[QLD] 2x Footlongs for $16 after 3pm @ Subway


EDIT: Edited title to reflect its 2 x 1 foot longs, not 1 x 2foot long…

No codes required. Apparently its a long standing deal in qld but I've only ever seen it mentioned ages ago for victoria. Theres not even any advertisements/signs up at my local for it.

The bloke in front of me corrected the cashier and said no its 6xy pm, it should be 2 for $16. She made a confused face, hit a button on the screen and sure enough, thats what he paid. So I added another sub to my order, paid the same ;)

Don't know if it applies to all subs, as the cashier didn't even know it was a thing.

Ps. Long time lurker, first time contributer. Feel free to correct away ;)

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