expired 50% off Revolution Flea Treatments (from $22.50) + Free Delivery over $29 @ Pet House


Pet House has 50% off Revolution flea treatments.

Free delivery on orders over $29

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    Seems almost to cheap, wonder if they are short dated ?


    There is a 10% discount for the first purchase by subscribing to their newsletter. Does anyone know how/if that work? I haven't received any code, just the welcome email. Thanks!

    EDIT: Yes, it works. I received a code after about 15 minutes of the subscription.

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    I've got a tip for cat owners who are ultimate Ozbargainers.
    The active ingredient for cats and for dogs is the same.
    But you are paying almost the same for tiny cats as you are for big dogs.
    My tip is to use the dog stuff on your cats…
    You can draw the required dose for cats up into 1 ml plastic disposable syringes, and seal the end till you need it by dipping in candle wax.
    You need to work out the dose you need, and also allow for the different concentrations of the dog and the cat stuff.
    I've done this using Frontline Plus Flea & Tick Treatment For Dog EXTRA LARGE 40-60kg, producing smaller doses for our cats and a 25kg dog. It gives quite a saving if you can work it out and be bothered with the faff.


    I got my order cancelled and money refunded (in 5 to 7 days) as they found five days after I ordered that they had no stock. Poor form