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Gordon Ramsay 16 Piece Cutlery Set $35.20 (RRP $149) + Shipping @ Royal Doulton Outlet


Great price. Was $149, now $35.2 for a 16 piece cutlery set from Gordon Ramsay. Nice packaging - great for gifting.
Enter coupon code to get the further discount.

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  • Is this a good price? I can't find what the usual price is.

    • Yeah that's actually a good price - my partner works opposite the outlet so she frequents it

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    That’s a f*****g excellent price. You’d have to be an imbecilic donkey not to buy one!!! - Gordon, probably.

    • +35

      The spoon is RAW, the fork is FROZEN, the knife was MICROWAVED!

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      Can I use this to slice an idiot sandwich?

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    $45.15 posted? I like the idea of it but f**k me I can't justify that

    • Still only 1/3 of the price

      • +7

        its Gordon Ramsay

        I don't see any correlation between fine cutlery and his head


        Vera Wang the other month was better and cheaper

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        Cutlery is never full price.

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    NOT GOOD ENOUGH !!!! (unfortunately I don't need one)

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    OP - can you do click & collect at that price? i live close to the Arndell Park store

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    You must be an idiot sandwich to miss this deal!

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    Hopefully it's sharp enough to cut through bacon which still sings HAKUNA MATATA

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    “ Do not allow to stand overnight in the dishwasher”

    I think I’m good. If it’s not easily dishwashable I don’t want it.

    • +9

      100% agree, dishwasher goes on at bedtime, if it cant handle being moist for 16 hours then it's no good.

  • Fork this.

  • -1

    XD Rawrrrrr

  • Nice deal.

    2 sets + delivery = $80.35

    +1 OP

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    Had he personally licked every piece?

  • what's so special about these

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      Makes dinner conversations more lively and FKIN RAW!

    • Conversation starter on how difficult it is for care and maintenance.

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    Other than the branding, is there anything about these that make it better than the usual cheap plain looking cutlery? It doesn't even look fancy

  • +9

    “My gran could do better! And she’s dead!”

    “For what we are about to eat, may the Lord make us truly not vomit.”

    Why did the chicken cross the road? Because you didn’t f—ing cook it!”

    “You put so much ginger in this, it’s a Weasley

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    Should be WAS $44 because that's the price before the coupon?

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    Will I get into a shouting match with my guests if I buy these?

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    Was $31.68 in July with this deal as per Bargainlife

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      An idiot sandwich

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    Forking useless photo of my forking cutlery set, Royal Doulton, take them out of the forking box and show more than one forking picture, for fork's sake.

    (deleted in 10, 9, 8, 7……)

  • The Vera Wang Wedgwood cutlery from the last deal is very good quality, so these are probably good too.

  • -1

    Hahaha I got negged

    Personally I don't think there's much of a deal there

    Plenty of sets get discounted to at least $50

    The market price is probably $44 anyway

  • Good thing google keeps track of prices.

    Google states a 41% RRP discount from 90 days average and $44 (no promo code).

    If my maths are right $44 + $18.04 (41%) = $62.04

    • -4

      Nice work

      Yet it's ozbargain I bet heaps of people got it :)

    • +4

      Technically then before discount it was around ~$75.
      $75 - $30.75 (41%) = $44.25

  • -2

    Finally, some good tucking deals

  • Upside is : great gift idea
    Dowside : Doesnt allow you to eat food thats frozen bland rawww and dry !! Lamb sauce required too!

  • Would it go even cheaper if I use the code TRIPLEVIP

  • +1

    Buy this or you are a f*"king idiot sandwich.

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    "Clean immediately after use
    Dry immediately after washing
    Do not allow to stand overnight in the dishwasher
    Use only brand name stainless steel cleaners
    Do not use silver dip solutions with stainless steel"
    Wow, this is very fussy cutlery…

    • +4

      You think that's bad!? If you fail to follow the instructions and ring their support line they'll call you an idiot sandwich!

    • it's definitely not suitable for lazy people like me it seems. I leave dirty dishes sitting around for days. they'll then sit in the dishwasher for a day or so before being washed, then they will sit in the dishwasher drip-drying for another day, before either being put away, or used again because there's none left in the draw.

    • -8

      Not suitable for children due to coarse language

      • wot? SMH

      • +1

        what the fork are you on about,,,,the is cutlery

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        reported for invalid negative vote

  • +3

    You call that a set of cutlery, Gordon?!
    F*** me. It can't even handle a few hours of being wet in the dishwasher.
    My grandmother does better cutlery, and she's been dead 20 years!
    You hear that Gordon!? You make cutlery like old people!
    You surprise me, how S**T you are! I wouldn't trust you running a bath!
    It's not fit to serve. You're going to bin that and start making cutlery from scratch because F*** me my name isn't going to be associated with that.
    Go on then. What are you waiting for!? F*** right off and start making a new set of cutlery!

  • Bought it. Now somehow gotta justify my purchase to misus

    • +1

      Give it to her as a gift, easiest way to justify any household purchase. xD

      • +5

        Hmm, more likely to get a fork in the eye.

  • +9

    I am scared this cutlery will start finding faults in my wife's cooking…. I don't want to be homeless.

    No knives or teaspoons & only 20% off,
    still no deal but getting closer.

  • +8

    For gift purposes go ahead, but if you need cutlery for yourself, grab two sets of these 24 piece Bistro sets (giving you 48 pieces) from Target at $29 each, minus $10 online newsletter code signup = $48…

    They are great quality, shiny and don't dull in the dishwasher and aren't lightweight like some crappy cutlery.

    You can get two sets for $48 if you sign up to their Newsletter and grab a $10 off code here:

  • +1

    I endorse this deal…

  • Cutlery set by a chef, food better be tastier.

  • +1

    Is it 18/10 or 18/0 this makes a big difference.

    • 304/420 according to the website.

      304 looks decent, but quite a variable range on the nickel content, 420 seems a bit meh, but I haven't really looked into chromium.

    • I was going to ask the same thing.

      304 is similar to 18/10 18/8

      However 420 is a lower grade.

      Odd that they state both 304 and 420.

      That's like claiming it's Excellent and Fair. Well which is it?

    • Other sites selling the same product states 18/10

  • Kicking myself I missed the Vera Wang deal last month. Does anyone know where I can find it at a reasonable price now?

  • +1

    Read care instructions first and slowly walked away.

  • Picked up a few sets of these at DFO Airport for $35 each, pretty good deal. The RRP is more like $110 (saw a sticker on one of the boxes).
    Either way good to replace some cheaper stuff currently in rotation.

  • +1

    Actually may return them, those care instructions are ridiculous..

  • Got my boxes today - dishwasher safe they say. Keeping invoice and warranty.

    Kids very happy as they replaced the Kogan carnival cutlery which has steadily rusted and fallen apart.

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