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PNY GeForce RTX 2060 Super 8GB XLR8 Gaming Overclocked Edition $659 + $20.15 Shipping (3 Year Warranty) @ LnRGaming.com.au


PNY GeForce RTX 2060 Super 8GB XLR8 Gaming Overclocked Edition $659
3 Year Global PNY Warranty (Refund, Repair or Replacement)
$20.15 Auspost Australia wide shipping

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      PNY often help with the design of NVIDIA's own Founders cards. I mean by all means ask the question, but Google is your friend here, and this is not a reason to neg the post.

      That being said, the sales price is nothing special, and this card needs to drop at least $75 to be good value.

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        Appreciate it. I didn’t neg the post for that reason, it’s a genuine question as I trust the crowd wisdom of OzBargain more than often conflicting responses on Google. I negged it as it didn’t look like a good value deal when a 2070 Super can be had for $765 ish right now.

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    2060 super are running just over 600 on the eBay sales atm

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    5700XT looks more appealing around these prices me thinks.

    • Yeah, I agree - I have a 5700XT and I'm super happy with it, but I do think that the Nvidia cards offer some nice features over AMD for non-gaming uses. CUDA is generally better right now as a compute architecture, NVENC is useful and tensor cores are only going to get more important in machine learning type applications.

      • NVENC?
        I thought the AMD's version of that was killing Nvidias

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    lol theres a deal for a 2070 super for $100 more.

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    Not the cheapest available. Also, if you're thinking about spending 650, spend 750 for a 2070super.

  • Shit, could never justify paying that much for a 2060 with the amd cards out now. 2070 super sure

  • Yeah, I agree, all the comments have been fair so far. Compare to prices on eBay this is hardly a deal worth mentioning. You can get better-looking cards for the same or less, including delivery. If this had been the 2070S then a totally different story.

  • hmm prices have gone up. I bought my RTX 2060 2 weeks ago and paid $440 AUD.

    • 2060 or 2060 SUPER?

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