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Half Price Belong Starter Kit: $25 Kit for $12.50, $40 Kit for $20 at The Good Guys (Instore Only)


The Good guys are showing half-price on the belong $25 and $40 starter kits.

Available instore only

$10 kit is not specified as included/excluded.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    heads up…
    all phones ebay have has the $40 for $25,
    if you buy 2 you get $25 extra off
    the the coupon code PEGASUS reduces the price down to $11-$12 each

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    worst experience with Belong recently, signed up 5 mobile services and they disconnected all 5 citing I have breached their terms. Despite asking multiple what exactly was the breach all I got was a copy paste of the same response that I have been identified positive for breaching the conditions. Out of curiosity, I read through the terms and conditions and noticed that having more than 1 service per contact info is a breach !

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      Obviously a few people have had this happen to them… a few on whirlpool have said the same thing.


        I can only count one person on whirlpool with this issue. Please let us know where they say that?


      Damn thats cold. Were all 5 active connections? Did you lose the numbers too?


        yes, all active and lost the numbers too.. what was frustrating is the way they respond.. makes u wonder whether it’s a bot, but the signatures suggest otherwise.


          Sounds real shitty. Which network did you move onto? Have you considered a tio complaint?

          So if I’m understanding this right, one person can have just one belong connection?

          Or did they raise an issue with sharing data between the numbers?

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            @hashtagbargain: It is just my assumption that they may have disconnected bcos I referred each other. Their response is below:
            Thank you for getting back to us.

            We have positively identified and validated that your account and service/s have been set up and used in breach of our customer terms.

            We have investigated and found that your service has been used mainly for commercial or business use which includes but is not limited to use outside of personal use, or by making the service available to third parties, and otherwise by reselling the service to other parties.

            Which was why your service was disconnected.

            And as the previous email from us stated, that there was a breach of the terms and conditions of your mobile service.

            You also have the option to have this matter reviewed externally.

            We hope we have provided enough information to satisfy your query.
            We will now be closing this case as resolved since we have been able to provide an update.

            George @ Belong Mobile Team


    poor servers & request credit card/Paypal to activate, not recommended.


    They are ok for me because for a $5 add on i get unlimited calls to the Philippines. Downside is no international roaming.


    Just confirming - is the 30GB pack $20?

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    The $25 kit is going for $10 at Auspost, just bought one today. Only the $25 kit, all others are normal price.

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    tell me if there is anything wrong with this:
    I'm on $10/month plan and get only 1GB data per month.
    If I buy a $40 kit and activate it, then I can gift myself the 30GB data?


    this deal has expired, I went in Friday night and it was over :(