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Harry Potter Illustrated Edition Box Set 1-3 $33 @ Kmart


Harry Potter Illustrated edition boxset reduced to $33 at Kmart. Marked down from $79. All of the individual books are still selling at $30+. The Kmart I was in still had 2 left on the shelf so i assume there is stock to be found in other stores however it's not listed on kmarts website. $11 a book is a steal!

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    The fourth book is coming out in October.

    Cheap considering each book is $59.95 RRP but if you're a completist like me, you'd probably want the box set with all seven (or more; how are they you going to illustrate the 5th book?) books in it


      how long would that take?

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        At the rate they’re going, I think we’d be lucky to see the end of the series before 2030. I assume the next three books will take a minimum of two years each, like with the Goblet of Fire


          Yep first 3 took 1 year each the goblet took 2 years

          You cant rush art ;)


            @BenTheBargainer2013: If to predict the production duration by proportioning with how thick (number of pages) each book is…

            The Philosopher’s Stone 223 pages - ~1 year
            The Chamber of Secrets 251 pages - ~1 year
            The Prisoner of Azkaban 317 pages - ~1 year
            The Goblet of Fire 636 pages - ~2 years
            The Order of the Phoenix 766 pages - maybe 2-2.3 years?
            The Half-Blood Prince 607 pages - maybe 2 years?
            The Deathly Hallows 607 pages - maybe 2 yeasr?


    Definitely a good option for a Xmas present for a young one. Cheers OP - will keep an eye out!


    Is this across all Kmart stores?


      Can't say for sure it's not showing on their website. Hopefully someone else can confirm.

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        They take clearance lines off their web site these days. Not sure why - perhaps so it can't be classed as a published deal and thus eligible for price matching elsewhere.
        I think Target and Big W do the same now.

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    I've got all three books. Great quality. Amazing price.

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    Wow, this is truly a bargain! I paid more than $33 for one of them!

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    Damn what a steal!

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    Ah, reminiscing the $12 deal from Booktopia three years ago.


      I bought that, now a question of whether I buy these too. Still cheap at $16 a book and I can give away my extra copy of the first.

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        what!?… i don't get this. AKA - "I already have this, but I will snatch another one anyway because it is cheap as, and get rid of my other ones" !! ??
        …unless you have a specific person in mind who really wants to be gifted a second-hand copy, or you have ruined your old copies, this seems wasteful. The true bargain would be to use what you have.

        If its a gift, I generally think it should be new - if not a gift, you could just send them the link to buy themselves, otherwise, perhaps just leave the stock for others who want to own a copy of the dwindling stock?

        … but, suit yourself if you can get stock

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          I've broken it down so you can understand:
          op only has book 1
          op wants to buy books 1-3 for a price cheaper than an individual book
          op will have 2 copies of book 1
          op considers giving away an extra copy of book 1, maybe they'll even give it to you!

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      One of the few price errors that I managed to nab!


    Not remaindered I hope…


    None left in kmart Warriewood =(


    so cheap!!!!!

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    They have a Silly Solly's at that shopping centre. They had the Lord of the Rings books and others for $2 a while back + whole store is <$5….


    No stock at Kmart Belconnen ACT. The computer shows no stock at any other stores as well.

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    One copy left 😁


    Still some in stock at my local Kmart in Launceston Tasmania.


    4 copies left at Kmart Bateau Bay (NSW Central Coast)… scanning at $23.

    Checked Erina store first, none there.

    Thanks so much OP. My daughter will be so stoked to open this at Christmas :)


    The lady who looked up the system for Melbourne said there were 4 in Templestowe.


      I was told last night there were none left in Victoria! Good luck if anyone can find them :)


    I had no luck price matching at Big W - they insisted upon seeing a price on the website.


      And Target said they only price match toys, not books.
      The box set has gone from both Target and Big W websites, alas they are still scanning at $99 in store :(

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