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Runtastic Speed & Cadence Sensor $5 C&C /+ Delivery @ JB Hi-Fi


Saw this on Price Hipster.

Review is bad but for $5, worth a try.

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  • Seems like a decent deal actually:

    3.8/5 and ~$80

  • -1

    What about you just download Strava? No need for a physical product apart from your phone.

    • +5

      Depends on the usage case - a dedicated speed sensor gives much more accurate results than relying on GPS alone, plus the GPS can't measure cadence.

      • -2

        Well, it could, but would be terribly inaccurate from the gps in a phone. I wonder if the protocol has been decoded? Seems like a cheap sensor for other projects.

        EDIT: After a little thought, adding the gyro and tilt measurement etc from a phone should be able to calculate cadence very accurately.

        • +1

          For real? How would working out the cadence work? Some riders spin, as opposed to stomping.
          Would this affect dependency on the gyro?

          • @calcium: There would have to be a "rhythm" of some sort created by the data that an algorithm could process.

            • @Major Mess: name checks out

          • +1

            @calcium: There are some apps you can load for this - you wear the phone on your leg and it can use the accelerometers to have accurate cadence.

            Wearing your phone on your leg is not for everyone however….

        • +1

          Unless you are tying your phone to the crank, this wouldn't be great for cadence, especially for a smooth rider or when riding on a trainer.

    • What about you just download Runtastic and use on your phone?

      (However, I didn’t have the best experience with it using it for over 2-3 years; was free as opposed to Strava, back then at least)

    • +1

      Pretty sure this also does cadence

    • +1

      Not allowed phones during organised races. (I'm assuming the BLE can connect to a cycling head unit - this may actually not be possible upon reading specs)

  • $10 delivered, it's worth a try. Cheers OP.

    • guyvb, any luck getting this to work? Mine will not pair bluetooth with the phone and no apps I use see it either.

  • Thanks. I've been using some horrid eBay special thing.

    • +4

      Now you'll have a horrid JBhifi special thing! :P

  • It should be noted that runtastic has removed support for anything but their mobile running app, so this thing might not even work.

    • +2

      This is a generic Bluetooth LE device. Will work with any app.

      But the Runtastic app is good.

    • Yah well runtastic had a billion apps and to the end user it was just stupid

  • Not bad for $10. Good for the spare bike, as my Garmin one just died on me

  • LInk 404

    • Works fine for me

  • 404 for me too.

  • +1

    404 wrong with the link

  • Stock all gone, together with purchase link attached

  • It can't be that bad. They are all about the same with a different logo (unless they are ant+ protocol too)

  • Can I get that in stores ?

  • The Runtastic Bike is deprecated, but app can be found here for Android:


    It does not show if you search the play store, or for IOS (probably need a jailbreak to install it).

    The surviving Runtatsic app does not seem to support speed/cadence sensors.
    "Map My Ride" seems to support ANT+ but not BLE.
    Strava does connect to this sensor, confirmed by me, but is not much use as a bike app, as you cannot control the live info.

    Does anybody know a good bike-computer app? One that shows a map, as well as data like speed, heart rate, distance … configurable?

    • The Runtastic Apps no longer support it and neither does MapMyRide. Manic, you got this to connect to Strava, is that the free version? I don't have a 'devices' option in my Strava. Did you find an app to use with this sensor? Useless for me at the moment.

      • First, what OS?

        Strava will log the ride, but is not a lot of use for showing data during the ride.
        Runtastic road bike works, but no longer supported.

        • Android v9 on Galaxy 9s. Cant seem to download the road bike app from link above, not compatible with phone. Just need something to display cadence live. Out of curiosity, does the device pair with the phone at the bluetooth screen? Mine refuses, but I assume it needs an app to allow the pair?

  • Just received mine. The battery (CR2032, 3V) in it is very dead, on a multimeter I get 0.15V and dropping…
    I have new ones on hand, and after replacing it, my tomtom multisport picked up both cadence and speed just fine.
    Hope it's just been on the shelf stock that long, and that it'll be smart and goto standby when not in use.

    • +1

      Just changed my battery and did the swipe thing as instructed with the magnet, still cant pick it up on strava. Is the device supposed to flash after you've swiped it with the magnet?


      just kept swiping my magnet back and forth and then strava picked it up.

      • Was that the free version of Strava Shook5Yen? I don't have the devices section in settings when recording a ride.

  • Back in stock.

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