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Manual Coffee Grinder, Brush & Carry Pouch $19.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Vagabeans Amazon AU


Improved Manual Coffee Grinder from Vagabeans with brush and carry pouch.

Limited time discount of 33% Off, for product launch on Amazon Australia.

Disclosure. There was a 50% off discount last week on this product for the first 30 units that sold out immediately.

To continue the launch, 100 units are now available at 33% off.

Price includes grinder, carry pouch and cleaning brush.

Shipped directly from Amazon AU (Using Fulfilled by Amazon service).

APPLY DISCOUNT CODE Vagabeans10 at checkout.

Discounted Price = $19.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend).

Delivered directly by Amazon from Australian Fulfilment Centre.

New Improved Ergonomic Design: This Ceramic Burr Manual Coffee Grinder is easier to hold, easier to use and more portable than previous models and grinds to perfection. Lockable bean compartments prevent beans from spilling. The handle screws into place, and won't slip off, like clip on handles. Both the body and handle are made of strong stainless steel, for maximum durability. Due to the unique shape, the handle turns the conical burr easier than previous rounded models. Get a custom grind for Aeropress, French press or other coffee makers, with the adjustable grind setting. It can be disassembled and cleaned in seconds with the included brush and easy to follow cleaning guide. And we include a carry bag to avoid scratching. The handle folds down, so it's easy to tuck in a work bag or backpack.


  • Ceramic burr for effective grinding, quietness, durability and heat resistance.
  • New rounded triangle design
  • Easier to hold and turn handle
  • Durable stainless steel body, handle and knob
  • Handle folds while attached. Compact and portable
  • Lightweight 300g or about half a pound
  • Holds 80ml or 2.7oz
  • Adjustable coarseness for AeroPress, French press, espresso machines and other coffee makers.
  • Cleaning brush, PDF guide and carry pouch included
  • Classic burr manual grinder

Provides the finest fresh coffee experience and can be taken anywhere.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ensures for a pleasing no-risk purchase. Get yours now while we have a fresh shipment in stock. This makes a much appreciated gift for friends, family, and co-workers.


1) There is an Amazon review apparent for this product that makes reference to a previous product price of $10. Please note, this review; is from the USA and is quoted in USD. It also refers to a special promotion price under an Amazon Giveaway competition, rather than a general offer.

2) Like most portable manual grinders, this device is MOST SUITED to grinding coffee for 1-2 people at a time. For large groups, we recommend a high quality electric burr grinder instead.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Does the grinder fit inside an aeropress so that it takes up less travel space?

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      Thanks for the message. I'm not sure but suspect the grinder may be a touch too big. I will test this tonight and get back to you.

      Kind regards, Vagabeans.

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      The Aeropress consists of two separate parts that come together, one with a small cavity and the other with a larger one.

      Unfortunately the grinder doesn’t fit in the part with the smaller cavity. It only fits in the larger cavity, which isn’t really a help as you’ll need to carry the other part of the Aeropress separately, which defeats the purpose of putting the grinder in it.

  • Same model without the stuff printed on it and no brush:

    $15.84 (free shipping) from China -
    $17.99 (free shipping) from Aus -

    Wouldn't recommend for someone that drinks a lot of coffee, can be quite time consuming to grind a lot of beans. It is useful for throwing in the car or a backpack for hiking/picnics/etc. The shaft the handle attaches to can easily fit in an electric drill chuck which can help grinding a lot of coffee at once.

    • Thanks for clarifying.

      It isn't suited to making coffee for large groups. It takes 30sec to 1min to grind one shot, depending on coffee making method, so grinding over two shots can take a while.

      It comes with a brush AND carry pouch (to avoid scratching).

      The product is delivered directly from Amazon Australia.

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      Appropriate uses of negative vote
      Cheaper price elsewhere
      (see above links)

      Also, seller posted the same deal but cheaper a week ago. How is this a bargain?

      • Hi. I understand the confusion. To clarify:

        Yes 30 units were made available last week for 50% off. These sold immediately.

        100 units are now available at 33% off.

        This is still very far below the price similar items normally sell for (although there are occasional exceptions) and the normal price of this item. The initial offer was a one off introductory offer.

        Also note: this was checked for appropriateness prior to submitting.

        This item comes with a cleaning brush and carry bag and compares well with any offer above. It’s also delivered directly from Amazon Au.

  • Aldi has one for $15 since Wed.

  • This was $15 a week back and now $20, I'm planning to get the Aldi aeropress & grinder combo

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      Hi Kamban, Yes that's correct. The previous offer was only for the first 30 purchases in Australia. Unfortunately these units sold out straight away.
      All the best, either way. Let me know if you have any further questions.

      Kind regards, Vagabeans.

    • The aldi one was in sale this week (wed), so good luck! I got both. The grinder (has ceramic blades) works quite well. the course grind made awesome plunger/press coffee. I haven't tried the aero-coffee thingy yet.

      As the Op says you wouldn't want to be grinding to make coffee for 1/2 a dozen people. But 1-2 its handy.

      • Thanks for the feedback mate, I'm the only coffee drinker at home and that combo should do well

  • Does anyone wish to offer their input on this vs the aldi one vs their own reccomendation.

    My intended use is to grind 50g of beans coarsely once a week for use in a cold brew jug (twohundreddegree one)and also try to get 3 shots worth fine enough for the moka pot once a week.


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      The aldi one has 2 containers, a 25g & 50g (they fit inside each other. It'll take a 2-5mins to hand ground the 50g, but you can grind & leave it there. So once a week it's good value. It's plastic with ceramic blades, but seems fairly durable. The op doesn't mention whether this has ceramic blades, if not, then I'd avoid. If it does, then this might be better as its stainless steel. Although this looks like you need to hold in one hand whilst winding with the other. Where as the aldi one you need to use a bench top, as its smaller & wider (which is my personal preference).

      Check with the op about the returns policy, but aldi has 60 days, I think Amazon has a month, so get both, compare and return the least favourite.

      • The burr on the Vagabeans grinder is ceramic. Sorry. Just noticed point above.

        The material is used for its effectiveness in grinding, heat resistance and quietness.

        • Thanks. I would emphasise that in your description (here & amazon), its an important component, it is also used because of its durability.

    • Hi. I was waiting for someone who tried the Aldi device to jump in. But without that here’s my few cents worth. Mechanically I find most manual burr grinders below the $100 plus range to be relatively similar in construction. The internal construction is simple. The differences between them tend to be very much around design and comfort. For example how easy they are to hold, appearance, portability. Shape and ease of holding is pretty important as your hands can get pretty tired after a minute or two of turning especially for 3 shots.
      Grinding for moka pot is not normally a problem with cheaper manual grinders. Where they are said to struggle in some reviews, is at the extremes with extra fine grinding, where they can’t get to Turkish coffee level flour like coarseness, and very coarse grinding sometimes the case for cold brew. But in between (eg moka pot), they’re good.

      Not sure on the Aldi model specifically though. Hopefully someone can offer feedback.

      • The Aldi one has 4 levels of adjustment according to the packaging.
        What does your machine offer?
        And the average price seems to be around $16 on Ebay for what seems to be the same machine as yours.
        Maybe they don't affer the bag, brush and print on the side.

        • Apologies, I posted the reply as a new post instead of a reply. See message below. Kind regards, Vagabeans.

          • @Vagabeans: Further to the below message; compared with similar unbranded grinders (like the ones you mentioned), the Vagabeans grinder comes with a bag, to avoid scratching in transit and custom brush to get into the tight spots during regular cleaning (without the need for frequent full disassembly). Also it is delivered directly by Amazon Australia direct from their Australian fulfilment centre.

  • Gday. If this feature of the Aldi grinder works well (which I haven't tested), the 4 level adjustable setting in the Aldi grinder is very good feature for some, as it locks in and allows you to easily jump between different grind levels for different types of coffee. Often, you need to go above $100 to get similar adjustable settings that work properly in manual grinders.

    The Vagabeans grinder doesn't use a fixed setting system like the Aldi grinder (like most cylinder shaped grinders actually), due in part to space restrictions given how compact it is. Rather, it uses an adjustable CONTINUOUS dial (the little black knob you see in the pictures on the product page in Amazon). The advantage is you can tune the coarseness anywhere from fine to coarse and in between without the restrictions of fixed settings. The disadvantage (comapred to the Aldi grinder) is it can take a bit of trial and error when you start grinding to get the coarseness to exactly where you want it.

    Compared to the Aldi grinder, I'd say the Vagabeans grinder is more compact and portable (less clunky). Some may say the aesthetics of the slick stainless steel design are superior to the plastic on the Aldi grinder, but that's a personal thing. And yes a brush and bag is included.

    I think the adjustable settings of the Aldi grinder would be a real advantage as long as;
    a) they work properly
    b) provide the specific grind coarseness you're after and
    c) stay in place over time.

    Hopefully that assists in your decision making. Let me know if I can assist with anything else.

    Kind regards, Vagabeans.

    • Thanks for that.
      I did see one with a similiar design that mentioned 18 levels?

      • +1

        With most similar grinders, there's a slight clicking as you turn the black knob to adjust grind coarseness. If they say there is 18 levels, what they are probably referring to is the click.

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