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Saw this at a TVB Anywhere Press Conference, looks like the event is tomorrow at Burwood Park in Sydney.

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    Why would you advertise Hong Kong on the title, who in their right mind would want to travel to Hong Kong in its current state


      All reports are that it's still safe to travel there!


        People going to neg you because all they read is news articles which havee been exagerated.

        According to Aus govt website the safety of Hong Kong is the same level as France, Thailand and Bali.


        Just have to be vigilant. Most of it is media hyping it up, look up the fake news CNN broadcasted with a fake photo of the protesters in HK. It's not as bad as the media is painting it.

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          So the airport wasn't shut down for 2 days?


            @nomster: If you read it closely, actually it was shut down for 2 half days, not 2 days. And it is now fully opened again.

            Plenty of news outlets reported it being shut down for 2 days, but that is not completely true, as it implies it was shut down the entire day. Not saying they are completely wrong, however they leave out details to make it sound even worse than it should be.

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      Perfect time to go. Same great place, less tourist crowds and you might get to witness first hand some history in the making.

      A quote from someone on reddit on the topic of visiting now:
      “I have a friend who just got back from vacation there. She had a wonderful time. She did run into protesters on occasion but said they were all very friendly and even apologetic. A couple times she got a whiff of tear-gas, but not enough to hurt, just noticed it. Otherwise she said it was much like the other times she had visited.”


        protestor are blocking entry to airports, they crowd the arrival doors

        protestor have been catching trains and on purpose keep doors open, delaying trains for hours

        protestor have place random road blocks, delaying cars, taxis and buses

        protestor have been driving slow in tunnels blocking people moving about

        good luck going now!
        like that Simpsons episode, once you go in u may never come out


          Sounds like a typical morning transit to work. Instead of protestors, just plain morons.


            @OldBugger: Yea, i doubt people complaining about protesters blocking entries have even gone to hong kong before.
            Try jumping on the MTR during peak time, there is plenty of people c0ckblocking you from getting onto the train. LOL!

            Traffic is always notoriously slow in hong kong, so driving slow = normal, and if you were a tourist, you'd rarely want to drive around anyways, because the public transport system in Hong Kong is miles ahead of what we have in Australia.

            Cars and Roads is barely a necessity in hong kong, I know of plenty of friends and relatives in Hong Kong who have a drivers licence but they have not even used it once for the last 30years.

            "Once you go in u may never come out" that sounds more like going to America than going to Hong Kong.
            The deaths during every year's Black Friday (1-2days) sales in USA is higher than the current death toll in the recent Hong Kong Protests and they have been going on for weeks.

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    Carrie Lam is a puppet of Xi The Pooh.

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    Don't shoot the messenger. That's what the deal is.


    Used the code + a flight voucher from a virgin cc (along with ANZ rewards free flight) to make a fairly cheap holiday for two ;)

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    One way ticket.


    Handy code, got 9% off Hobart to Sydney flight for next month. Thanks!


    Just got 9% flights to NZ. Need to just plan ahead

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