What Beer and Wine Do You Recommend for a BBQ?

I'm having a BBQ this weekend. I'd like to buy some beer, red, white and sparkling wine for our guests.

I tend to like shiraz or pinot noir in reds and sav. blanc or riesling for white. I like most kinds of beer. I'm a bit out of touch having been pregnant for 8 months. My partner is a non-drinker.

Any recommendations for decent value (not necessarily cheap) that most people would enjoy? Any good specials around at the moment?


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    Cascade Light if you have too many friends.

    Grange if you don’t have enough friends.

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    Beers - Summer Ale, Stone and Wood, Asahi, Furphy. Wine - I personally like Taylors Wines, White Box does a nice Shiraz

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    I like Coles Wahu, Woolies Koa Cove Sav blancs - $7

    Beer - Asahi

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    Aldi alcohol is pretty good value


    BWS have Koa Sauvignon Blanc $7 a bottle. I've been quaffing that recently. I thoroughly enjoy it. - from Marlborough NZ

    first choice Liquor sells parsons paddock cab sauv. usually on special 6 for $36. that was my go to red. mild to the point of being a merlot.

    both are inexpensive but nice tasting.

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    Very open ended question.
    Assuming you are buying quality meat/salad ingredients (not $7kg sausage sizzle) I would suggest a price point around $20 for wines, beer is less fussy as all lager tastes much the same. A $40 box of whatever euro lager is on special this week would be nice (peroni, grolsch, becks, carlsberg etc). If you think there are people who like craft beer get a case of Little Creatures, anything fancier they should bring themselves.

    For white wine, a semillon sauvignon blanc is probably the best bet if you don't know what people prefer, it is currently in mainstream fashion. Someone who knows more about whites will be along in a moment, no doubt, but I think NZ or West Australian.

    For reds, a strong flavour shiraz is hard to beat. Coonawarra makes the most reliable shiraz, hunter valley can beat it on a good year. mreddie suggested Taylor's and they are a good choice, but I also suggest Wynn's for consistently good reds at a good price. My best red bet that is always available is Philip shiraz from Mount Pleasant in the Hunter Valley - they cellar it for a couple of years before release, so it is of good drinking immediately, and routinely under $20.

    If you need a champagne, Janz or Chandon are good Australian choices.

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    If you in GC please support these guys. Making some great beer in your area. Good talking point too. This particular beer is fruity, mild and would appeal to everyone. Highly recommend you try their IPA as well. https://www.danmurphys.com.au/product/DM_808120/black-hops-s...
    Pricing is real cheap for 16 can slabs at Dans at the moment.

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      Hi Zeggie, Thanks for this. They are actually just a couple of blocks from our house. I just remembered I have two of their refillable growlers in the cupboard! I just can't remember which of their beers I prefer with 8 months off the booze. Husband thinks I'll be judged I have a taster - I think he's right.

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        Close to biggera waters or the Burleigh one.

        Lost Palms at Miami also has great beer.
        Fortitude up the hinterland is good too.

        Get a mix of a few different local beers, don’t buy the imported stuff.

        As for wines, a mix of Shiraz and Sav Blanc, to be honest any brand under $20 a bottle is around the same. Wolf Blass silver label is good.
        But cheapie ones are fine too, it is a bbq after all.
        Buy the brand you like. Don’t worry too much about the wine.

        Most of all, Have a great night.

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          The Burleigh one. I haven't been to Lost Palms yet, I think I saw a facebook ad for it though. Thanks for the suggestions!

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    Yellow Tail Shiraz for red wine. Cheap at $7 a bottle at Dan Murphy's and its very pleasant and easy drinking.


    Dunno where you are but, it's good stout weather where I am.

    Dunno what you're serving but a cab sav or shiraz will generally be fine.

    Dunno what your friends are like or accustomed or what your budget is, so impossible to give meaningful recommendations. I'm drinking St Hallett Blackwell Shiraz at the moment.


    If I was going to Dangerous Dans tomorrow I'd order for pickup (member + cash rewards):

    Mountain Goat
    Cricketers Lager
    Cricketers Pale Ale

    I love dry reisling but wouldn't bother for a BBQ as many don't
    Butterball Chardonnay
    Some Pinot Noir around the $15 mark.

    Unless it's a special occasion BBQ I'd expect my guests to bring their own booze but most of my friends "like a drink"


      Thanks for the suggestions at brad1-8tsi. I agree on the dry reisling. I generally provide some booze for friends, I suspect some will bring their own anyway. If there's anything left over, I'll have something in for when I can drink again.


        That's why I buy stuff that me/my partner drink.

        I like fancy beers after growing up on Tooheys New and VB.

        I'll drink almost any wine but we both particularly like dry Riesling, Chardonnay & Pinot Noir. If my friends want to share our choices the cellar is open but if they have their own preferences they need to bring them.

        Maybe get some bubbles too. Just for fun. :-)


    My recommendations:
    - Visit a local bottle shop, such as BWS or Cellarbrations, as I find their staff are knowledgeable and not too pushy. They will have reasonable specials but also recommend what might suit your tastes / occasion / budget.
    - For non-drinkers at your BBQ, rather than soft drinks only, maybe consider these guys: https://sobah.com.au/ I like their range and they might be local to you (give them a call for their location).

    Everyone will have different recommendations on here, based on their own tastes etc., but there is little point in me recommending my favourite Rioja if you and your guests don't like it.


    Buy standard lagers for beer.
    Draught, Heineken, Crown, Corona, Lowenbrau, VB etc

    If people want things fancier/craft they can bring their own.


    I don't, it all tastes the same when it's poured over the meat etc when cooking (the only good use for alcohol).

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