Delhi from Perth $609, Darwin $623, SYD $662, MEL $667, ADL $671, CNS $680, BNE $686, CBR $698, HBA $721 Return on Singapore Air


Destination: Delhi
Airline: Singapore Airlines
Valid Departure Dates: 20 February to 31 March 2020 (plenty of availability)
Deal Expiry: Till Sold Out

Price Estimator:
Cheap flights on similar trips to Delhi usually cost between $740-1100 on a full service airline. These flights represent prices $130 below the cheapest fares albeit on a 5 star rated airline.

These international flights are one stop via Singapore with the exception of Canberra & Hobart flights which operate as two stop.
Checked-in baggage allowance of 30kg.

Frequent Flyer:
KrisFlyer (Star Alliance) or Velocity Frequent Flyer.
These cheap airfares are booked in “K” class and earns 50% of mileage flown. For a round-trip between Sydney to Delhi this earns 6487 Velocity points and 100 status credits.

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  • +14 votes

    Time to visit Kashmir.

    • +4 votes

      Ladakh is beautiful. Take an overnight bus from Delhi to Manali and start your adventure of lifetime from Manali to Leh on bike. Be prepared for high altitude sickness though.

  • +4 votes

    Thanks op a real eye opener over there. Get a working sim card before leaving the airport! Bring along an old British adaptor with round pins.
    Airtel is easiest to get but one needs an extra passport photograph. Then load Ola and uber and show their quote to the rickshaw drivers.

    Many monuments can be booked on the mobile and the generated qr code gets one in. Make sure your mobile has a good battery! Last time the booked time did not get checked.

    Good for honing in bargaining skills and growing thicker skin! Learn to say NO! Namaste is ok to greet. Learn what discrimination really feels like!


      is Modi's monument free?

    • +3 votes

      Learn what discrimination really feels like!

      Please explain.

      • +3 votes

        You are the obvious foreigner in the crowd, and you'll be treated like a walking wallet on legs. Almost every shop keeper is out to get you with incredibly inflated prices. Touts are everywhere trying to scam you. Yes, you need thick skin and a firm "no" attitude when visiting India.

        It's a fascinating country to visit but honestly I got tired dealing with the constant hassles.

      • +1 vote

        Foreigner pricing varies from same to up to 20 times more! No apologies given.

    • +5 votes

      Thx for description. Now i really dont wat to go.
      - feel discrimination
      - need extra pasport photo to get a sim
      - need to have thick skin to deal with harrassment
      - need to show transport operator uber quotes to not get scammed

      • +3 votes

        I was short minded for way too long! Yes patience got introduced from England and so much more some good and some bad.
        If you are under 60 you will get finger printed upon entry! Entering a metro or even changing train means getting thru a metal detector and being patted down. Same goes for many stores especially malls. Ones's privacy sensitivity needs some adjusting, crowds means accept other humans. Accept 3 or 33 million gods it is up to you! Learn how to distinguish between bull and real. Get driven around on roads with practically no road signs let alone rules. Driving stiles change by the minute, so does the traffic. Animals especial the bovine family members are adored at least and respect starts low and is taught all the way up. Find out why this nation values education so much over else. One dresses to impress, men wear designer shirts and fashion trousers, women wrap themselves up in vivid colours.
        Sim card: sure you can roam but do not come here to sulk later! Prepaid cards have ample data and cell towers are pretty always in sight.
        Architecture: No words can describe what you will find! Fashion: Tradition rules! Street tidiness: well other end of scale, accept it! No visit would be complete without meeting the temple of the creator and perhaps most lasting is the city of Varanasi where you can argue with the "untouchables" a caste so low there is not even a number so low to give to them. Still show them this website and they get closer! Nobody wastes money there. Alcohol: Most Delhi pubs want you to be 24!