Mattress in a box Vs. Inner Spring

Anyone using a mattress in a box? I'm thinking of getting one just for the simpler logistics. I've only ever slept on inner spring mattresses though.

If you have any feedback on mattress in a box style mattresses I'd be grateful.


  • I got one since my old bed was too old, for under 200. Can say it's pretty good. Followed the instructions and let it expand for a day and couldn't tell the difference after I slept on it. Weight above 120 when I started and it seems to have held up well enough

  • The aldi box one was pretty good.

    • Yep, I second this! If you can get one (Aldi had these on sale a few weeks ago) you should do it as the Aldi ones have inner springs.

    • Yeah got mine from Aldi too, some 5 years ago. Still bouncing strongly.

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    I bought a MIAB off ebay for the guest room.

    it's pretty good. was inexpensive. and delivered to my door.

    would purchase one again.

  • I bought a Onebed last year. On the whole, they're pretty solid mattresses but as they're latex they do get quite warm, bit frustrating for a warm sleeper like myself. Also, they are much softer than good innerspring mattresses. As I like a firm mattress and sleep hot, I'll buy an innerspring next time.

  • I have an king size ecosa and a queen slumba. Both excellent for the money but the slumba is amazing for the $450 I paid for it, but I took a punt as slumba offer no xxx days return policy. I should add that they are firm mattress.

  • Steve Smith likes Koala Mattresses. They feel very comfy stuffed with $100 notes, after he turned his $100k investment into $12 million. Good on him, but if I had $12 million I probably wouldn't sleep on a bed in a box.

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    Would never buy a mattress with latex in it again.

  • I got the IKEA one. It was horrible. Never again.

    • What didn't you like about it?

      • Poor support and when I rolled near the edge of the bed the side of the mattress would collapse and roll me out of bed like a ramp. Its very different to normal mattresses which have a stiff edge. It means you can't sleep near the edge or sit on the edge.

  • We got a sleeping duck a couple of years back, it was a box mattress AND has innersprings. :)
    Been pretty good so far.

  • Very happy with our koalas. Firm but not too firm and 4 years later still no sign of sagging. Our last innerspring was sagging by this point.

  • following - looking at the sleeping duck myself

  • Bought a "mattress in a box" from bigw last year sometime. The only reason I chose to buy this was portability. It fit inside my car which was way convenient than hiring a van.
    It was fun to unpack and watch it get inflated automatically. Started using it in a couple of days. Was very comfy at first.
    After several months, random portions started to feel soft & cushy in comparison with other areas, which lead to sore back for me.
    Then I switched to a better one.
    I'm 6 ft and 91 kgs. If you are a light person, may be you'll have a different experience. I am not saying it is a bad product or good one, but it serves its purpose. Don't expect too much from it.

  • Also following. If anyone else that is doing research care to share their conclusions please do, I'm sure others will be interested as well.

  • Had a brand new Sealy posturepedic and after a year the sag was unbearable for my back. Tried sleeping duck and it's honestly the best mattress I've ever owned. We got the half firm (me) and half medium (wife) and we're both very happy with it. It also has springs in it :).

  • My understanding is that box mattresses will have less side support than wire frame mattresses.

    The missus has a koala, it's soft but supporting enough for a side sleeper, no sagging after a few years (she's light though).

    I have a ozmattress grandmaster (wire frame, box spring) (company out of business now) and the thing is great, super supportive and firm (for stomach sleepers), but the thing weights a ton and it was 3x the price of these box mattresses.

    I'd might buy a box mattress if I had to buy again, I definitely would not buy from a showroom regardless, I'd buy online from somewhere with a good refund/exchange policy.

  • Good for a kid.

    If using for an adult (especially a heavy one), you need a bed with a frame that will support the sides of the mattress. Like a bunk bed.

    Because the mattress is designed to collapse into a box, sitting on the edge of the bed (for example to put shoes on) doesn't work too well as the mattress will give way where you sit.

  • I have had a Koala Mattress for last 2 yrs + and am grateful I bought it every morning I wake up. I'm not one to write these sort of comments unless I feel a company or product deserves positive attention. I have a serious Back Condition - scoliosis and lumber compression and as I get older things get a little more difficult. In fact after I bought it I encouraged my Osteopath to check it out, after he also heard a personal friend was impressed with their's - he bought one also ! He never regretted it either. I convinced myself that if they offer a 3 or 4 mths trial - and if you don't like it by then you get your money back - thought I had little to lose. I also didn't have a flat base - I still use the old inner-sprung base with it (which is still ok and works well, just bit more bouncey ) - they recommend a slat/ flat base - and have since designed a very clever wooden kit base that is strong and fits together well and disassembles easy for moving ( my next acquisition ) But all in all, I'd buy same again - it is without a doubt my best investment for my back and getting good sleep, which = better health. One last thing - in retrospect I do recall it took me about two weeks or so for the mattress to soften more so to adjust to my sleep style - lying on side - and for me to get used to the change of better support of spine. Also I did buy one of their pillows, recently, not so good for me personally - but I realise I need the curved scooped design - which they don't make - at least at present.

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