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[PC, Steam] SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition $2.42 @ Fanatical


Cheapest ever for this game.

Build and manage the city of your dreams with the latest major installment of the SimCity franchise in SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition. With this Steam key, players will get access to franchise best-seller SimCity 4 as well as the all-new SimCity 4 Rush Hour Expansion Pack.

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    Ah, many hours lost building the most perfect cloverleaf intersections just for traffic to bypass it in favour of the dirt road that goes around the garbage dumps.

  • the latest major installment of the SimCity franchise

    Ahh, yes…hot off the press
    …from 16 years ago.

    • Well technically, there was the Sim City 2013 reboot, but I think even EA would prefer to pretend that it didn't exist.

      Despite being 16 years old, Sim City 4 + Rush Hour + Mods is still one of the best city builders out there, which is quite pathetic that in nearly 2 decades, every developer that has tried to approach the scale, depth, charm and flexibility of Sim City 4 has fallen short in some major way, including Cities XXL, Cities Skylines and Tropico.

      I tried to get into the de-facto successor, Cities Skylines, but four things kept putting me off:

      • The pitifully small map sizes.
      • The substitution of Maxis' easily-comprehensible RDI/Heatmap/Chart statistics as feedback on how your city is doing with stupid social media tweets.
      • The soulless feel of a more pure, sandbox simulation game with incredibly generic-looking cities and cookie-cutter buildings that all blend together.
      • The developer's transition from improving the base game via updates to an endless parade of DLCs that all of the major improvements are locked away into.

      The nitty-gritty differences like these are also something I continually miss in Cities Skylines.

      • +13 votes

        We don't talk about 2013.

      • Oh man Tropico was terrible.

        I still consider sim City classic the best.

        Or sim tower ♥️, but it's not really the same thing

      • You use SimCity 4 with Mods as your example to beat then completely ignore that there a mods that can fix or overcome your criticisms for Cities Skylines? Also all the playability improvements of the DLCs in Cities Skylines are put into the main game, only the new features like new public transport types or such require the DLC.

        Going from Skylines back to SimCity 4 is such a downgrade in playability I cannot manage it despite many attempts. Then to mention modding between the two, for Skylines just need to subscribe to the mods in Steam.

        • Yeah…Cities Skylines is an amazing game. Support the devs who gave us the SimCity we should've gotten in 2013.

      • 81 square km isn't exactly "pitifully small". You also give away that you haven't really played the game by saying it doesn't have "RDI", heatmaps and charts which it has all of.

        Really you're just unhappy that you have to pay someone for a product they've created.

  • I believe mentioning that the Network Add-on Mod (NAM) is an essential download for this title is warranted. ")

  • Oh this reminded me that I downloaded SimCity back in 2013 on Origin. I know what I’m doing tonight!

  • It only mentions mac. Is it compatible with Windows?

  • It is a monthly deal!

  • I noticed they also have the borderlands handsome edition for $9 which only states for Mac as well…..same scenario where it will work on pc too?

  • I need to stop buying games… got over 300 games in my backlog now 😩

  • Oh man, I will definitely buy this if it's not already sitting unplayed in my Steam library.

  • If you are buying this game not to have it sit in your steam library and to actually play, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND checking out this page.


    It's basically an amalgamation of some of the best mods for sc4 that are out there, neatly organised and not overbearing for new users. It's the perfect thing for any newbie to get back into sc4.

    I CAN'T RECOMMEND THIS ENOUGH. Please at least check it out before playing, because mods turn this game into one of the greatest city builders of all time, perhaps even the greatest game ever.

  • Lots of reviews mention that it's unplayable due to constant crash on Windows 10. Anyone got it and can confirm it's usable?

  • I love this game, but unfortunately when your city reaches a certain size, the traffic becomes almost impossible to manage. All the high density buildings become either vacant, or lose their land value because of high commute times. It's infuriating.

    • Get the Network Addon Mod plugin. It allows you to change the load of traffic so if you're into building big sprawling metropoleis then you can fine tune exactly the capacity of roads, buses, trams etc. Also lets you build real highways which gives more control over the entire thing since Maxis default highways are quite dull.

      If you're going to download any mod, this is the one.


      • I don't like adding mods because I like to play games the way the creator intended them to be played, faults and all (though not bugs). It's a real shame that Maxis never released more than one expansion pack for this game. I think their original plan was to release many, as they did with the Sims series.

        • You need to at least get the Network Addon Mod (NAM). It's almost mandatory in my opinion because it fixes so many of the issues that surrounded vanilla sc4.

  • Thanks OP. They sent me a 12% off code after ordering. Code is F_q52rGROk91fzXQ If anyone wants to use. Will save a couple more cents

  • FYI; this isn't the cheapest ever

    Got this for a dollar on here around a year ago.

    It's a good price nonetheless.