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[VIC] Free Burgers & Fries on Friday 30/08 @ Lord of The Fries (South Yarra)


Free fries and mini burgers (meat-free) from 12pm on Friday the 30th, at the new LOTF in Toorak Road. (near South Yarra station)

Free mini burgers πŸ” to first 50 pax - starts 12pm
Free fries 🍟 12pm - 7pm

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Lord of The Fries
Lord of The Fries

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  • Vegan burger?

  • Typo meant to say meat free

  • The menu at this place is classic. They have cheese as an ingredient but don't tell you it's 100% not cheese. They list the burgers as veg beef patty - why not just say veg patty? Ask yourself do you want a real beef burger or a burger with fillers to mimic beef texture plus added flavors to mimic beef? Also they sell icecream and don't even tell you the truth that its 100% not icecream

    • Although the "100% vegan" label is plastered all around. Ice-cream isn't only made with cow's milk. And beef isn't a name of an animal either.

      • It isn't blatantly obvious

      • Except it's not labeled obviously. If you're not paying close attention you can order ice-cream being unaware that it's actually not at all ice-cream at this establishment.

        Ice-cream by definition is a dairy product - arguing against that is pure stupidity. If the product is frozen soy product then that's all it is, deliberately labeling it after a delicious animal product is conceding the original animal product is better as you cannot beat the real thing.

        Beef is the name of a cut of meat from an animal.

        I understand that beef and other animal cuts smell and taste great to humans because we're an omnivorous species and our brain evolved larger because of the dense protein found in meat - That's scientific fact. This food outlet caters for vegans who want to hit that craving for a bit of protein, fat, iron and other minerals that their body is crying out for. Some once off customers might be caught out ordering food that isn't what they think they're paying for.

        You don't win friends with salad imitating meat and dairy products.

        • No one needs friends like you anyway, so not trying to win.
          Keep your comments relevant to the DEAL. If have nothing relevant to say keep 🀫

        • Totally agree with you Joey Jo Jo, feels like some guerrilla tactics trying to deceive non-vegitarian/vegans here.

          They should make it obvious and let the world know, and be proud they have meat alternatives.

        • hey joey jo jo, could you provide a few references about our brain evolving larger because of meat. cheers

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