Apple iPhone Event Announced for Sep 10th (Sep 11th Aus)

tagline for event is "by innovation only" have to say even i LOL'd at that one

Expected/rumored to announced
iPhone 11 (LED, Poss upgrade to dual lens camera)
iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max (OLED, 3 Lens Camera System)

New Apple watches in Ceramic and Titanium

MacBook Pro 16

Possible iPad Refresh

Apple TV+ launch Date and Pricing
Apple Arcade Launch date and Pricing

Apple Card Launch info for UK

Event is at 10am PT, 10th Sep
which is 3am AEST, 11th Sep

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  • +11

    Thinking of an iPhone 11 joke? Don’t worry. It’s just a slightly improved iPhone 10 joke.

    • GOLD!!!!

      • +4

        Rose gold?

    • iPhone xi.

      • Actually it would be written, iPhone XI, as Roman numerals did not incorporate any diacritics.

        But let's not get pedantic over it.

      • +3

        iphone xi jing ping

        • +2

          *cue Winnie the Pooh *

  • +3

    Do we need to stay up until 3am to hear about this?
    Or do you think that our so-called "news" outlets will give another large corporate a free advertisement.

    • I'm staying up from now until the 11th Sep coz im so excited.

  • +2


    Apple plssss takes my moneysssssssss


  • new apple tv 4k?

    • Apple sells 4k TV's?

      • +2

        No, but they sell 5K PC's.

        • +1

          They don't sell PC's :P

  • +1

    Can't wait for the Google Pixel 4 announcements too……let the battle begin :)

  • +2

    I'm already buying it, and I don't know what it is yet…lol

  • It had to fall on September 11 or 10 this year, and on account of the terrorism attack in America it had to be September 10.

    • or given they always hold their events on a Tuesday.. it was always going to be the 10th or 17th… would never have been 11th.

      • Out of the last four September iPhone events, just one was on a Tuesday. The rest were on Wednesdays.

        • You are correct.. i apologise.. i go my Tuesdays and Thursdays confused i guess (Thursday being when we see it)

  • -3

    yeah nah, just got a brand new sealed xs max 256gb for $1300 off gumtree :)

    • I hope they gave you a copy of the original purchase receipt for warranty! Gumtree can be very dodgy

  • Let the speculations begin!

    I personally think it's too early for (Tim's Apple) to go for in-screen Selfie Camera, so they will simply make the notch smaller (from 60% down to 30% in width), but they'll fix it so it works in any orientation. On top, they might re-introduce TouchID using an Ultrasonic scanner. And they might remove the earpiece and go with a Vibration screen audio. The side bezels will probably shrink a little. The screen will be a little better. The cameras will improve a bit. So will the processor. Overall battery life will be same, as they control the battery size for said purpose.
    …overall, hardly an upgrade from an iPhone 8 Plus, or heck, even the iPhone 7 Plus.

    I'm hoping for a full-screen iPhone, maybe with a more useful 21:9 display, also focus back on drop protection, and to actually improve the battery life (it's 2-days average, but can be doubled/tripled fairly easily).

    • +2

      It's nice to hear the dreams of someone who hasn't been corrupted by all the leaks yet.

  • No love for the SE and the small-handed people :(

    • Just grow bigger hands mate. You'll be fine

  • +1

    You guys are ozbargainers right? Don’t buy at Apple retail, just wait a bit till they hit gumtree there will be bargains galore. If you have patience and prepared to wait you will find one. I have got all my iPhones for $500-$750 off Apple retail, some have kept some sold.
    Just this week got a new sealed Xs max 256gb for $1300 $739 off retail, my XR64 gb I got new for $700 in January sold it for $900, my wife has a new XR64 gb I got for $750. And I am in a nth coast city of only 60,000.
    People get them on contracts keep their old phones and sell for cash, they can’t be blocked by telcos the contract is with the sim, they chase them for the money owed not the phone if someone doesn’t pay.
    You don’t need receipt for apple warranty your phone is in your Apple profile under your Apple ID when you set it up. You just need to check serial no and make sure it’s not iCloud locked, if used and you can put sim in to check, if its a pre paid is only way it may be locked, if it is a OS model it will show up in the apple check serial no site. I also got a se this week fir $50 that was Telstra locked but I just went onto chat and they unlocked it, it was a pre paid one.
    The max I got this week after I gave the cash over I opened it and set it up there before I left. All good.
    Obviously if you don’t have cash you have to go down the contract route with a telco.

    I am not saying all this to be a smart arse but it’s all easy and do able if you have the cash and know how to do the checks. I know some on here hate gumtree and me for bringing it up, if it’s jealousy or they just can’t bargain with a real person I don’t know, but it’s 100 times easier buying a phone than selling one on gumtree.

    Anyway I have put it out there give it a go if your are game. Bring on the negs lol.

    • I think you only get the negs because you KEEP putting it out there.

    • I have always bought a new iPhone every year, but then i sell my old one (which is usually a year old at that stage) to offset the cost of the new one.

      For example
      2018: Bought iPhone XS Max 256Gb $2049, Sold X 128GB $1250 : Upgrade Cost $799
      2017 Bought iPhone X $1579 sold iPhone 8+ $875 Upgrade Cost: $704

      So roughly $700-$800 per year for an upgrade :)

      Do the same with my iMac, Watch and iPads (although 2 year cycle for them)

    • How long after the Sept 10th launch would I need to wait to see a decent drop in iPhone X price?

  • Must.

    Havent slept since announcement! The line here at the Apple store is currently 2. Theres me, then theres this other guy but I think he's homeless as he's using my blanket to sleep on currently.

  • My wife was hoping for a 5G announcement but looks like it's not to be. We're in a 5G area already so she will now have the innovation to switch to Android for xmas!

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