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Bamboo Toothpicks 400 Pieces (2X200) US $0.42 (~AU $0.62) Delivered @ Joybuy


This popular deal is back, get 2x200 (400) toothpicks delivered for under $1. You must order 2 packs only.

My toothpicks from 05/08 just arrived and when I checked back, they are on sale again! This normally sells out quickly.

There doesn't seem to be a minimum order of 4 X 200 toothpicks like last time but you have to order 2 packs (no more and no less). I'm not ordering any more because I don't know what to do with the 800 toothpicks that just arrived. Any ideas are welcome :)

Order Details
Total(2 items) US$45.98
Shipping and Delivery US$0.00
Tax US$0.04
Shipping save US$0.00
Discount Amount US$45.60
Select Coupon US$0.00
Total: US$0.42

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  • +3

    says .29c AU + cash rewards 0.00638c :)

  • Shows $22.99 with tax for me

    • there may be a minimum of two packs, try that

      • I figured it out, you can't add to cart. only buy it now.

        • +1

          my two packs were added to cart to test and it worked :)

          • @Magicmagic: Weird. well i got my 800 toothpicks in 2 purchases =)

  • Got mine from the last deal yesterday.

    • I got mine from the last deal yesterday too!

    • I got mine from the last deal yesterday too!

  • +3

    That makes me a sad Panda

  • No dispenser. :(

  • Thanks OP!! Paid $0.62 :)

  • Thanks, bought

  • +3

    After 15 tries with the damn login puzzle, i finally got to order!

    Cheers OP..

    • that puzzle is so annoying! what's the secret?

  • +1

    Those plastic ones that look like Maui from Moana's hook that you can buy from Daiso/Miniso are 100x better

    • +1

      also more expensive, Made of plastic , take up more room. Toothpicks also have multiple uses

  • Ordered, thanks OP. I'll worry about what I'm going to use them for later.

  • Used ING debit card, paid AUD$0.62

  • Cheers got two

  • Awesome.. Finally get some refills for my toothpick crossbow. Thanks OP.

  • Hi thanks op. Got 2 x 400 in 2 transactions. 400 for a friend. Nice find

  • Damn forgot cashback!

  • Does this bamboo have bad smells, like moody or vinegar?

    • +1

      I didn't think moody was a smell :-)

      • +1

        Sorry meant to say moldy but I think you know that already.

        • Yeah, yeah, I did. Hopefully someone knows about these ones and can let you know.

          I get friends to bring back "Tam VIP" bamboo toothpicks from VN/TH. They're skinnier than this type..bit less "stabby" and definitely no bad smells!

  • +1

    I have dental student friends who advise not to use wooden toothpicks to pick your teeth. The wood causes micro abrasions that can irritate your gums which could contribute to gum recession. I've also been recommended by actual dentists to use Much easier than flossing.
    I would use these to pick up fingerfood though.

    • +1

      Thanks for spreading important facts! Wood is suboptimal, bamboo totally unsuitable to be brought near gums unless you have grown up climbing trees eating bamboo.
      Use sticky flossing tape and then waterpick teeth.

    • I believe asians use wooden toothpicks to pick fingerfood not to floss hence they're always @ asian restaurants.

  • Thanks 800 toothpicks for less than $1 sure why not.

    Now I just need a mouthwash deal and off topic I need a cough drop deal preferably from vicks vapodrops or liquid centres.. Mmm the peppermint is to die for.

  • Cheers got 400 pcs, useful for cooking.

  • Has anyone received their order yet, from this deal?

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