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[Pre Order] Kogan 34L Microwave Oven with Grill $99 Delivered @ Kogan


Leaves warehouse September 16

Was looking for a microwave, this has 1100W for both grill and microwave which is impressive at this price point. Free shipping with code TREAT

Impressive 34L capacity
5 different power levels
8 automatic cooking programmes
Child safety lock
1100W Power

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    Had a Kogan convection and grill microwave. Severely underpowered for all functions.


      Which model? They have lower powered ones. I would've thought 1100w was good enough?

      Hopefully the one I just bought doesn't suck.


      Yep, I have this one https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-32l-stainless-steel-conve... its convection function sux, put a oven temp gauge in it and setting 190c and it go up to 190 Fahrenheit (90c ish) after 20 minutes. It's Grill isn't much better, and the Microwave is fine for a cheap Microwave.

      My previous Kogan Microwave convection Gill, (a smaller 25 litre one) worked fine, as advertised, cooked chickens in it without issue, just needed a bigger one.

      Overall i think, just like other cheap brands, occasionally you get bad quality control.


    This sounds great, might wait to hear a couple of different opinions on it first though

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    I'm deciding if I should cancel my order and get this instead:

    I've seen it in person and it looks really nice / shiny mirrorlike (if that matters to people), but doesn't have the grill function. Can't find any reviews however.


    I've had the 25L one for 6 years and never any trouble. The worst thing about it is remembering to take out the plastic fittings when you use convection (or they melt) and take out the metal fittings when you use microwave (or they spark) which can be disastrous, especially if someone else is using it.

    The grill is a bit of a novelty but it has worked ok.

    Bear in mind there have probably been some design changes in the last 6 years, YMMV.


    Pre-ordering a microwave. solid laugh.
    Does it come with Day 1 DLC?


    Yeah nah


    Weird, just got a shipping notification and price has gone up to over $200

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