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BlitzWolf BW-S9 18W QC 3.0 USB AU Plug Charger $6.59 US (~$9.73 AU) Delivered @ Banggood


Another AU plug charger on sale and this time it's the BW-S9 which features one port with Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 and Power3S intelligent charging technology.

It's also compatible with QC 2.0, Huawei FCP, Samsung AFC and Apple 5V/2.4A charging. Making it perfect for charging your phone, tablet, power bank and more!

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AU$ based on current Mastercard/VISA rate at time of posting and GST is included.

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  • Thats a good price. Mine received just today from last deal i bought it for around $11.30 delivered including GST.

  • I really want the BlitzWolf® BW-S11 with USB and USB C. If this was on sale, i would snap a couple up in a heart beat..

    • I agree that'd be an awesome deal. It seems BlitzWolf have discontinued it and their latest line of USB-PD chargers don't have AU plugs.

  • Is this what we all need for our new ROMOSS / Anker / Kogan / Xiaomi powerbanks?

    Or is there a faster way to charge the ROMOSS?

    • Yep all the power banks from those brands with QC 3.0.

      • Thanks for the quick response. Is this one any better or worse for use with the ROMOSS than the BW-S6 I've seen you recommend previously? And which cable/port would be the most efficient for charging the unit?

        • This would be fine for the Romoss power banks and either the Micro USB or USB-C port would suffice. Pretty much any branded cable is fine for charging.

          • @Clear: Thanks Clear.

            Can't believe they no longer include a cable of any description with the charger, nor have any of the other BW chargers available with an AU plug.

            • @UncleRico: It all comes down to cost. The main reason AU plugs normally get discontinued is because they always have to sell to sites like OzBargain near cost price, while with US/EU/UK plugs they have a wide audience and sell fine at full price.

              • @Clear: I understand economies of scale on the plug, but there's plenty of past BW sales showing similar prices for the SW6 but including a Micro or C cable for nearly the same price. Nowadays we need to purchase the two items separately to go alongside the third purchase of a chargerless powerbank.

                Besides, if they didn't runout all of their existing AU plug models such as the BW-S6 or BW-S11, I'm sure they'd still have stock to sell to those of us who would prefer a two port version.

                Sometimes I think democracy just doesn't work. I've got half a mind to glue myself to a Brisbane powerbank…

  • Thanks OP just ordered one, hopefully it's enough to charge a Surface Go (even if slowly). With the code went down to $10.21.

    • It will charge it slowly but if you wanted faster I'd recommend a USB-PD charger.

      • Slow's fine, a normal 5v 2.1a charger won't charge it and it discharges while being plugged in, the battery's great anyway but it would be cool to keep it up while at work.

        • If a 5V/2.1A charger doesn't work with the Surface Go then I suspect it might be the same with this as QC 3.0 typically requires Qualcomm SoCs to work.

  • Hey Clear, what happened to this charger?

    They don't seem to be available on the Banggood website anymore. I know there are higher Watt models from competitors, but at the price these were fantastic.

    • There are a quite a few reasons. One of the reasons is that they were superseded by newer models with QC2/3 and now USB-PD where manufacturers are doing smaller chargers with one or two ports.

      The other reason is that the factory responsible for the BW 5 port chargers no longer produce chargers and have moved onto other ventures.

      • Makes total sense, I wish I had bought more.

        What would you recommend in its place if you don't need USB-C or USB-PD? They still sell the BW-S7 version though I'm not keen on the white…

        • Really depends what sort of charging tech you require as the BW-S7 is still fine.

          Quick search on AliExpress will find you a lot of alternatives like this one from Anker offering 2x QC 3.0 and 3 standard 5V/2.4A ports. Otherwise this one from Orico which is like the original 40W BW charger you linked except it has slots up top for your devices.

          I personally have this Orico 10 port beast on my work desk for various devices.

          AliExpress have a sale in 4 days so keep an eye out ;)

  • I think there are charges on Ali available at lower cost, which do the same thing?


  • Anyone know if this will power a Switch?

  • thanks op, bought one

  • Silly question but will this fast charge an iPhone XS? I read somewhere that the minimum watt require for it was 18W but I’m not sure if it has to be PD to fast charge.

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