Gig Economy - Who Does Odd Bits for Extra Income ?

Keen to know if others are out there doing things on the side?

If not listed in the poll - drop it in the comments too.

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    Uber / Lift / Didi etc
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    Answer Questionnaires
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    Flog things on Ebay
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  • +10

    Back alley stuffs

    • Selling goods or, services?
      Buy one get one free?

      • +15

        dude likes to get funky in the back alleys. pretty clear what that means

        • +1

          A bit of 'moon walking'.

      • +1

        What's something that the more you sell, the bigger it gets?

        • +11

          A lie.

        • +3

          My bank account.

          Now put that coffee down. Coffees for closers only. Back to work!

      • +2

        Probably services that involves holes in walls.

        • +3

          A plasterers work is never done.

    • Golf balls through garden hose?

    • involving small weight scales and bags.

  • +20

    Selling stereos out of my hiace at Bunnings

    • +1

      Lol I have an idiot friend who actually fell for this a few years ago. shakes head

      • +33

        If it makes him feel better, at least he's not me. I fell for actually working for these low-lifes. Went to a "sales" job interview, rock up to a small warehouse with the guy telling me it involves a lot of client calls and travelling locally. Offered me to try it for $50 to see if its right for me. I didn't realize until about 3 hours I was one of those people that sells stereos from a Hiace. Got out, took a taxi home, and never spoke of it again until now..

        • +17

          Don't feel bad. Everyone has a story like that. I had a former client come in one day with some minor work and he invited me to lunch the next day to discuss a business opportunity. Gave me the address. Didn't look it up. Drove there via the GPS on the day and found it was a McDonalds. Alarm bells. Wasted 20 minutes of polite chit chat to discover he sells Amway…I ran outta there real quick.

          • @zeggie: I thought people have up on Amway years ago.

          • @zeggie: What’s that

          • +1

            @zeggie: This exact same thing happened to me! Got approached when I was working a retail job during uni. Met up at a McDonald's and ended up attending an Amway seminar. Never again.

    • +2

      I saw a tear down of one of these stereo systems on YouTube
      They actually put cement in the speakers to make them heavier

        • +2

          lol first time i've heard of this white van scam, thank you! XD

          • +4

            @Serapis: Its been going on for 20 years.

            So long as they don't bend the rules too far the police won't stop them sprouting up- just like nbn salespeople to fleece peeps with egregious marketing collateral and empty promises

            • @resisting the urge: Yes I remember something like this, and it would have been about 10 years back .
              They were marketing and advertising a stereo setup as very high end, when it was absolute rubbish .
              Nothing about a "white van" . I came across this scam when I googled reviews etc for a surround sound setup advertised online.

        • I knew who it was before clicking it!

          • @meatgasm: Started watching, thought he is going to take a while to get to the point, checked the length 38min stuff that.

  • +20

    As someone with multiple trades and skills, I'm always doing odd side jobs for some cash in hand work.

    One that always gets me are the arseholes that want me to do 4 hours labour on their car and offer me a $50 slab if beer… Um, no. If I can't use it to pay my bills, I don't want it.

    • +4

      Unless the job only paid $50 anyway, then that's tax free beer!

      • +5

        4 hours labour


        Yeah, nah.

    • arseholes

      Are those the friends of convenience

  • +4

    I do design stuff on the side, but it's a lot of hassle, some people think it should cost to what works out to be less than minimum wage for myself, so you have an awkward position of them really wanting something you can do but you not really wanting to do it for that price. but very small businesses are the ones who need some basic stuff the most. I'd like to do it full time, but I don't want it to turn into a full-time job. I don't want to deal with the same people every day, or else I may as well just become a regular employee.

  • +6

    I do uber driving on a Friday and saturday night in Sydney after the kids go to sleep as a side hussle. i'm also a designer so I do some of that when available.

    • How much do you make per weekend?

      • +6

        before paying GST and income tax. about $700 - $800

        • not bad. thanks

        • $800 for 2 days of Uber driving?? really?

          • +3

            @Homr: That's before paying GST, tax, fuel and tolls.

            I go about 6pm to about 3am
            Total KM driven is about 500km

            • +1

              @Archi: GST is only 10%, so you're left with $727.27, then tax, fuel. Tolls you get reimbursed so you don't need to deduct off your income.

              • @Homr: How do I get tax reimbursed.

                • @Archi: I said Tolls, not tax


                  "Tolls are charged to riders and refunded to you, as detailed to you on the Earnings tab of your partner app. "

                  • @Homr: Read your message wrong. Looked like like you said tax..Miss took your period for a comma

            • @Archi: When is the best time to earn more per hour Uber driving?
              Have you ever dealt with doggy passengers?, and Is it safe (for you personally as an Uber driver) late at night?

              • +1

                @Navgsc: You need to have a happy balance between $ earned versus time driving versus distance travelled.

                Haven't had many dodgy customers everyone so far has been nice. the ones I dislike most are the smokers. They don't smoke in the car but they will have just finished smoking before they get in and they absolutely stink.

                The best when I get a car full of girls all dressed up ready for a night out… They all make the car smell nice.

                Night time between 4pm and 2am is probably the best time to earn.. but that is really dependant on location. I'm talking about Sydney here.

                • @Archi: "The best when I get a car full of girls all dressed up ready for a night out… They all make the car smell nice."

                  That'll be the worst imo as you can only watch and not go out with them :p

                  "Night time between 4pm and 2am is probably the best time to earn.. but that is really dependant on location. I'm talking about Sydney here."

                  I heard the morning shifts are Ez money too, where you takes corporates to the airports.

                  • @Homr: Airport trips are good. But you are not guaranteed a ride out of the airport. The queue at the airport can be notoriously long.

                    There are a few spots I do in Sydney that I like to go and wait for trips and usually I don't wait too long.

                    The the worst is doing trips during peak hour in the city.

                    You don't get paid much for time and the charge for distance is the same. So a $20 fare shOuld only take about 10 to 12 minutes to drive however during peak my take twice as long.. so you wasting time for the same fare.

                    As a driver you don't know where you are going u til the rider gets in the car and you hit the start button. You could be travelling 2 streets away for a $6 fare or $40 to the middle of the national park at 2am where you won't get another ride back to civilisation.

                    So you have to factor in those types of fares as well.

                    Some days you are lucky and things work in your favour and some days that you wished you stayed at home.

            • @Archi: Do you often have to deal with drunks and disgruntled people at my time. I would love to do what you do but my biggest concern is someone yakking in my car or being aggressive. Do you encounter this or how do you deal with it?

              • @hadronox: I haven't had any one puke in the car yet… but I have observed someone with their head out the window at the back of another uber throwing up

                I have to say… most people are generally pretty good. most people are out to have a good time and that's the vibe I have gotten so far.. it'll probably change if and when I get a bad experience.

                the most annoying I had twice.. was helping someone move house… literally filled up my car with stuff to transport, and the other was a huge dog. I could of turned down the girl with the big dog, but she was kinda cute. and was late at night.

                I see you are in perth.. your numbers will be different to mine.. purely based on population and distance between the city and most places where people live or work.

                I think you'll need to give it a try and see what you can make out of it, and then decide whether you want to do it.

          • @Homr: ~$25 to $30 p/h after expenses and tax isn’t bad for casual work. However, it would mess up with the driver’s sleeping pattern.

            • @whooah1979: it's more than $30 p/h

              • @Homr: It works out to $730 / 18 hours - expenses - taxes.

                • @whooah1979: Let's leave taxes in for comparison sake

                  730/18 = $40.50 an hour

                  Convert that into 38hour week and 52 weeks that's an annual salary of $80.1K a year

                  Take $10K out for fuel so that's $70.1K - which is very good for a job that does't require any qualifications.

                  • +1

                    @Homr: Uber isn’t a 9 to 5 office job. Drivers are owner operators. They have to pay rego, comprehensive insurance, maintenance/ service, public liability, super, icare, etc. Then ATO wants their cut.

                    • +2

                      @whooah1979: "They have to pay rego, comprehensive insurance, maintenance/ service"

                      I pay that and I don't even drive a uber!

                      • +1

                        @Homr: Do you pay business rego and business comprehensive insurance?

                        • -1

                          @whooah1979: no and uber drivers don't either.

                          • @Homr:

                            uber drivers don't either.

                            Why not? They’re operating an enterprise and should be paying the appropriate motor vehicle tax.

                      • @Homr: 500km per weekend for 50 weeks a year would mean around 25,000 extra km travelled. So, a couple of additional services and 2,500+ extra litres of fuel to purchase each year. The car's value will depreciate faster with the extra usage and Uber mandates a vehicle less than 10 years old. Insurers want higher premiums for ridesharing vehicles.

                        • @trongy: I was about to sign up to be an uber driver, but saw that I need to change my Car's CTP insurance to commercial. How much more would that cost me? And I wonder how it will affect my comprehensive insurance.

                          • @nuttapillar: What does your PDS for the insurance say?

                            edit: You also need to check how it affects your vehicle warranty (if you have any left)

                  • @Homr: I'd be counting $15k-$18k for fuel based on 500k/shift * 4 shifts/week at 10L/100km @$1.40/L (current price) around town.

                    • @brad1-8tsi: Isn't there also $500-$1k in set up costs to a new driver? You need a full medical, driver's auth, car inspection, police certificate, private hire license.

                      • @crashloaded: nope..
                        - the criminal check from memory was $30 to $50.
                        - car inspection if you have a 10+ year car
                        - fee to get a passenger transport thing on your license, pretty sure that was free. but I had to renew my license at the same time so I cant remember.
                        - didn't require a health check. it just took time. about 1 to 2 weeks to set everything up

                        the cost was insignificant

                        • @Archi: Must be different in qld because you need to supply a full medical up here. Which can cost min. $300 and is generally not bulk billed.

                          • @crashloaded: maybe.. that's definitely something I haven't done will it have to do with age?

                            • @Archi: No it's part of the required documents to get a driver's authorization in qld.

  • +11

    i collect dead washing machines and then fix and flog.

    also a niche ebay store.

    • want my dead washing machine?

      • sure, where are you located?

  • +10

    I clean crime scenes. Approx $200/hr

    • +78

      Before or after the police are involved?

      • +14

        Good question.

        • +18

          Before police is the side hustle. :D

      • +4


      • +2

        Upvote for Avatar being a great match for the comment.

    • Paying yourself doesn't count by the way.

    • +3

      What's the grossest thing you have had to clean up?

      • +1

        Your mama…

    • +11

      AMA if srs

    • +4

      Create crime scenes. Approx $20 000 for a minute's work.

    • +1

      how do ya find a job like that

    • +1

      Mr Wolf is that you?

  • +13


    • +1

      matched betting?

      • promo betting

        • +2

          nice one. i have been doing it for last 3 months and made some decent $$$. Hoping not to get gubbed at SB

          • +2

            @FiDad: Me also, around 3 or 4 months in too. There are a few good facebook groups for this kindof stuff that just tell you exactly what to do. I average $400-$500 extra from arb'ing at the moment but it definitely feels like a limited thing that can stop at any time

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