expired [eBay Plus] Xiaomi Mi 360° Home Security Camera $50.95 | Xiaomi Mi Band 4 $47.99 (OOS) Delivered @ Gearbite eBay


Xiaomi Mi 360° Home Security Camera Global Upgraded Version - $50.95 (was $69.95)

Features a 360° panoramic view
LCD professional lens for anti-distortion
Equipped with 10 LED IR lights for night vision
Features pan and tilt functionality
Capture clear 1080P footage
Built-in microphone and speaker for two way communication
Playback footage or view in real-time using via the app*

Xiaomi Mi band 4 - $47.99 (Out of Stock)

Great price for local stock. Comes with 30 days return policy and 12 month domestic warranty. This is the international version.

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    Bought from last deal. It's a little bit more expensive than some of the Chinese sites but the Mi Band is authentic 😁, is locally stocked and ships fast. No long waits, foreign exchange conversions, customs hassles…… 😊

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      Not too sure about it being locally stocked. I bought one in the last deal and it still hasn't arrived!

      Apparently it was "coming to the warehouse" (from china?)


    NFC version? It'll complement the lack of NFC in XiaoMi's phones.


      What Xiaomi phone doesn't have NFC? My 2 year old Mix 2 has NFC which I regularly use with Google Pay. AFAIK NFC on these Mi Bands will only work in China.


    Anyone had one for a while and has feedback on how it compares to the 3?


    Could anyone comment on the timer and count down features?

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      @sol3x Really the only gotcha is if you run a timer or stopwatch on the band itself, you can't actually do anything else (can't switch screens). It doesn't "multi-task". Similarly if you are recording an activity, you're stuck on that screen until you stop the activity (so you can't say use music control or switch back to the main watchface at the same time).


    Just bought last one… Mii Band that is.

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    Bought this last deal.
    Camera quality is quite good. Its night vision is excellent.
    The audio recording is very good and the audio output is quite good. I was able to comfortably have a conversation with a housemate while I was at work that was at least to the same quality as using speaker phone.

    Mounting bracket is really good. Only requires two very small screw holes so I think you could easily use it in a rental's roof and patch the two holes up afterwards (that's what I'm doing).

    The monitoring is quite good, it can send push notifications to your phone when it sees movement. Already useful for me for un-announced real estate guests…


    Is that suitable for indoor use? Want to use it to monitor elderly relative to check occasionally to make sure she is fine.


    Thanks op got two cams

    apparntly supports google home streaming now!


    How do you get $50.95 for the camera
    Mine got down to $59.46 after applying the code