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BCF Father's Day Fishing Sale - Waders Plus Rod & Reel Combo for $69


PRYML COMMANDO COMBO PACK @ $69. A pair of Waders without this sale is $79, so this is essentially $10 off the waders plus a bonus Rod & Reel Combo.

  • Rogue Nylon PVC Waders
  • Pryml Commando Spinning or Surf Combo

If you're not a BCF member, sign-up before going into store and you'll receive a $20 voucher in an email, redeemable in-store when you spend $100. You can always grab a couple hooks packs, tools, etc to make the most of it.

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BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing

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    Whats a decent(ish) rod & reel combo if I want to get my old man one? He isn't into fishing, just want to start taking the grandkids now and then.

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    BTW to any ozbargainers looking at getting the waders, be careful with these as they are a safety hazard. I was going to get one of these thinking it would be great to keep me dry when fishing but be warned that WADERS WILL FILL UP WITH WATER. So don't wear these when you're beach/surf/rock fishing and there's a chance of you getting hit by waves and be filled up with water. You'll then be like an anchor and sink down if you're not careful. Use them if you're in familiar and/or calm waters. Just a very long PSA. It breaks my heart when I see in the news how a fellow fisho dies while doing something which should be a safe and relaxing hobby.


      Exactly this, don't use them launching a boat FFS… just get wet legs… if you have to, take your pants off and launch in your jocks. Your balls will be hot anyway unless you're in the new bonds jocks, so they'll dry out quickly


      I totally agree that there's a safety risk with these. Years ago I was involved in testing similar clothing (dry suit trousers for kayaking) and any water that gets in doesn't weigh you down (it's the same buoyancy as the water surrounding you) but it can seriously affect your movement as your leg muscles now have two or three times as much mass to move about. It also means that getting yourself out of the water becomes a lot harder too as you're now much heavier and, most likely, rather knackered from the swim.

      So if anyone does get a pair of these, give serious consideration to also getting a PFD. They've got one of those on sale too -


      Waders can be dangerous.

      These are chest-high so not as dangerous as waist-high, and my understanding is that these should only be worn in a river or similar?
      I wouldn't think they would be much use when beach / rock-fishing, and the make-up of the rod/reel is more suitable for river fishing.


        Also in a river you have to be careful with waders. They fill up and then they become a sail in the river. Only option is a quick release and hope you get out of the boots. Ideal for lakes and slow flowing rivers. Had them on in tasmania shallow lakes, with temp about 6oC, but jeans under them and ski socks.

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      Just be mindful. These type of waders are commonly warn at the beach, especially in winter to stay dry and warm.
      Don't wade deep enough that a wave can break over them, or bending over will fill them. If you need to get a bait out further out, strip down or work on your cast.