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DJI Spark Series Portable Mini Drone (All 5 Colours) $389, Fly More Combo (Yellow/Green) $589 Delivered @ digiDirect


Its Australian stock and lower than the Amazon price of $399 (Alpine White only).

Comes in all the colours.

What’s In The Box:

1 × Aircraft Body
1 × Intelligent Flight Battery
3 × Pairs of Quick-Release Folding Propellers
1 × USB Wall Charger
1 × Micro USB Cable
1 × Storage Box

Fly more combo also available for $589: (Sunrise Yellow) or (Meadow Green)

What’s In The Box:

1 × Aircraft Body
1 × Remote Controller
2 × Intelligent Flight Batteries
4 × Pairs of Quick-Release Folding Propellers
1 × Set of Propeller Guards
1 × Micro USB Cable
1 × Battery Charging Hub (holds 3 batteries)
1 × Charger (supplies power to Hub)
1 × Power Cable (connects to Charger)
1 × Storage Box
1 × Shoulder Bag

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  • Great deal on fm OP especially, maybe best ever?

  • Thanks just bought the yellow model.
    Cheap little follow me drone.
    Just for anyone else they have all colours but this links to the blue one.

  • Great deal, cheapest I've seen.

    I've just grabbed a meadow green Fly More Combo from Digidirect's ebay store, you can use code PINEAPPLES for a further $50 off (but they'll charge you $12 postage), bringing it down to $551 delivered. Two more yellow Fly More combos left when I checked.

  • How to convince the wife! Looks great

  • I would like to get a drone, but what is the deal with having to register drones over 250 grams at the start of next year? Will there be police drones, pulling you over, check weight, check licence, registration, DUI laws, and defecting your modified drone. You have CASA rules, then added different rules State by State.

    The cost of registration may vary depending on how you use your drone. These fees will be decided following a period of public consultation.
    If you don't register before you fly, you could face penalties including fines of up to $10,500 and possible jail time.
    States and Territories may have extra legislation related to penalties and enforcement.
    Drone detection has been rolled out across Australia.

    • There's no way in hell I would register my drone. Following those links, it says you need to provide credit card, passport, and have a "myCASA" account! LOL, they are dreaming. Just ignore the registration thing, they're a bunch of old farts trying to assert authority over hobbyist aerial photographers. Telling people their 300 gram drone requires registration is just sad.

  • I want to take a video of the roof of my house, am I allow to do that in Victoria?

  • I think they all come with the remote now. Does this one? I couldn't find if it does or not.

    Edit: Don't think it does.

    • The $589 fly more combo kit comes with a remote (plus more goodies). The $398 basic kit doesn't.

      I've updated the deal with the full list of contents.

  • I received an email that my order can't be fulfilled as it's obsolete. 😭

    • same here mate

    • Try ordering from digiDIRECT's eBay store. (See Deal.)

      • I doubt it. As I spoke to their customer care and they said they ran out of stock and not sure if they'll get it in stock anytime. The person suggested to order just the drone for 389 and I have done that. Hoping to get it.

        • Ah. Didn't realise you were talking about the fly more combo.

          You're right - the eBay store only has the basic kits available. It shows exact stock levels, so you should end up getting one.

          • @robinCTS: Hopefully! Else I should think and thank myself for saving 389$ 😊

            • @SwTester: Unfortunately my bargain basement Fly More Combo was also cancelled, Digidirect contacted me today and said they were oversold :(

              He confirmed they still have the drone only still in stock (earlier today anyway) if anyone's interested.

              • @seedosrun: Slightly cheaper if you buy from digiDIRECT's eBay store. (See Deal.)

                Still 14 units available in Yellow, White, or Green.

                • @robinCTS: Cheers, yep originally ordered off eBay and had Fly More down to $551, too good to be true unfortunately :(

                  • @seedosrun: Hmm. Seems like they're independently selling the same stock from the direct store and the eBay store without the two systems talking to each other. So for example if there's one unit left (shows up as 1 available on eBay) they could sell one on eBay and (most likely more than) one on the direct site until such time as the two systems are reconciled.

                    Sigh. It's not that hard to have the direct store use eBay's APIs to check/adjust stock levels from their store there with the result that overselling would never happen.

  • So is this a real deal? Who else getting orders cancelled

  • Just placed an order for a fly more combo. Hope it will arrive.

  • A new mavic mini is reported coming soon, foldable to a smaller size than spark, 4K/GPS/3axis gimbal/USD399/350gram.

  • Price has gone back up to 589 and fly combo out of stock :(

  • Ordered my fly more combo on the link on 11/8 and my order is still marked on the website as processing!

    No email to say that order has been cancelled but looking at the above messages, it doesn't look good. Will have to chase the stores to see where things are at.

    Not happy…