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MacBook Pro 2019 13.3" 1.4GHz 128GB with Touchbar $1759 @ Harvey Norman (or Price Match at Officeworks $1671.05)


Harvey Norman seem to have up to 12% off Mac products this morning.
12% seems to be off 128Gb 2019 models, there is 5% off the 256Gb model and other models (and also 8% off others)
I price matched the 128Gb model to $1671.05 with OW - which is the best price I've seen so far.
Better than this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/476281
Quickly get in with OW before they update their prices.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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    Please buy one with 256GB disk. Once you installed Office and a bit of Creative Cloud suite in there you're down to 30GB at most.

    • is 256 even enough?

      • To be honest I've have the 2016 model with 256Gb storage and I always had more than 1/2 the drive free.. I back up my items on portable drives and don't use Creative Cloud and other storage consuming software, I did have Office installed.

        I guess this may work for some and not for others.. works for me though!

      • I have 512 on mine, though 256 would be the lowest I would go. It comes down to what you are going to do on it, but I have found once you try and load a few movies and some apps it starts to become low on space.

        Also you get better resale value if they have at least 256GB.

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        Horses for courses, one person says 256GB with plenty of space left while someone else says 256GB is bare minimum. Unlike other laptops, what you buy now is what you're stuck with for the duration that you owned the Macbook.

        • Basically just ask yourself what U are using it for.

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        My current 2013 Macbook Pro has 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD, 6 years later this configuration still has not increased much, bloody disappointing from Apple. Would have expect base model come with at least 512GB by now.

        • Yeah me too. late 2013 13" rMBP with 8GB ram and 512GB ssd. It's just astounding that 6 years later this has not improved at all. How is this possible? How is 16 or 32GB ram not the standard by now?

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      Completely ridiculous that in 2019 we still have $2000 laptops with 128/256gb ssd's. Seriously, we now have phones with more storage…

      • apple will declare bankruptcy if they offer 512, you know.

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        I recently got a $6k Top of the range Macbook Pro after being a windows power user for my whole life. In short it is going back. The whole premise of "it just works" is BS. In the 5 days of using it it has crashed with a black screen 3 times. I have not been able to install bootcamp because of some bug in the latest version of Mac Os with drive partitioning. Also a bunch of obvious shortcuts which you have in windows are not available - no way to quickly snap or move windows to different screens to be just one example. I could go on. I can't see how they can justify the ridiculous pricing for these machines.

        I will stick to my work issued Surface Book 2 15 which has its own share of issues but they don't seem any worse than Mac. It is a shame because I was really hoping to like this laptop and that it would be hassle free, however this is definitely not the case. I think the days of Mac being significantly better than Window systems are long over and they are both as crap as each either when it comes to having to manage a bunch of performance issues

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          I am sorry you missed it - OS X used to be really good. But they killed it by annual major releases where they put main effort into new features instead of fixing bugs.
          For me Snow Leopard (released 2009) was the last rock solid stable OS for Mac.
          Since then it went down the drain big time.

          Hardware is on par with software - reduced battery capacity in favor of another mm of thickness, cooling issues, crappy flat keyboard, lack of USB ports which are currently in use…
          All these makes current generation of donglebooks is inconvenient to use. The only thing which is left is the price tag.

          I miss good old times of quality software and quality hardware from Apple.

          I am sorry you missed it all.

        • I just installed window 10 via bootcamp on the latest OS X two weeks ago. Zero problems.

          The rest of your whining is basically that you expect it to work like windows, but haven't bothered learning how it does work (ie not like windows). And I say this as someone who owns 3 windows 10 desktops and 2 windows 10 laptops (one brand new) and one MacBook Pro.

      • Yeah, but those phones also cost $1500 - $2000 the same as a high end laptop. Not taking away from your point, just, y'know, further wtf is going on.

  • Can you do video editing on this?

    • Relative to what though? Certainly faster than my mid-2010 iMac…

    • 13-inch Macbook Pro does not usually have a good graphics card. 15-inch models tend to have better spec.

  • Entry level MacBook pro with touch bar? Wow

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      Screw touchbar, Apple can take it back and give me more RAM and SSD storage instead.

  • Officeworks have updated their prices…

  • It's back at $1999, is it?