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[VIC] Adopt a Kitten $75 (Was $150), Cat $25 (Was $50) @ wat djerring Animal Facility (Epping)


Adopt “a little cuddle-monster” like Lolly, for only $25 until Sunday 21 April. wat djerring Animal Facility has 50% off kitten and cat adoptions until this Sunday. Adopt a best friend to share your days with.

Kittens = 6 months and younger. Cats = Older than 6 months. Senior Cats = 10 years and older. Senior cats are free to adopt.

All animals come desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated.

For comparison, Lost Dogs Home kitten & cat adoptions are $270 & $150 when they are not running promotions.

20 Companion Place , Epping

via my cat

Update: Extended until April 30

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    Even all full cost, that price is extremely reasonable when factoring that all animals are vaccinated, micro-chipped and desexed.

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    Are there blue british shorthair breed?

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        For a used cat 🙀

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          Not sure why when it comes to rescue cats, price can be so drastically different. Sure, it's a much sorted pure bred cat, but a rescue is a rescue.

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            @wid: Supply and demand

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            @wid: People are willing to pay more for pure breed. The fee goes back to pay for the “less desirable” cats, such as senior cats that require medical treatment and procedures before spending years in the system without finding a suitable adopter.

            Source: I work with rescues.

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          Used cat

          I say experienced cat

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        • Your milage might differ

      • Curious how you found that so quick. As far as I can see there are no filters on the breed of cat outside of a short coat.'

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          Either they were already interested or used something like the following in a search engine.

          site:www.petrescue.com.au british shorthair

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        My backyard is sealed so cat can't escape, he likes to spend a few hours a day back there. Never been any birds but maybe should get a bell for the cat just in case a rare bird ever does hang around. Maybe he's killed some rare birds and hid the evidence even, how would I know.

      • I had to analyse this article in Argument Analysis in Year 12..

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      did you also say bye bye to the humans of bondi junction

      •         🙉🙈🙊
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    Lunch sorted

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    Cats are the worst invasive species in Australia. They kill millions of native wildlife every year and breed uncontrollably. Only adopt if you can keep them indoors. councils should educate residents about responsible pet ownership.

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      And always desex them and do it as young as vet recommends. Same with dogs. Some people will say desexing certain dog young young results in more hip problems and such, but the same data also says it reduces the rate of death from those same problems. Just as an example of not to listen to people who say not to desex your pets.

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        And clean the kitty litter daily.

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          and don't put it down my toilet, like my last housemate.

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          2 large trays with clumping litter… can go 3 or 4 days.

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      Wrong, toads are the worst.

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        Wrong, toads are the worst.

        Depends on your metric. There's none of them where most of the people are, which is the opposite of the cat problem.

        • So if we put people everywhere toad problem will be gone?

          • @DrScavenger:

            So if we put people everywhere toad problem will be gone?

            Maybe put the all cats there and see who wins.

        • Fair enough. I guess if we take that into consideration, the European Rabbit is #1. Cats are definitely up there though.

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      It reminds me of some other species arrived here time ago

    • Why did this sound like people though before the last part

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      It always intrigues me how our council will harp consistently about dogs escaping and the fines (Which i agree with, keep your pets secure), yet cats get a free pass to be everyone else's problem.

      I think cats are cute as much as the next guy - but i didn't choose to get a cat so why the hell am i expected to be okay with them being in my yard and scratching my car etc?

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    I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat

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    Cats aren't bargains, they're pets for life. Please be responsible.

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    Cat - less responsibility
    Dog - more responsibility

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      Sky - Blue

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        not at night time!

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          Big if true.

    • wat

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      Dogs are more affectionate.

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    Kitties are the best! I'm still not over the death of my cat 😺 so yeah cannot do it.

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    Hope thoae cats will find their forever bed to sleep on…

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    I adopted a cat recently. It’s been an insanely rewarding experience.

    Make sure they’re always inside! Roaming cats are vulnerable to danger and bad for the environment.

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    It's like a car dealership advertised a very attractive model at a very reasonable price. When you get there, "Oh sorry, that one just sold. Let me show you some less desirable models."

    Only kidding though. Sometimes an adult cat can be a better option. You can more easily see its true personality and it might be litter trained already.

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    Meow Meow Meow!!

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    I adopted a kitten and best cat I've had ever, In Queensland after floods they had a similar program 2011. Please only do this if you can commit and afford the cat for its lifetime.

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    I adopted my Senior kitty from here, almost 2 years ago! Facility is really good. These prices are great! Just make sure you call and make an appointment for a 'meet and greet' if you like a particular kitty and you'll get to properly meet it. They use to give a bag of food and a bag of litter with each adoption, but, not sure if they're still doing that, so, it wouldn't hurt to ask and double check if you have to add council registration to the total cost. Took me almost an hour all up, which included doing all the 'paperwork' for the chip registration and council registration.
    Happy adopting! Meow :)

  • We went to adopt an adult cat from wat djerring today. Plenty of cats and kittens available and the staff are helpful. You can open up the pens where each cat is kept to interact with them and there is a sheet with a brief description of the cat's personality.

    Cost was $25 including a zip lock bag of food and plenty of information on how to settle in the cat. The registration process took around 10 minutes from the time we decided on a cat but a couple hours to choose one.

  • What are the cat council rego costs per year ?

  • any in nsw?

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