expired Baseus 30W USB Car Charger - 2 for $14.25, Baseus 45W Car Charger -2 for $19 + Delivery ($0 w/eBay Plus) @ Shopping Square eBay


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    Paid $19 delivered for the 45w one two weeks ago. From Baseus eBay. Got it delivered yesterday. It's probably the similar price if you're not a member. Delivery is probably $15.

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    can anyone comment on the quality and stability? any radio interference, contiuned on-off, too tide to slide in, tempreture or other problem?

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      I've got the previous 30W model from Baseus (rounded instead of squared) and it works awesome, no issues, fast charging enabled, fits snug.


      Bought a few of the 45W previousy. Good fit, only protrudes about 8mm, no interference. Bonus to have the voltmeter.

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      I have the 30W Baseus one with one USB-C and one USB A port. Overall it is decent but I replaced it with another model because it can only fast charge one device at a time.

      I bought this to fast charge iPhones over USB C and Qualcomm Quickcharge (such as Xiaomi phones) over the type A. Charging iPhones are fine in this configuration, but the following would happen with a phone that supports QC 3.0 if plugged into the type A port:

      1. Phone is detected, charger power cycles, 5V is provided.
      2. Voltage steps up to 9V. (QC 3.0 engages).
      3. USB car charger detects something on the USB-C port (the USB-C to lightning cable).
      4. USB charger power cycles because it can only supply 5V if 2 devices are plugged in.
      5. Repeat steps 1-4.

      The car charger always power cycles whenever a device is plugged in or unplugged. The USB-C to lightning cable is a special case because power is constantly drawn even if there isn't an iPhone plugged in, USB-C to USB-C cables are not detected by the charger if nothing is plugged in. The charger seems like it was not designed around USB-C to lightning cables.

      The end result is the USB-C phone will constantly report that power is cut off then resupplied, which results in inefficient charging. Disconnecting the USB-C to lightning cable allows the USB-C phone to charge properly.

      Plugging in an iPhone will solve this issue, both phones will charge at 5V 2A (I need to double check).

      I tested the following configurations:

      USB A to lightning and USB-C to lightning: Good
      USB A to lightning and USB-C to USB-C: Good
      USB A to USB-C and USB-C to lightning: Bad
      USB A to USB-C and USB-C to USB-C: Good

      This is assuming the USB-C phone supports QC 3.0.

      I bought a 36W Baseus charger (I think it was $15 from eBay or Aliexpress) and works great for my use case, which is to fast charge 1 iPhone and 1 QC 3.0 phone at the same time. I think the charger can do this because it has separate circuitry for each port, while the ports on the 30W charger share circuitry. The size difference is significant.

      However, the 30W charger can supply 30W through the USB-C port while the 36W charger is limited to 18W on each port. This reinforces the idea that the 36W charger has separate circuitry for each port.

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    Thanks, I like the colour of the 45W so I got it.


    Thanks. Also got the Baseus QC3.0 C-USB cable 2 for 1 ($14.25) but had to check out separately.


    "Note: 20v output can only be realized while inputting 24v vehicle model (large trucks)"


      Someone pointed out in one of their earlier deals that max seems to be: 12V x 3A = 36W
      Has QC3/4 if your device uses it.