expired Bamboo Toothpicks 400 Pieces (2X200) US $0.42 (~AU $0.62) Delivered @ Joybuy


This popular deal is back, get 2x200 (400) toothpicks delivered for under $1. You must order 2 packs only.

My toothpicks from 05/08 just arrived and when I checked back, they are on sale again! This normally sells out quickly.

There doesn't seem to be a minimum order of 4 X 200 toothpicks like last time but you have to order 2 packs (no more and no less). I'm not ordering any more because I don't know what to do with the 800 toothpicks that just arrived. Any ideas are welcome :)

Order Details
Total(2 items) US$45.98
Shipping and Delivery US$0.00
Tax US$0.04
Shipping save US$0.00
Discount Amount US$45.60
Select Coupon US$0.00
Total: US$0.42

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