Fujifilm X-H1, 8-16mm Lens, Battery Grip, Accessories Kit US$2298 (~AU$3390) + US$322.47 (~AU$476) Delivery & Tax @ B&H Photo


Hey guys, I came across this and thought it looked like a good deal, not sure if it would be something people on here would like as I dont think there are a lot of Fuji shooters here at least. Still $1000 USD saving there.

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B&H Photo Video
B&H Photo Video


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    APS-C format says it all.

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    I have seen it from fujirumors. I don't think B&H offers shipping to Australia. Aus Post would probably charge you 400 AUD.

    You can buy X-H1 with a battery grip for 2000 AUD during boxing day like EOFY and probably get 350 AUD off the 8-16 mm in the next cashback. So the total saving would probably come down to 650 AUD. However, you are out of luck if anything goes wrong during the warranty period or if you want to apply for Fujifilm Professional Service. I would much rather buy used gear.


      They do ship to Australia, I've bought plenty from them.

      I believe they will even cover the duty/taxes if you pay using their own credit card? or that might be NewEgg im not 100% sure. So maybe a bit more than $650 saving to be made.

      I think there are cheaper shipping methods but I've never really looked into it.

      As for warranty B&H will always cover you for any warranty claims.

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