expired [Android] $0: Selfie/HD Camera Pro, File Manager Pro, Visual Math 4D, Unit Converter, Lock & Hide Photos Pro +More @ Google Play

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Best App - Top Droid Team



    Any suggestions on what to spend my $2 reward that expires today?

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    The Apps from this team 'Best App Top Droid Team' they seems to have good reviews, and I have purchased the file manager pro before, here's my one star review of its full price:.

    delete file takes age, when viewing iamge, you can not delete it, have to back to the thumbnails and delete. After one file operation, screen will refresh and redraw then lost your focused places which is anoying. The file list view is a little too big, can reduce the size a little bit to show m
    ore content. the icons on the start page is somewhat tooamy colors.

    It can have three star if it is free.

    Good file manager: Solid Explore

    Good free file manager: Mix File Manager from XDA, support plugins

    ES File Manager is good but it seems after Baidu bought it, they pulled it from the play store and became ads mode only no way to purchase . Anything Baidu touches became shit.

    Looks like there's a fake copycat ES file manager in play store


    [Update: Cheetah and DO Global Respond] A Tale of Two Shady Apps: QuickPic is back on Google Play while ES File Explorer disappears


    It seems there are more and more apps/xposed modules doing fraudulent activities, clicking ads in the background every 3 seconds and kill your battery


    HDCamera is crap, it can only max at 1920x1080 wheres the samsung default camera takes 4032x3024

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      I feel all of this developer's stuff are under average quality, not worth the trouble to install them and try.

      The good reviews are fake.

      After it has some installation count and fake good reviews, then it will to free promotion like every month or every other month.

      Then cash in at very high price for each app.

      This is how the current shit app factory works.