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TP-Link TD-W8961N ADSL2+ Modem Router $28 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ MWave


First Time Poster.

Find this item on Mwave this afternoon. Its the lowest price $34 on the stictices website.

Even most of areas use NBN, but some of the suburb still use ADSL2+, this is good option or backup.

Hopefully, everyone join this deal

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      This has always been around $20. Very basic modem

  • Great deal, been looking for a new wifi router for the old folks for about a week now.

    Your link goes to just a general search page OP, update link.

    Or for anyone interested, link here;


    • Oh, thank you for your comment, just first time poster, do not which link I need to put in.

      Learned ~~~~

  • I know the link is above but it’d be good to have it in the description.

  • Is there still a market for ADSL2 routers? I have one here doing nothing since I got NBN installed.

    • ADSL routers can make very good access points ;)

    • Tell me about it. ebay.

      • 1x ADSL(1) modem/router + 2x (I think) PCMCIA wireless network cards
      • 1x ADSL2+ modem/router + 2x high gain antennae

      Both sitting in my filing cabinet unused.

      It cost me several hundred $. Then the bright sparks in government, after lying the copper would stay, announced they would rip all the copper out. So I disconnected the house phone and went to mobile broadband instead. Every company in Australia then nagged for months to get NBN "while we're working in your area". Uh, no thanks. My unlimited ADSL2 was $60/m - limited and congested NBN started at $80/$90.

      So the house doesn't even have a working phone line now, nor that ugly plastic NBN box hanging on the wall. The next tenants will just love me.

    • Even with NBN you can disable the modem component and you still have a cheap router.

      • Yes, but I'm on FTTN, so I my modem is already a modem router. It's just an adsl modem with a chipset which supports vdsl as well as adsl. I guess I could use it as an AC capable range extender, but I'm not sure I need it, but I also don't think it's worth selling.

        • Sure, but FTTP could use this. I also use seperate Modem and Routers with one set up as a bridge. Not that anyone using 2 devices is likely to pick this model as their router option.

  • Got it for $9 at my local Officeworks.. never posted it since inly had 2 left.

  • Officeworks Maribyrnong had a few in the clearance bin last week.

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