expired [PC] Borderlands 2 $6.48 (Was $25.95) at Steam


The PC version of Borderlands 2 is on sale on Steam for $6.48. The offer ends on the 28th of August which is in 10 days so this would be a great time to consider buying it.

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    This is a pretty bad deal.

    Handsome Collection which includes BL2 + all of its DLC, and BL: The Pre-Sequel + all of its DLC for $8.85 AUD (or $7.96 if you use the 10% off voucher: FANATICAL10)


    Just a hint: always check on Ozbargain and price tracking websites for the prices/all-time lowest prices for game deals you post.

    "Unfortunately", due to BL3 coming out soon there have been spectacular deals on the Handsome Collection going as low as $4.50 AUD on Greenmangaming before - this makes any deal for just one of the games a pretty bad deal these days.


    I've been playing this game for so long, I swear I started looking like one of the characters. Not one of the goodies though.

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      Which one? Psycho? Nomad? Maurauder? Rat? Juggernaut? Goliath? Bad Maw? Loot Midget (how tall are you?)? Bullymong?

      Post a picture please with a survey so we can vote which character you look like! ;-)

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