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[eBay Plus] Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case $169 @ eBay (100 Per Hour Starting 10am)


Here we go again. 100 Airpods dropping every hour starting at 10am.

Banner screenshot.

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    Not Again. I found a cheap alternate in paddy's market. Not as good as apple but does the job very well and i dont have to waste my day at ebay

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    These deals are bs and a waste of time.

  • +1

    Thanks OP for the post but this deal is a total waste of time.

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    Wonder why it says:

    100 units every hour. Select sellers only. While stocks last.
    Next Drop at 11AM
    *Ends 5PM AEST 20/8. 1 txn pp.

    Ie - the select sellers part… isn't it just the one seller? 'titan_gear'?

  • I need two pairs. One pair for each ear and one pair for each nostril.

  • don't want to waste my time again but this is too tempting

    • +1

      it was tempting the last two previous deals as well
      and for most people they wasted their entire day

      this is one of the shittiest promo by ebay ever

      majority of people missed out and wasted their entire day

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    Poor marketing imho. Just makes me angry.

  • +2

    waste of time.

  • +1

    Last time ebay confirmed i purchased these for $99. Got a success screen after purchase. Then the purchase still didnt go through. Was on live chat for an hour and there was nothing they could do. Felt cheated and time wasted. If it didn't go through then dont show me it worked.

    Havnt used ebay since then.

    • +2

      Happened to me as well…

  • +1

    Ok around two!! Ding ding !

    • +1

      Hopefully the ding ding sound will be coming from your new shiny Airpods. Good luck

      • Got one. Sweet! Good thing I don’t need round three. Took a good chunk of my day.

  • got one, very happy !!!

  • I got it to check out page and then the coupon didn't work because my eBayPlus expired :(.

    • Same with me. I renewed for 1 year eBay only charged $1.

      • How? I had to pay $49.

      • Targeted offer?

      • seriously?

      • huh how is that possible?

        • +1


          10am batch I was quick and reached the checkout button, only missed out because after I entered coupon it said "only for eBay Plus" members. So I clicked on eBay plus banner on the top and clicked on free trial, it said renew for 1 more year and pay only $0.99 so I did.

      • +1

        Yeah I just got this also.

    • https://imgur.com/a/qOXwqEM

      10am batch I was quick and reached the checkout button, only missed out because after I entered coupon it said "only for eBay Plus" members. So I clicked on eBay plus banner on the top and clicked on free trial, it said renew for 1 more year and pay only $0.99 so I did.

  • More like a targetted deal

  • they started asking for verification code on every buy now clicks

  • wow 11am batch all gone. that was quick.

  • Yay got one <3

    Thanks OP

  • -2

    Easy. So far I've got the $99 Apple EarPods, $169 Apple Airpods & the $79 Samsung Harddrive.. Anything else?

    • Are you selling them? Surely one does not need 2 airpods.

      • Keeping them (I'm a bit of an impulse buyer). But whats perfect is my partner wanted a pair and so did I! So I'll give them one for their birthday & I'll keep a pair.
        I'm also into photography so the high speed hard drive is ideal for video and photo transfer.

        I'm guessing all the downvotes on my previous comment are from you guys who keep missing out? IF it helps, I always have two chrome windows open, keep refreshing both of them from about 2 minutes before to mark (at this point I have already copied the code), until one comes up with the Buy It Now button.

        Hit Buy It Now, paste code & complete purchase.

        - Make sure you've already got the code copied
        - Ensure your address is already correct on your account (you can take a random item to checkout to see what appears first)
        - Double check your eBay Plus is still valid
        - Be calm but ready!

        Good luck everyone!

        • +1

          Haha I didn't downvote you mate. More power to you. I also got the $99 AirPods and $79 SDD (relatively easy as well but maybe I got lucky). Just curious to see what other people are doing with them.

          People downvoting you are the ones who missed out I'm guessing. Don't hate the player. Hate the game.

          • @Hunter14: I didn't think you did, would defs be the people who missed out. And you're exactly right! It really wasnt too hard, the first $99 Airpods took me 2 goes, but the $169 Airpods & $79 the Samsung Drive I got o nthe first hit. Guess you just have to be ready to win at eBay.

            Nice score! I'm sure there are a lot of people who did resell, and good on them. As long as they're not creating a million accounts & trying to score more than one, then why not.

  • whoa that was quick

  • +2

    Okay so WTF, refresh at 11am more than 10 available, refresh again sold out.
    F THIS S

  • Sold out in 5 seconds :c

  • Got one, easier than expected

  • I dont know if its because its the first few hours and not many people know, but its been a lot easier to actually be able to purchase it.

  • Got it from listing page to cart and successfully paid. No autoclicker or anything - where the bots at!

    • Now that I have it, time to ask is this gen 2 or 1? haha

      • Gen 2 in listing description for anyone else wondering

  • +1

    Purchased @ 11am. Was a bit easier this time.. Got a pair for my self seeing as the gf took the last $99 ones

    • +2

      she will take these to

      • +1

        Haha .. comments like these make the thread interesting :)

      • +2

        For the nostrils. Give it surround sound.

  • It is freaking annoying BS

  • +2

    Hopefully Amazon comes through like they did with the Sony XH-1000XM3 deal

  • +1

    Clicked Buy Now
    Put the Coupon In
    Checked out

    Done, bought, easy. Same thing last sale too.

    • I clicked add to cart instead of buy now and it didn't go through after adding the code. I wasn't sure if you could add the discount code after clicking buy now so I'm going to have to come back at 12.

      • +1

        Sure can - takes you directly to the Checkout page where you can select payment method, coupon, and address.

        Last one of these sales I just left the item in my cart ready to checkout and spammed the checkout button which went through.
        Got an error saying something like "Description of the item has changed" but it you keep clicking checkout it bypasses it

  • Finally got one! thanks!

  • +1

    Wow 100 sold under a minute

  • +4

    Not worth the time. eBay won't even honor the last deal.
    I got up to the screen "Your order has been placed, and payment has been processed"
    But no record of item in my eBay account.
    Call customer service, they said will be escalated. No outcome at all, they simply said it means you are not getting the item (even though there is confirmation screen that my order has been placed).

  • I was able to get it to checkout and enter code and went to confirm pay at about 30 seconds after 11 and I missed out. So my question is now that I have it all set up can I just click confirm at 12, or do I have to go through the process again?

    • just click confirm, i got the samsung 1tb SSD this way.

    • Yes leave them in your cart and it should go through at 12. This worked for me on the previous deal. Just in case I would even leave the webpage open on the cart?

      • Thanks… that seemed to work…. but it took about 10 attempts and did not go through until about 15-20 seconds after.

  • There Goes another day of Productivity at work. Need only one but unsuccessful so far

  • +2

    Ah…missed but I am on the payment page. see you at 12

  • +2

    In the cart at 11am but no luck with purchase.
    Last time I got the $99 deal by leaving them in my cart and clicking after 1hr. I'll try this at midday but won't waste the rest of my day if unsuccessful.

    • No luck. I give up as it's not worth the time involved!

  • +1

    miss out twice. really now? better off getting the mighty ape deal and be stress-free.

  • sold out in under 10 secs that time

  • You need to be quick! First sold after 13 seconds, last after 32…

  • If you get one, are you able to use the code again the next hour to get another?

    It might say in the T&C although they dont seem to load for me.

    EDIT: It just loaded,

    For each person, there is a limit of 1 transaction per redemption code. One item can be purchased per transaction.

    From reading that, I would assume we can go for another transaction the hour after?

    • I got one at 11am.. was thinking about getting one for my sister

      the T&Cs states nope..

      For each person, there is a limit of 1 transaction per redemption code. One item can be purchased per transaction.

      • -3

        Just make a new account and do the free trial. Then use a different card or PayPal to the first one. Imma try and get another to resell ;)

  • Got a pair for the 11am batch. Much easier than the $99 ones.

  • didn't even see the first hour drop, thought id give it a go at 11am expecting disappointment, got it first go with no previous page open, used credit card instead of pay pal if that helps.. 3 cheers for eBay lol

  • So you have to be an ebay plus member to get this?

    • Yeah. You can do the free trial and cancel it as soon as you start the trial.

  • Got the $1 ebay plus deal done, bring these on haha.

  • +2

    No thank you, not going to waste my time again.

    Cancelled my ebay plus after one year. Did not get the $99 airpods, and after I successful placed order for the Samsung SSD deal they refused to honor it, said payment was not processed.

    • so why are you negging OP ?

  • What a joke eBay is. Sorry OP have to neg this one, can't allow it to be clickbait.

  • cannot add it now as it shows out of stock. So should I wait till 12 ? I was hoping to add it to cart first to fasten the process. Any one knwo what to do ?

    • try add it to cart at 12, then buy it from your cart at 1. make sure you pay via credit card, not pay pal.
      ive managed to purchase each time these promotional offers come up by doing this

  • Is this the version 2 of the airpods?

    • Version 1 didn't have wireless charging

    • Yes it is as per the description

      Apple AirPods (2nd. Gen) with Wireless Charging Case

  • +1

    It seems a lot easier now because the pool of buyers is getting less due to:
    1. Several previous Airpods promotions (read click frenzies)
    2. Amazon Bose Soundsport promotion
    3. Sony WF-1000XM3 PS+ promotion
    4. Private resellers still trying to offload the above
    5. People giving up from their previous experiences with these EBay click frenzies

    • Qantas promotion for the sony WF-1000XM3 are now canceled.. would not have bought this otherwise

  • Will it be from same seller each time?

  • easy.

  • Sold out in 2 seconds?

    • +3

      I am on the confirm and pay screen and still sniped.

  • Missed again :(

  • :'( :'(

  • -1

    Less than 2 seconds.

    So this deal is you join Ebay plus then hope you can get their special deal in those two seconds.
    Click bait fake deal.

  • again?

  • Lol, sold out in half a second.

  • Sheesh - couldn't even add them to my cart…crazy!

  • had it in cart pressed to buy then ebay complained the seller modified the listing, pressed to buy again and out of stock

    complete joke

    • +2

      same lol

  • +1


    Last time I wasn't able to get anything,

    This time I got it in my shopping card and applied the code, can I click on it at 1 pm to confirm and pay or I need to add new one in my card?


  • what do i do?
    wait on the item page & click buy it now,
    or stay on the checkout page & click confirm at the next hourly drop?

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