Looking for a Business Class Airfare to Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

I'm looking for a cheap business class ticket anytime from September 15th to September 30 and coming back anytime 2 weeks later.

From Sydney to Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.

Anyone can point out websites.

Thanks guys.


  • Business class? But $1542 for dental treatment is too expensive?

    Interesting priorities

    About $640 return for Economy, $1969 return for Business…


    Yes i cant stand flying, ๐Ÿ˜ anything to make it easier, im not good with crowds or going into cramped spaces and i hate lining up

    Just lookng at Scoot Airlines, very low prices for Biz class , although have to get out and c/over singapore

    Anyone experienced Jetstar business?

    • Jetstar's business class isn't business at all, it is more so a premium economy product (just look at Air New Zealand premium economy and you'll see what I mean) with a 2-3-2 configuration.

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        I've flown Jetstar business from Ho Chi Minh and it was actual Business class and not premium economy as you mention. Have you actually flow them or are you pulling things out of your butt?

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          I haven't but a quick google search shows that:

          Jetstar Business seats are 48cm wide and have a pitch (the distance between a point on one seat, and the same point on the seat in front of it) of 96cm .

          Quantas Premium economy seats are 49.5 cm wide and have a pitch of 106cm.

          Jetstar's so-called 'business seats' are not even equivalent to Premium Economy on a full service airline. Quite misleading referring to those seat as 'business' class , imho.

        • Considering what I see being offered versus what I've flown for trans-continental J mostly between NA and Asia (ANA/JL/BR/CX/SQ/AC/UA) and NA to Europe (LH/AF), I consider it inadequate to truly be a J product for trans-con flights. It overall moreso resembles a hard product for trans-con Y+/W of SQ/NZ/ANA/JL/UA (all of which except UA offer tolerable soft product). With regards to the soft product, you may get some dinnerware but I don't see anything outstanding that differentiates them from some of the better Y+/W offerings. The meals aren't multi-coursed and divided up but simply looks like Y+/W meals plated out. Amenities such as pillows and blankets are pretty much available trans-con even in Y (perhaps not if you're in LCC then expectations should be different). An amenity kit in their J fare doesn't look any better than what's given in Y+/W of other airlines. You're not getting branded hand cream/face cream or a premium pouch. Also, a J product shouldn't be telling you to add $200 to bundle lounge access considering it's generally an expected amenity included.

          Is it better than some other Y+ flights? Well certainly compared to CX but no one should be booking that with CX ever if they do some basic research. Of course, it also depends on some routes. ANA for example uses older planes with outdated J hard product flying under their subsidiary 'Air Japan' for certain routes like NRT->SGN. I mean, if this is the best possible offering for the price to SGN, then by all means, book it. But it's certainly not a full-on J product at all imho.

          Also, Y+/W isn't Y so I don't get why you keep bringing up Y hard product for comparison.

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    Im just been messaged from someone on here that Jetstar are offering half price business class airfares from October 1st for a few weeks, thanks for that mate ๐Ÿ˜

  • I wouldn't say that either Scoot or Jetstar business is business class. The product is fairly similar to a premium economy product ona full service airline.