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Join Australia Post Collecting Community and Receive Free "In The Garden" Stamp Sheetlet ($6 Worth of Stamps) & UV Light


Exclusive gift for subscribing to Australia Post's Collecting Community. The "In The Garden" stamp sheetlet features a few new design elements and four $1 & one $2 stamps. It also holds a secret that shows up when you shine the included UV light.

What is Collecting Community?

  • Exclusive offers
  • Pre-order opportunities
  • Offers a great collecting experience
  • First to hear about Australia Post's product releases and view the eBulletin
  • Bonus birthday offers from October 2019

Only available to Collecting Community members that complete all required areas of the registration form. This gift is available while stocks last. Only one free gift per person, any misleading or fraudulent entries will be removed from the mailing list and free gift will be forfeited. Australia Post Collectable newsletter subscribers will need to sign up to the Collecting Community. Allow up to 6 weeks, from when your registration is received into the system, for your free gift to arrive. Bonus birthday offers will commence from October 2019.

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  • +12 votes

    Thanks, will be useful at end of lease.

  • Good deal. Essentially $6 worth of free stamps plus the light and perhaps birthday gifts from October 2019. Thanks OP

  • It also holds a secret that shows up when you shine the included UV light.

    My bedroom has a few secrets too 😎

    • "If I had a blacklight, this place would look like a Jackson Pollock painting." - Star-Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy).

  • Thanks looks great

  • Thanks OP free stamps.

  • Thanks OP…signed up

  • Cheers, done.

  • Thanks. Also reminds me to get my free Aus Post Concession Stamps since I have a HCC.

  • As a philatelic customer we’d like to invite you to be part of our new Collecting Community.

    fyi - I had to google myself - a new word for me today
    - a philatelist is literally a person who "loves stamps."

  • Free is free, thanks OP

  • Anyone knows if these stamps are for local deliveries only or international as well?

    • Should be local only. A stamp for international mail have a blue international label printed on the design, like this for example

    • You can use domestic stamps such as these for international mail, you just need to add on 10% to cover the fact that domestic stamps contain GST in their face value. i.e. a $1 stamp is 90c postage and 10c GST. International stamps don't attract GST.

      So for an Airmail letter to Europe under 50g, the postage is $3, so you can apply $3.30 worth of domestic stamps and it's all good. Just make sure to also apply an Airmail service label (the little blue par avion ones) just so it's clear it's an overseas-bound letter, not domestic.

      • How do we apply the Airmail service label?

      • you just need to add on 10% to cover the fact that domestic stamps contain GST in their face value

        Isn't that statement incorrect? i.e. If stamps "contain 10% GST in their face value", then you've already paid the 10% GST to purchase them, right? So you shouldn't need to pay 10% on top of that again.

        • But that 10% has gone to the government, not auspost, so auspost is out of pocket unless you add 10% postage. Though then the govt gets some unexpected revenue which presumably causes some bureaucrat trouble when it comes to balancing the books.

          • @askvictor: Hm, I still don't get it, LOL.

            If I want to send an envelope to the USA, and ozpost tells me it costs $3, I can either give them $3 and they print a paper sticky label, or, I can just stick $3 of Australian stamps I have in my wallet on it. (I don't have to stick $3 in stamps and then give them 30 cents.) Because that would mean I'm now paying $3.30 to send what they said would cost $3. i.e. I paid GST when I bought the stamps - and they're still worth $3 - which is the price quoted to send it to the USA?

            • @GregMonarch: They are worth $3 including GST. Never forget that since we were blessed with the GST, in this country all goods and services that attract GST are worth what you paid including GST. There is a component of every such thing which is actually tax paid to the government, not intrinsic to the good or service.

              Your $3 domestic stamps are literally only worth $2.70 in postage. But you have to pay tax on domestic postage and that is the 30c.

              You don't have to pay tax on international postage. That's why $3 in international postage is $3 worth of international postage. International postage stamps have markings on them indicating they are international stamps. There is no GST component. Which on the flip side of the issue, if you use international stamps on domestic mail, you are avoiding paying GST. Do that regularly (primarily if you are a business or ongoing concern) and the ATO will take an interest.

              • @wavesgreen: Ah, ok. So we've prepaid for a service (delivery) when they haven't yet carried out that service.

                Oh wait, but then the logic reverses again…

                i.e. If we don't have to pay tax on international postage, then we've already paid Australia Post GST for the stamps which they didn't (yet) have a right to, until we posted them in Australia.

                So now that we're using them to ship internationally, Aust Post isn't required to collect that GST we're 'in credit' by. So the Aust Post staff that do not demand extra are actually doing the correct thing, if you get me.

                (The amount we paid for GST was never used for GST purposes, so it should now be considered as going toward the total face value of the stamp - thus we don't owe 10% more if posting overseas. Or shouldn't, anyway.)

                • @GregMonarch: Unfortunately that's not how GST works, you don't get to decide how or if it's applied. It's not flexible. It's literally paid to the government on purchase of domestic stamps and is 'built in' to the stamps as it were. It doesn't become an asset you can assign elsewhere. That's why international stamps are marked to delineate them for GST-free purposes.

            • @GregMonarch: In practice you're correct. AP won't generally check once the item is in the post and in my experience the private post outlets don't care/know. They look up the cost and hand over the requisite value of Au stamps. How AP deals with that is anyone's guess (my guess is they do nothing).

              Here's the official spiel though:

        • No because international postage does not contain GST. A $3 international stamp is $3 of postage. If you apply three domestic $1 stamps (which do contain GST) then you have only applied $2.70 worth of postage. 10% of the face value of a domestic stamp is actually tax paid to the government, not postage.

      • Sorry this is not correct. I routinely send international mail with normal stamps. I go to the counter and tell the AusPost staff what I am sending and they give me the stamps required and tell me to stick on envelop and ship it. They never apply an extra 10%.

        You can use normal stamps for international mail. I got an airmail ink stamp.

        • It is correct. Your PO staff just don't know their stuff… or maybe they just simply don't want the aggravation of explaining to you that you have to pay 10% more.

          • @wavesgreen: I have been buying rolls of stamps on eBay after a few over the counter stamp purchases which I used for international parcels and letters and never had an issue either for my eBay business shipping. Never been pulled up on it at various AusPost offices nor when I use the street red boxes. Granted I probably only have like 5 international shipments per month.

            You are perhaps correct it just isn't policed at all from personal experience otherwise I would have known about this.

        • Yep, that's how it works in practice 100% of the time in my experience. Probably something AP should fix although now they aren't paying their CEO an unconscionable triple motza it's less of a problem financially I guess.

      • If do,estimates stamps include GST and international stamps do not, $3.00 worth of domestic stamps are worth $3.30 for international.

      • $3 for an international letter?! Last time i did this it was $1. Postage rates seem to be rising as fast as cigarette prices.

        • An international letter hasn't been $1 for a long, long, long time. Years and years. Before cigarette packets had the compulsory medical labelling I'd wager.

        • And they've just asked for permission to raise prices again.

          • @Kyanar: On the back of around $300M pre-tax profit last year. Post used be a subsidised public service, it's now covered by their profits from deliveries.

      • Technically, a $1 domestic stamp comprises 91c postage and 9c GST… but no matter.

        You've actually explained this v well! Auspost information here is consistent with what you're saying too: (page 1, third column, final dot point).

  • I remember signing up for the previous deal:
    Never received it though.
    Not gonna bother with this as it will probably get OzBargained and I won't get it again.

    • Sorry to hear that. I can tell you that all my friends and I who signed up did receive that mini sheet.

      • Do you get a confirmation email or something after you sign up?

        • No then and no now. Up to 6 weeks for delivery with this deal I'll probably forget all about it until the surprise gift arrives in the mail box.

  • Their address detection removes my unit number every time, so I'm not sure if they are going to send to the right address.

  • Maybe instead of this they could invest some cash into reliably getting shit delivered on time like they used to do, once upon a time.

  • Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy)

    input is actually mm/dd/yyyy

    Negged, never using Auspost again

  • What do you get on your bday?

  • Thank you :)

  • Allow up to 6 weeks, from when your registration is received into the system, for your free gift to arrive

    nah I'm still tipping it'll never arrive at all

    • Lol. They obviously know the problems within their own organisation. 5 of the 6 weeks is for delivery.

  • Gah; the birthdate input on mobile uses a calendar widget, so you have to tap backwards through each month to get to your birthdate. Literally impossible. The webdev should be taken out and shot.

  • i remember when i was a kid auspost said first day covers were a good investment….i should complain to asic lol

  • Free torch battery. Cool.

    My "Other" interest was "reducing my carbon footprint by minimising unnecessary postal deliveries from October 2019 onwards".

  • Hey guys how do we collect stamps now that new stamps have the cuts in them?
    Serious question.

    • It's a big sore point in modern stamp collecting. Many view it as vandalism. Of course you can keep the cancelled stamps on their envelopes, there's no problem there, but if you want to soak/lift them to keep them in a loose display, it's extremely, extremely tricky.

      There are still gum-backed stamps that don't have the security micro cuts of course, it's only the self-adhesives that have them. And well, the self-adhesives have never been very nice to collect.

    • From one of my previous comments on Reddit

      On the Australian self-adhesive stamps, they have two layers, a glue layer, and a water-soluble layer. You are informed by Australia Post that you should use almost boiling water to activate the water-soluble layer to separate the stamps from the glue layer. The micro-slits don't do any favours either. For me, this does not work well, it leaves many stamps with wrinkles and I have been stockpiling my cut-outs waiting for a better solution. Not sure if this approach would work for you.

      Apparently, this product works well but I am yet to get some.

  • Allow up to 6 weeks, from when your registration is received into the system, for your free gift to arrive.

    Add 3 more weeks for a realistic estimate.

  • UV light will come in handy to see if stamps have been cancelled. Cheers Australia Post. This will save me alot with reusing stamps

  • Great post OP, thanks.

  • UV light just in time after the Catch 144pk Ansell deal.

  • Reminds me of the office. Can be used as legal currency.

  • What's a stamp, is it like a DVD?

  • To those thinking of using these, these are highly collectable with collectors, last time I got one of these they were giving out limited edition $1 minisheets. Face value may only be a dollar but collectors paid ~$20 for mint ones and about ~$40 for used one.

    If you are going to use it, ask the post office to manually cancel it and find a way to get the envelope back.

    • BS current market is some dealers pay 50% of f/v .

      Over supplied dealers pay 33.33% of f.v .

      Get out of you dream world bud .

      BTW anyone can have their stamps cancelled at any post office if you have no brains .

      In your magic world they are worth double ?

      Reality = 0 .

      • -1 vote

        BTW anyone can have their stamps cancelled at any post office if you have no brains

        Unfortunately, I have brains :)
        So can I get you to cancel my stamps please, kind sir .

      • Ugh gotta love people who think they know what they are talking about when they don't.

        The 50% FV is for low value common stamps from the 70s/80s. I buy these in bulk in hundreds/ thousands because I mail lots of stuff. You'll be hard damned to find a recent issue at that rate let alone a limited edition. This one they are giving away is a special minisheet with UV features which CANNOT be purchased in store and they only allow one per person, which drives the price to way more than face value.

        FYI, here's the stamp they gave us last time:

        This listing here is a bit overpriced cause ebay = feebay but last time I checked you can find them mint for around $20 at a dealer. They are worth even more used because most people keep them mint. For those who want to get the best bang of your buck, I'd use it on a decent envelope and tell the post office person that this is a philately item so that they cancel it nicely before mailing it off. Some stamp collectors also like to do a cancel to order, that is get that stamps cancelled and but not actually use/mail it.

        My reality checks out does yours? =O

  • Thanks OP, free stamps.

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