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Panasonic 27L Flatbed Microwave: White SF564WQPQ $176.12 Delivered @ Myer eBay


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Great deal on the Panasonic Flatbed Microwave.

I had been eyeing the stainless model, but this deal on the white is too good to pass up.

Cheapest elsewhere is $249 + 20 delivery at Bing Lee or $245 at Winning

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    Don't buy it. I have this. My advice is stick to turntable.

    It heats very very unevenly even on small stuff. Half your pie will be shrivelled up, and the other half will still be chilled.


      agreed. Here's a review I enjoyed:
      Built well, designed well and good value. But, it is a great concept that just does not perform as expected. It does not heat in the time you would expect a microwave of this power to accomplish the task in. If you want to wait 28 minutes for 400 grams of frozen vegetables (small) to be sort of heated (more like warmed), then this is for you. If not, then I think a normal Panasonic inverter is for you. I think this product should be relegated to just reheating pies at the local convenience store (at least that way no one will burn their mouth).


      shrivelled up, and the other half will still be chilled.

      No one likes 'Shrivel and chill'.


      I have to say I don't feel that this is an exceptionally big issue, though it is an issue - the advantage of this is that you can put in larger size dishes and it generally works fine for us. I first used it at a previous place I was staying in. When I moved out to my own place, I decided to buy the exact same model.

      We generally cover what we microwave so that it redistributes the steam and heats evenly (and prevents splatters). Since this is the model I've used for the past 5 years, the older turntable ones I've used never really felt that much better to me. I must note I have mine set to 100% power all the time.


    I've never heard of a flat bed microwave that evenly heats food.

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    Go for the LG Neochef.

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    I don't even have the turntable in my current turntable Target cheapy microwave.

    The cleaning I care more about. All I do is very basic stuff.


      Haha, yes, though this has never been the reason for me to buy a microwave, the innards of these flatbed ones are way easier to clean


    I just purchased my first flatbed microwave from Aldi. Absolute trash, heats so uneven it takes about 3 times as long to do anything.

    Strongly suggest avoiding.

    Side note: anyone want to buy a Stirling flatbed microwave? Been used about 5 times.

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