the advantage of being able to pickup at any of the multiple JB stores around the Country.
    Regardless, this is still a pretty good deal!


      oh, and it's a physical store, so JBHIFI PM available


        Umart almost always have some of the cheapest xbox controllers on the market.

        I don't know why because not all their stuff is priced comparatively low.

        Also, never had any issues getting a 'dead on arrival' replacement on the spot, but it was hard drives I replaced at the time not controllers (they never tested them, just gave me the replacement on the spot, then it turned out it was my fault anyway lol).


        They denied price match to me because mt waverly umart is oos-.-


    I already bought one, does anyone know if JBHF will price match to $56 or $56 +12.95


    Slightly OT, but I bought the original Xbox One controllers (I have 2) and pretty much never used them. I also bent over and bought the PC wireless adapter for it (forgot to bring lube). Do these have any value in the secondhand market if I wanted to upgrade to a BT controller like this?


    Looks like it's out of stock

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