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15% off Items Marked 'deal' + Free Shipping on All, with $150 Spend (Not The Ongoing New Users Deal) @ Boozebud


Hi all, just got an email from boozebud advising early access to their birthday sale for 15% off plus free shipping when you spend $150 for 2 days. Don't forget Cashrewards or Shopback.

Look like it applies to all the products with 'deal' marked on them only.

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Referee gets $20 off their first order (Min Spend $100). Referrer gets $10 store credit.

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  • Code gets accepted but doesn't apply any discount for me, just free shipping?

  • Still charging me for shipping.

    • Do you have over $150 in your cart? I seemed to get free shipping for any items as long it was over $150.

      • Yes.Close to $200.

        • On the order screen, click the "Add promo code" button near the bottom of the screen where the totals are.

          • @skid: Promo is already taken off. No need to do anything in that regard.
            Thanks though :)

            • @Dave Id: Yeh, the site removed the shipping fee after I entered in the promo code. All of the shipping options (next day afternoon etc) became free.

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    Bbud prices are barely competitive on items I've looked at. Cashback probably won't apply either.

    • They price match.

      • Good to know but usually (not always) I prefer to give my custom to the business which has the best original price. Unlikely they will price match AND offer the 15% on top??? Eg their Botanist gin is $81, $73 at Costco, $75 at Dans. The 15% still gives a discount if you can get free delivery.

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      FYI Shopback is 7.5% and lists the BDAY15 code.

      • Thx. No code when I looked last night, or maybe I didn't look properly.That's a very good dealif you can get free freight.

      • Code also showing on Cashrewards (7%), made the total discount worthwhile.

        Code is still active until 11.59 tonight, 14/8.

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    Free 6 pack too on certain buys.

  • this also stacks with the groupon code which was $50 online credit for $10 (https://www.groupon.com.au/deals/boozebud-1-5)

    • How do you stack it? Mine just replaces the coupon

      • hmmm, it seems they caught on.

        when i tried last night, i could get a free 6 pack, 15% off got applied automatically and then i could add my $50 voucher to minus $50 off the total price. ended up getting beer for $1.10 each

      • The 15% automatically applies, it does not require a code, only that you pass $150 in "applicable (Deal)" items. Therefore it allows you to add any other coupon code you may have. The BDAY15 is just a free shipping code.

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    I've got an email saying this deal is still live, ends midnight tonight. However with +$150 of eligible purchase in my cart NO 15% discount is applying. Anyone got this deal to work?

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      So far I've only been able to get it to work on items that don't also have additional 'deals' on them (eg. Free 50mL Fireball Mini). As soon as you add items that come with additional promo gear, the 15% discounts no longer work.

      • Ok I see one has the free bottle of Fireball, grrrrr I would rather 15% off than a shot of fireball. IS there any way to "turn OFF" the other promos?

    • Works with 3 cases of Fat Yak.

  • Didn't need anything as I have a stack of beer at home but placed an order anyway.

    No discipline whatsoever!

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