Large Premium Pizzas $10ea (Pick up) @ Domino's


Was looking for a deal for premium Pizza pick up came across this one online. Ordered the new tropical chicken tonight to try, worked well. I am based in NSW.

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Domino's Pizza



    I am based in NSW.

    Hi based in NSW, I am iforgotmysocks.


    anyone care to explain the difference between domnio pizza and caesar's?

    I like dominio but it is fatty but is caesar;s good?

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    Large shrinking pizzas that should be called Medium


    Dominos is cheap and nasty.. make your own pizza, 10-15min prep, another 10-15min baking
    .. it'll cost about the same, healthier and taste heaps better.


    1. Turkish Bread(600gr = family size) for $2.20 form my local green grocer
    2. Cut up your Bacon, Onions, Garlic, Capsicum, Mushroom.. Olives
    3. Fry Bacon, Onions, Garlic, Capsicum, Mushroom in fry pan with olive oil <— place in fry pan in that order
    4. Add sauce to Turk bread base.. I use a blend of dolmio (italian herbs) and a splash of Za-atar. My missus likes to smear aioli on base before adding sauce.
    5. Spread fried ingredients evenly over the pizza
    6. Add strips of tasty or mozzarella cheese
    7. Bake in 220 degree oven until cheese is melted and bread is golden..10 min should do
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      grow your own wheat and grind your own flour noob.

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      lol make your own pizza are you crazy?

      if i make my own pizza: healthy/fat content prob 7/10, taste 4/10
      if i buy dominos : healthy/fat content prob 5/10, taste 8/10

      If youre going to indulge in something rather just sarcrifice 2 points for better taste mate


      I tried that once.. Next time I'll just buy the charcoal from bunnings save time.

      Unless you wanna come over and make some for me? You live in Sydney?

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    Once you eat that sh*t, you'll be hooked for life.

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    Works on traditional pizzas as well.