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Bosch Lawn Mower ARM 37 (1400 Watt, 37 Cm Cutting Diameter) $131.40 @ Mitre10


Bosch ARM 37 is the ideal lawn mower for your home.
The combination of design and grass combs cuts right up to the edge.
Lightweight and compact.
Easy transportation and space saving storage due to the double folding handle and stackable grass box.
Single point height change for three adjustable cutting heights.
40L Grass box.
Motor power: 1400W.
Cutting width: 370mm.
Cutting system: Rotary blades.
Weight: 8kg.
Arm 37

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  • any feedback on how this mower is for a big lawn ?

    • It's 37cm cutting diameter…
      So allowing for overhang, I'd say imagine going over your lawn with a 30cm school stationary ruler

      probably not ideal for anything more than dealing with a lawn on your nature strip

      • How big is a big lawn?

        I use one of these on a smallish (120sqm) lawn and it doesn't take too long.
        But I usually do it in two passes (coarse cut then lower the height for final cut) otherwise it struggles with thick/tall grass (I don't mow often).

  • also does it includes battery or works on direct power ?

    • Way too small for a big lawn.
      Pictures show a cord coming from the lawnmower.

      Typically a battery lawnmower will state the size and voltage of the battery on the page and if not then assume it is corded.

  • Too cheap to be cordless

  • Pretty sure I'd run over the cord within 2 minutes of operation 🙄

  • I had one very similar to this for a small yard and it did the job.

    It would not handle really thick grass, so you need to mow regularly. I switched to a Makita battery powered mower for convenience. While it is better because of the battery, it will not handle thick grass as well as the corded mower.

  • I've been using an ozito 1500W one I got as an emergency second hand unit ($50) until the prices and technology of cordless ones improve. I've got to say that the low weight is a real bonus for manoeuvrability compared to my old petrol mower. Turning around corners and in tighter spaces is a real pleasure. It also cuts through long grass with much less effort than I was expecting. Once you get used to the cable, its not too hard to miss. Just plan your approach to the lawn as cable extends outwards. Current cordless 18V and 36V have the equivalent of about 800-1000W power.

  • Just noticed that they have 40% off the 36V Bosch mower as well, which brings it down to Ozito prices for what is a very good unit apparently…


    43cm wide too so its bigger.

  • How does this compare with the recent Aldi catalogue sale which has 80V brushless mower for $399.
    I have no idea and was considering between Aldi mower and Victa 82V one that Bunnings sale.
    I meant the Bosch battery one which is on Mitre 10 for 398.

  • The 82V victa is supposed to be great with petrol like power, but it also has a metal base which means it is almost as heavy as a petrol mower and less manoeuvrable. To me that takes away the advantage of battery powered. Also note that the 82V base model has a mesh catcher which I personally hate.

    The 40V Aldi mowers were rated poorly. Not sure about the 80V.

  • Got excited about this but discovered no Mitre10 near me. :(

    • Did you check to see if you have a HomeHardware near you? They are the same thing and have the same deal with Bosch stuff. Homehardware.com.au

  • Great thanks, apparently MagnetMart is the same too and that’s in the next suburb and has the sale. Triffic.

  • They don’t show the original price on this offer and I don’t see an Aus comparison price elsewhere. Is it really 40% off - seems expensive at full price if so.

  • MagnetMart only has the smaller one of 34cm and 1300watts for the same price.