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[VIC] Free Cert IV Mental Health & Cert IV Alcohol and Other Drugs Course (Normally $23,000) @ Goworkskills (South Melbourne)


Government study grant available to study Certificate IV in Mental Health and Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs.

This will be delivered on Wednesdays 10.30am to 4.30pm starting Wednesday 21st August for approximately 1 year.

These qualifications are to gain work in the industry and are for Australian Citizens/Residents, live in Victoria who have not been awarded a qualification higher than a Certificate III.

Those who qualify, will have fees to be fully funded under the New TAFE Free funding. Nothing to pay!

Both these Certificate IV courses combined would cost $23,000.

Training is provided by a registered RTO (GO WORK SKILLS) in South Melbourne.

1) I connect you to GWS
2) You schedule a time to meet with GWS within the upcoming week 12-16th AUG.
3) It takes ~2 hours to do a brief interview, sign up which includes a simple reading comprehension and math test.
4) You find out if you succeed as an applicant and become enrolled at the end of the interview.

Hope this can benefit someone who has a heart for community service work.

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  • Do they have anything like this in NSW?

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      or in Qld

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        or in WA

        • Or in NT

          • @a1234my: Or in TAS?

            • @tessel: Everyone forgets about ACT and SA.

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                @onetwothreefour: they also forget about;

                Ashmore and Cartier Islands
                Australian Antarctic Territory
                Christmas Island
                Keeling Islands
                Coral Sea Islands
                Heard and McDonald Islands
                Norfolk Island

                ..oh wait nobody actually forgot about them just nobody actually cares lol

      • There is this for Qld for traineeships or apprenticeships. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/474961

        • Yeah I did see that, was interested in doing the Cert IV Mental Health & Cert IV Alcohol and Other Drugs Course though :)

      • Cert 3 guarantee? Then you pay or Hecs/fee help one year to go to Cert IV level? Jobactive also does free training but only for jobs that are in demand in your area.

        • Cert IV guarantee for both CertIV Mental Health and CertIV AOD. no Hecs/fee for completion.

          • @smittenkitten: It's hard to see, but I replied under QLD as that is what I know about. FYI for QLD there is Cert III Guarantee and also "second chance" funding for certain areas if you have a cert 3 or higher.

    • Not that I am aware of.

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      Can't help but laugh at the idea of the Liberals purposefully funding education, especially in relation to mental health.

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        I think this is Victorian labor government's initiative.

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          Thats what he said. LIBs (NSW) would never help soyboys and cucks /s

  • Good initiative. I hope the recruiter/interviewer makes it clear to applicants just how high the burn-out rate is for these careers though. Would hate to spend $23,000 on training someone only for them to run screaming (or crying) from the field after a few months working in it.

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      I hope the training will include a lot of training on self-care, boundary setting, and how to find support as a worker.

      I'm enrolling as a student myself and that is how I am associated.

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        Good on you and good luck. And yeah, take care of yourself too.

    • True,
      but prolly more spent on Uni qualified Teachers who burn-out quickly!


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        That too. I think it'd be more effective to have less placements, but spend more per student with a bigger focus on, as smittenkitten said, self-care, stress-management, and how to find support etc.

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          Max 15 students in class with 4 spaces to fill.

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    Does one get a free Fitbit as well?

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    enroll for free and become eligible for concession price myki

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    Worth saying that you can't get this if you have other quals higher etc.

    • Correct which is unfortunate but for anyone who knows of someone who hasnt yet have more than a cert 3 who can benefit from this then please get in contact. You can also be studying something else at a higher level and as long as its not yet completed, you still come under having not yet been qualified for something cert 3 and above.

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    1) I connect you to GWS

    I thought this was for Vic, update title to say it's only in Greater Western Sydney

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      This is only for VIC. The sessions are held at GWS school in South Melbourne, VIC.
      For anyone interested, I pass details of the person who will conduct the interview.

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      I'm pretty sure the GWS here stands for "GoWorkSkills". Per the attached flyer.

  • This isn't free. I am one of the many taxpayer who is paying. Make sure you if you use that privilege that you bloody well do it sincerely and get a job in that field.i will be doing surprise inspections.šŸ‘®šŸš”

    • Upvoted - not because I agree (though I agree it does cost taxpayers) - but more because I'm amused by the notion that if you ever actually tried to do a "surprise inspection" on a mental health social worker, they'd likely invite you in too…. just for other reasons.

    • +4

      I wish my tax dollars was used in making all education free for Australians

      Unfortunately tax is controlled by those who don't contribute a cent to it so not our decision to make

  • What jobs can you apply for with a Mental Health Cert IV?

  • NSW has pathway called "smart & skilled". If you need a ticket Google it.
    I remember seeing, scaffolding, rigging and dogman courses. But they have heaps more variety.

    Free training for a real job and can earn twice as much as a forklift ticket that unemployment offices push for.

    Hope this helps.šŸ‘

  • Always had this confusion
    If you have a overseas degree , do we qualify for these courses ?

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      I will ask for you. If you are interested, you're welcome to contact GWS directly and I will provide you contact details of person in charge.

    • The understanding is that you can qualify for these courses only in the event the overseas degree is not recognized in Australia. For all who have contacted GWS, they have sent out replies via email and are waiting to schedule in the interview/enrollment slot with interested parties.

  • Important to note, this promotion is available at other RTOs & TAFEs and includes a wide range of courses.

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      Do you have links? iā€™m genuinely interested in courses in sydney

  • Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs.
    free samples?

  • Can these certificates be done on line, without attending campus.? Thanks

    • Training for these certificates requires you to be on site in South Melbourne VIC once a week on Wednesdays.

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