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[Pre Order] Edifier S3000 Pro Active 2.0 Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers $699 (RRP $1039.99) + Delivery @ PC Case Gear


People who loves Speakers, who loves Music, who loves quality product, oh well, people like good sound.

PCCASEGEAR is having a blast of promoting these S3000 pro 2.0 active speakers at the price of $699.Also please find link below for the Stand that you can purchase to optimise your experience for $189.

I have never owned a pair of Edifier speakers ever, but I do know they are a reputable brand in this business and their recent track records showing to the world that they are fantastic at building high quality, yet affordable speakers to the world of people who loves Music and Movie.
Here is a review from AVFORUMS -

Official website - $1039.99 - $1039

Enjoy guys.

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  • Weird how the description lends itself to being a dream home theatre setup, but only has stereo speakers. It would be great if it was just a setup for one person who sits in the exact correct position.

  • C'mon Ozbargain admins, let Ricesack make some money from affiliate links. Everyone is struggling nowadays

  • Decent price, since these are supposed to be double the listed price of the S2000Pro.

    On Edifier AU, S2000Pro is $499 and S3000Pro is $1039.
    (In the US they are USD$399 and USD$799 respectively)

    • This is more than decent price my friend, unreal this price is

      • This is ozbargain though. So the votes usually go to the $100-$200 Edifier’s. Most will skip clicking the deal just because they see the price.
        It’s a big discount for something released only recently, I did always think the RRP was too high though.
        Step up in $499 pricing of S2000Pro should have been $699 or $799 for the S3000Pro.

        • Agreed mate which one you listening to now?

          • @lx8789: Edifier sounds a bit lacking to my tastes. I have listened to a few models and I think they have a slightly more mature sound than the typical consumer sound.
            Still notice a bit of deliberately scooped & boosted frequencies, and a bit of DSP processing in the sound.
            They dominate the market they are in though, which is the budget price + features / quality / sound.
            I recommend Edifier on ozb as I think this is the right market for them.

            I am happy with my current system, which are just conventional bookshelf type speakers. Hi-Fi can cost a lot of money, so I just did a lot of research and settled on what sounded best in my budget.
            I prefer to keep the details to myself, since I think recommending a setup for someone else is quite difficult as everyone hears differently / has different preferences.

            My advice is to figure out your budget, then research your options online. Then when you have narrowed it down to a few options, try to find them in-store and give them a listen (if you can only listen to some of them that’s ok, as it gives you a reference to how they sound in person).

  • Good price on these, works out to $736 with shipping to my location. Cheapest I've ever seen these was from vtech's ebay store for $800.10 delivered with an ebay discount code. The price there is currently 899.10 with 10% code.

    These are the same speakers that gave Zeos eargasms, although I'd take his reviews with a grain of salt:

  • Hi OP, you think this is on par (or better) than the Audioengine 5+?

    • +1

      IMO Audioengine is over-priced for what it is.

      Audioengine is a more analog design (lacks sound adjustment), Edifier S2000Pro / S3000Pro uses DSP to provide more customization to the sound signature (although if you use XLR inputs Edifier by-passes DSP).
      Audioengine also uses Class AB amplification, which tends to sound warmer and more detailed at low volume levels.

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