USA VS Boomers Basketball - Joke's on Us?

Let me start by saying: What a terrible event

  1. Floor seats arrangement was terrible. Audiences paid $$$ just to seat in a white plastic chair with flat seat arrangement!! Luckily I decided not to go and it was an **EXCELLENT* decision to watch it from TV. I feel sorry for those people who paid so much money in the front to just see other people's head lolll
    I really don't understand a professional event organiser can arrange big event to be like this, I think I can do it better myself! Who decided to put flat seat arrangement????

  2. Though I said that my decision to watch from TV was an excellent decision, but the camera angle was also terrible…It was actually giving me a bit of headache watching it from that angle. AGAIN, who decided to put the camera angle like that????

In conclusion, I think this has become a national embarrassment to Australia as the promised to deliver the same environment and international quality standard for this basketball tournament. But what ended up happening was a ripped off!!

I really hope the ACCC and customers will win the investigation and refund some of the money!

THe only right thing about the game last night was that Boomers lost again USA, we all expected that and they successfully delivered that expectation to us.

Anyone in OzB attended the game last night? Share your anger, frustrations and experience here!

Update:2nd match today24/08/19 2pm AEST.. we'll see if the bunnings chairs are still there or not. See you all from TV broadcasting!



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    flat seat arrangement!!

    Not just that (which is already terrible), but it was on a raised court, so people in that flat-seating area were literally below the court.

    That might work for boxing because the ring's fairly small… but a basketball game? How do you see the rest of the court?!

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      but it was on a raised court, so people in that flat-seating area were literally below the court.

      I can understand this, in some other places, sometime they put the court a little bit up (If i remember correctly, they had this arrangement in Olympic).

      This would not be a matter if the audience seats are not flat as they will still have great view.

      How come the so called, professional event organiser, could decide something like this? Isn't this basic common sense?


      If the court was not raised then the people on the ground would have seen less. I'm not really sure how they could have done it otherwise. I was there and thought it was as good as I could have expected.

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        On the raised court you can't really follow the game. You won't know whether somebody is trying a 3pointer or oversteps the line.

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          Yeah but you'd be looking straight into the back person in front of you. At least with it being raised you're looking up a bit. If they had tiered seats then they could had the court on the ground, but that wouldn't work either as then the people in the front of the proper stands wouldn't be able to see. Perhaps maybe they could have had 2 or 3 tiers.

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    I mean what did people expect, watching basketball in a football stadium??

    Of course it was going to be terrible, that is why I never even considered going

    Use common sense

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      I wonder why it wasn't held in an Entertainment Centre type arena, which is where basketball games are usually held due to layout and size reasons.

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      I mean what did people expect, watching basketball in a football stadium??

      I think why many people still bought the ticket was because they were promised that they would experience the same environment like when they watch NBA games.

      But, as usual, promise is just another word. Reality always checked and sucks.

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      I'm not sure who made the decision to hold it at Docklands Stadium, but it was probably driven by the (potential) capacity. Apparently ~51k. last night.
      I've been to a few 'events' at the stadium (apart from AFL) and it rarely works (probably T20 cricket is the only one that does). The stadium was purpose built for sporting events to be played on an oval shaped ground; anything other than that is just prone to failures to some degree.
      So, yes, carefully consider the event, and how it could be configured at that site, before committing to attend.

      Some may not know, but the stadium has a multi-level under-stadium car park which is used extensively by CBD / Docklands workers (it is also open on weekends etc.). Due to the nature of the stadium construction, anything other than ground sport on the arena involves extensive shoring up of the arena surface to cater for the increased weight from the on-ground crowds, or the motorcycles, mega-trucks, music stages, university graduations, etc. This additional supporting infrastructure is installed within the car park, effectively reducing the car park capacity by about 30% or so.

      Whilst some have complained about the seating for the basketball crowd being plastic chairs cable-tied together, I would be more concerned about the damage those chairs did to the playing surface, and what happens to all of those plastic cable-ties when cut off.


    Terrible choice of stadium to host a square court on. I would have thought that even AAMI Park would have been a better choice purely due to the shape!!!

    Feel sorry for those that paid plenty of hard earned cash for a terrible experience.

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      Actually disagree, the oval shape of the stadium focuses everyone into the center of the ground. Hosting at AAMI would mean people near the corners would get a very stiff neck trying watching a Bball game located centrally.

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    I was there and i got no complaint. Beautiful game! Especially when Ingles went air ball lol

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    Was it the Boomers or Washington Generals?

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    cant wait for the game on sat so i can tell everyone i went to fyre festival 2.0


    Anyone think Lakers will be incredible with LBJ, AD and Kuzma?


    Anyone who watched this should have known exactly what they were in for -, or did we all just start supporting in the last 3 years?


    This 'false advertising' problem is not new. A month ago South Korean fans were disappointed Ronaldo didn't take to the pitch in an exhibition match with Juventus. Sure, Juventus played as advertised, but I bet the pre match advertising was peppered with images of Ronaldo.

    Fans are suing for "mental anguish". I think it's part and parcel for events like this that the star you want to see might not be playing. You have to expect that and honestly, harden up a little.

    Now as for the seating problems, that's purely the problem of greedy organizers wanting to sell more tickets. There are other much better suited venues in Melbourne, but fewer fans could attend and ticket prices would be even higher. Take your pick. People going to tomorrow's game are probably dreading the thought and wondering how they can get their money back.

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      but fewer fans could attend and ticket prices would be even higher.

      nah..The current price was already too high. Promoter did not aim for break even, they aimed for big profit.


      The ACCC were already investigating consumer complaints last week re the non-appearance of players.
      That investigation has now been expanded to cover the seating complaints.

      People with tickets to Saturday's game could complain to the promotor, and via the ACCC, now but I don't know how that would be handled if they did attend the game after complaining.

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    Meh. Watching the white plastic seat in front of me still beats being at the cricket.


    Odds are $1.1 to $7, lol

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    On one side, it's great to see such a huge turnout for basketball in Australia.

    On the other side, even Russell Crowe was unhappy with the floor seats and he is someone who can very easily afford those tickets whereas the likes of you and I might struggle to justify the cost.


    It was at Marvel the only people who have a right to complain are the people who has floor seats

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    Jokes on you Taro

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    The camera angle was like playing 2k19


    People are seriously dumb. Not sure what they expected to see in a football stadium,especially at ground level. It's just a spectacle, it's meant to promote Melbourne and basketball. 50k attendance for bball is a historic event. If you want to watch it properly stay at home. It's not that different during concerts. You go there for the atmosphere and to say you've been. Stop f$%%g whinging. R Crowe can f$$%k off too. He should really know better.
    Only valid complaint is the absence of big names but on the flipside not sure if a 30 pt blowout would have been much of a spectacle. At least Saturday crowd witnessed history.
    Also let's face it. 100k attended, may be 1k were unhappy and a few dozen internet haters complained. Of course that would be sensationalized clickbait for the usual garbage news sites. In my books the event was a huge success

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    Complete waste of money, and the promoters should refund everyone with an obstructed views.

    The USA basketball team are all rubbish players anyway, may as well fly to la and watch clippers/lakers and have a holiday at the same time.

    I feel sorry for people who paid to watch this, it is disgraceful


    I went to Thursday nights game I was a plus one on a free ticket. We were about 5 rows back off the floor seating, so it was just the right elevator to have a good eyeline on the floor. A shame it was so far away! You ended up watching most of the game on the big screen.

    The flame thrower things that had to hype up the crowd was blinding me though. That said, I did appreciate the warmth it threw off because it was freezing.


    Preface this post by saying I don't like basketball.

    My next statement is controversial: Basketball is still a second tier sport in this country where the league is run by one person.

    TEG Live offered refunds

    TEG live is affiliated with Ticketek which despite laying claims to being a ticketing company continually stuffs it up.

    So the way I see it is TEG live plus Ticketek plus basketball = dumpster fire.

    Back away and don't get involved.

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