expired Future Broadband Performance NBN: $10 off Per Month or $0 Setup or Half Term Contract


For a limited time please find the following extra-special offers. Limit 1 voucher per order and they cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers or referral codes. Valid for orders (and pre-orders with future connection date) submitted by 22nd Sept 2019 11:59PM WST.

1: SetMeUp

This voucher offers a $0 setup on Performance and Business NBN plans. Simply enter the code SetMeUp during signup and the $99 setup fee will not be charged once your order has been received and validated by us.

2: Halftime

This voucher offers a half term contract; 6 months for Performance NBN and 9 months for Business NBN. Simply enter the code Halftime during signup and the contract term will be adjusted once your order has been received and validated by us.

3: FB12

This voucher offers $10 off per month the current marked price of any NBN50 or NBN100 plan for the 12 month term. Simply enter the code FB12 during signup and the rebate will be applied for 12x monthly invoices.

Vouchers/Deals – Valid until 22nd Sept 11:59PM WST

via Whirlpool

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  • +12 votes

    Paying setup fees for an internet service?
    That's a paddlin'

    • +1 vote

      Have heard very good things about them they have a 5 star rating on product reviews with peak time speeds over 92 Mbps for NBN100 plans they also include a static IP address unlike Superloop or Aussie Broadband.

      • +1 vote

        they also include a static IP address unlike Superloop

        Just PM one of the reps on whirlpool and tada, it's free. I get over 92Mbps to UK & USA on HFC.

        No real reason to charge a setup fee. They should be more confident of keeping customers.

        100/40 (1.2Tb/mth) is going to be $85/mth for 12mths is quite good though.

        • +2 votes

          100/40 (1.2Tb/mth) is going to be $85/mth for 12mths is quite good though.

          Plus the $99 setup fee for the 12 month contract. So really only saving $21 (so $1.75 off a month).


      I think they use AAPT's business network for their home plans so that is why there is a setup fee and contract. It is also appears to be why they have such good reviews. The network would be most heavily used during the day by businesses and not during the evening. Lots of spare bandwidth for their customers to use. It might also be why I see good reliability mentioned in the reviews… Business hate outages so I guess people on their plans get the same advantage.


    How desperate. Holding out for steak knives.

  • +2 votes

    Lock In contracts in 2019….. WTF


      They use a business network for home plans so not that unusual for a contract. Also 12 months is not that long if the service is good.

  • +1 vote

    Where are the prices.

  • +2 votes

    Standard prices/etc:
    $85 for 50mbps unlim
    $110 for 100mbps unlim
    $99 setup / 12 mo contract

    Aussie Broadband prices;
    $79 for 50mbps
    $99 for 100mbps
    $0 setup / month to month contract

    Even before we factor in AussieBB discounts, you'd need to stay with future for 25+ months before the $4/mo saving on 50mbps is worth it. Factor in Aussie Broadband first month being free, this becomes 44 months. $10/Mo discount only lasts 12 months - never becomes worth it…

    • +1 vote

      Superloop is cheaper, they answer the phone quicker, and get better international speeds and you can get a free static IP.


        how do you get a free static ip

        • +3 votes

          Just PM one of the reps on whirlpool and tada, it's free.

          Look at the thread on whirlpool. I pinged Michael when I signed up, he org'd it to be connected fairly quickly and a static ip


        $110 + $99 setup fee isn't cheaper than ABB as stated by dyl

        • +1 vote

          He's referring to superloop in his comment, which is 89.95. Just another example that's cheaper than OP.

          • +2 votes

            @dyl: Superloop doesn't have as good peak time speeds and also doesn't include a static IP address which is something to consider as it costs 5 dollars to get on SL or 10 dollars on ABB. Superloop isn't a bad option nor is Aussie Broadband I would rank these three RSP's as the best in Australia.


              @Joshminey: If you read the Whirlpool threads, Future gets a very good rap around reliability and no outages for whatever reason. Looks like you get always on fast internet. Aussie based support that one is likely not to need if its as good as the reviews suggest.

              I'm a firm believer that if you want quality you pay for it. This crowd are not the cheaped offering quality but I think if people are bothered about the margins and pushing for the best, perhaps the price is worth it. Always wondered what it would be like to use a business grade network.


    Hi all

    I'm looking to join this plan.

    Can someone recommend me a NBN modem router or should I just buy the Gateway 600 listed here https://futurebroadband.com.au/home-hardware/


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