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GOOLOO 800A Peak 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter High Speed Quick Charge 3.0 $79.19 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Best Seller in Amazon now. Another code which will bring the price down to $79.19 which is still a good price by looking at reviews on this product quality.

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  • Deals on 1500?

    Edit: nope :(

  • My one was DOA. Will need to send mine back from the last deal.

    If anyone has purchased theirs and hasn’t tested it yet, please do! I didn’t and missed the normal return window.

    My one won’t charge at all (lights turn on but even after 2 days there is no charge once unplugged).

    I’m sure I’m an exception and it’s most likely a great product!

    • Got one at the end of last year, hasn't missed a beat. Would recommend.

      • how often do you use this? We only needed RACV once for the past 10 years on 4 cars.

        • We've also got 4 cars, two essentially sit in the garage and do very little for a month or more. I should have them hooked up to chargers but haven't bothered yet. It's probably been used half a dozen times in 8-9 months. I could also just use jumper leads and another car but this is much easier. Very handy to leave in the glove box as you never know when you'll (or someone else may) need it. For $80-100 they're money well spent.

      • Same, I had a weak battery figured it was a starter motor problem. I have used mine over 20 times then got sick of that and got a new battery lol. Am working out what new car I want so I was reluctant to buy a new battery.

    • 1 year statutory warranty ???

    • 30 days return windows is for change of mind. They will have separate warranty period from the 30 days return windows.

      However if the issue happening within the 30 days return windows the seller will also cover for return postage. Beyond that, you pay for return postage and they pay for replacement postage.

      • Update! The Gooloo team was able to just refund me after discussing the issues I was receiving. I am sad I have to bin what looks like an awesome product, but the customer service was absolutely fantastic!

  • Any specials on the 1500 coming up ?

  • I have yet to use my 60W charging on my yellow 1500A unit…

  • There is a glaring issue with these. They're only rated to 55c max. Keep in mind that for many of us, our cars regularly cycle above that when parked in Aussie summer sun. This absolutely kills the life of this product and others similar to it. There are two things that really impact on lithium battery life - dramatic heat cycles and elevated temps.

    I've never bought one because there's no point trying to keep it in the glovebox because it'll be dead by the time I need it.

    • Surely if you wrap it in a towel and leave in the boot it should keep the temp down some?

      • towel wont do much, you need an insulated case, ie lunch box etc, but it wont last long parking under the sun for hours, inside could be 60C+

    • Possibly mate, I have had mine for 4 or 5 months maybe and it works flawlessly every time. You do need some charge in the battery to start though. A completely dead battery is very hard to start. I haven't had a heat issues yet but I haven't seen a summer yet. We shall see how it fares.

      • I've had my V8 completely dead, no central locking, no dash lights, read about 7 or 8V lol. Started no problem at all, just leave the pack on it for 30 seconds or so before cranking.

        • I see, I tried to start my old man's ss commodore which was dead as can be. It didn't start at all several times we tried. The only thing that started it was jumper leads and another car lol.

  • Will this be powerful enough to zap my nipples during the sex with my wife?

  • How often would you need to recharge it if you just leave it in the car?

    • Once every 2 months seems really good. I have this model and it works flawlessly every time. Just keep it out of the sun. Leave in the case I reckon.

  • I purchaesd the 1500 when there was a promo a few weeks ago.
    I used it on Sunday to start someone else's car, worked a treat. Would recommend.

  • Awesome stuff guys! Totally recommend. I jump started my totally dead battery of Toyota corolla in just 30 seconds!!! Strongly recommend.

  • Code NPCAXDG9 no longer working so expired.