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Kogan Pulse+ Wellbeing Smart Watch $39.00 Delivered (Was $49.00) @ Kogan


Have been looking for a cheap smart watch and this one was $49 yesterday- $39 with free shipping seems like a good price to try it, cant find any reviews online about this particular model

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  • I really want one of these smart watches but I'm worried they'll get damaged at work. I'm a floor layer so I'm usually smashing floorboards with a rubber mallet. Just not sure if these watches can handle the concussive force.

    • Better to buy a cheap one like this than to spend up and wreak a more expensive one.

      My guess is it’ll be fine

    • Do you switch between both hands with the mallet?

      • Unfortunately yes. I also thought about not wearing it at work, but that means I miss the majority of my waking hours and also my most active time of the day.

        I ended up buying this watch. I'll see how long it lasts and might upgrade somewhere down the track.

        • I thought of turning a smart watch into a pocket-watch by taking off the straps and putting it onto a chain because I'm in the same boat as you.

  • Cheers OP. Got one .

  • for that price I got one for me and the misses. cheers OP

  • Hope it's not nasty. Anyone can share the experience? Looks like Amazfit Bip with more functions but 1/6th battery life

    • My understanding from reading about both is that the Amazfit Bip has GPS and this does not. But you can use this along with your phone’s GPS via a phone app.

      The lack of GPS may not be an issue, but some people like to run without their phone and have their watch record the distance, speed, etc.

    • So I just mine today. It's very sensitive to movement. Just sitting on the toilet I managed 40 steps. Then I moved my arm around a little more and got 20 more steps. Not sure yet if I can change settings to make it less sensitive.

  • I am after something cheap with a silent alarm to replace a dead fitbit. This doesn't appear to have a silent alarm. Any suggestions on what I should get?

  • Bought one. Arrived pretty quickly. Not a huge fan overall. The app it's designed to work with "hitfitpro" needs some polishing, the step counter hugely overestimates everything as walking and it displays all the heartrate/BP/SaO2 data very poorly. Also there is a small air bubble under the glass screen. Wouldn't recommend this one

  • Yeah its a piece of **** will be leaving a review on Kogans website - also funny to see they have put the price up to $89 lol -Apologies to everyone who bought one because of this post

  • I received it yesterday, piece of S***, will never buy a Kogan brand ever again. Coudn't able to connect to the App, Not able to adjust the time. I have sent a message to Kogan, hopefully able to return it.