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1/2 Price Sanitarium Weet-Bix Breakfast Cereal 575g $1.90 @ Coles


Weet-Bix 575g at 1/2 price ($1.90) at Coles. This comes out to be $0.33 per 100g (compared to $0.42 per 100g for the 1.2kg one at $5).

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  • Unlike the Coles and Woolies home brand version which aren't very nice, Aldi's version tastes great and is much cheaper than brand names.

  • This is real cost effective saving for someone that eats 10/day Monday-Friday, thanks OP

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      That's.. an awful lot of empty carbs, but alright.

      • What's wrong with wholegrain wheat?

        • Your body can't differentiate between whether its wholegrain or not..has the exact same effect on your the glucose that's released and the insulin your endocrine system needs to produce to deal with it.

          Its all empty carbs that you don't need unless maybe you're about to partake in some high intensity exercise. Otherwise is terrible for you and will just make you fat.

          • @Bullion78: I've been eating 8 every day throughout high school and upped it to 10 after graduating. I work out 3 days/week and haven't gained any bodyfat while eating at a surplus with all dem carbs. I'm 6'1 @ 82kg so either this empty carb talk is inaccurate or I have a fast metabolism..

            • @dsiritz: The difference is mate is that you're young.. and you are burning it as energy. That's the difference. You could also have a very fast metabolism.

    • You must be very regular

  • Also half price at IGA Supermarkets.

    Just be aware Sanitarium is owned by Seventh-day Adventist Church…

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      Just be aware Sanitarium is owned by Seventh-day Adventist Church…

      Okay, I'm aware.

      …Now what? Was that supposed to influence whether I purchase these, or something?

      • I think he means we'll be blessed by eating these? Lol

      • maybe?

        A couple of things that could influence you if you didn't know about SDA

        1. Sanitarium/SDA only hires people who share their christian beliefs.
        2. They pay no company tax
        • Yes this - I personally boycott Sanitarium products on these grounds.

          People argue that the money that doesn't go to tax is being used for good churchy things. But when the church goes and spends $1m+ to campaign against SSM (Then only something like less then $20k to support victimes of abuse in the church) you have to question if you really want this money in control of the church who feels they get to decide what is "good"

        • spawnlaeer here got it

          Oh to be discriminated against as a potential employee for not believing in their make believe god haha

          Plus they get to avoid paying tax, unlike probably 99.9% of us on here who don't get to tick a box on their tax return that says "no tax for me thanks, i've found jesus!"

          • @lordezekiel: Just imagine if you were to decline employment to someone for believing in their make believe god - the chaos!

            Oh the irony of this whole protect our religious freedom thing - they scream discrimination but basically want to cement their right to discriminate against others.

    • Who makes Coles, Woolies. Aldi?

  • I'll stick to Vitabrits, no added sugar!

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    This post helped me. I had to buy the $5 1.2kg pack before. Now its time to stock up.

  • Just last week Vita Brits was $3 for 1 kg saving 10% more on weight than this deal at Coles .

  • I been stomaching 6 Vita's as a night time snack lately, not sure if thats a good thing or not before bed time but its delicious and warming

    • Terrible idea… carbohydrates (weetbix) converts to sugars (which if unused as energy via physical/mental effort) = fats!

      • Thought so, was tying to remain ignorant to that lol

        • Not saying i didn't use to do the same thing for years - those huge bowls of cereal late at night before bed, so good yet so bad haha

            • @Godric: Ask your doc to test your hBA1c. You might be one of the lucky 30% that can get away with high carb consumption without long term harm to your health such as becoming diabetic. But if its over 5.5.. day goodbye to high carb eating and hello to diabetes at some time in the future if you don't curb those habits.

  • Are the plastic inside the box meant to be sealed? I got 2 boxes where the plastic wasn’t sealed at all?