expired Optus X Lite Prepaid Mobile Phone $19 (RRP $39) @ Target + Free Optus Sim Card


First-time poster and long-time lurker - cliche, I know but please go easy on me!

I was on the search for a basic phone my Grandma could use in case of an emergency or becoming lost in public. A used smart phone wont cut it as she's not tech-savvy at all. I looked everywhere and found this little beauty at Target for $19 (it is $39 elsewhere, including at Optus). Great reviews if you google it.

Also, Optus is giving out free sim starter kits until the end of September (usually $2) —> https://offer.optus.com.au/shop/prepaid/sim-card/2-sim If you plan to get this as an emergency phone for a loved-one you can recharge $30 with a long expiry date of 186 days. Don't go for the $60, 365 days expiry because it appears to be more expensive? o_O


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Target Australia
Target Australia


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    Burner phone…

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    $30 with a long expiry date of 186 days

    An even cheaper plan is Cmobile's Red PAYG plan, $50/year, and you get $50 of credit for calls and data. But it uses the Vodafone network, does anyone know how much it costs to unlock this phone?

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    Thanks. Price matched it at Big W.
    Funny as online Big W showed no stock but in store there were plenty of them!

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    Thanks - was looking for a 2nd phone to take running. Only problem is I'd probably want to unlock it. I went to the optus.com.au/unlock website which says

    "Have you recharged your service to a minimum / accumulated amount of $80.00?
    Yes: There is no fee to network unlock your handset
    No: How long has your service been active?
    Less than 6 months: There is an $80 fee
    More than 6 months: There is a $25 fee"


    Post office also has this available at $19 with free delivery.

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