Time to Give Android a Shot?

Hi team,

I’ve used iPhones since 2010 but have only owned three. My iPhone 6 is getting long in the tooth and by all accounts the 2019 set of iPhones will remain incredibly expensive but not be very exciting.

Is now the time to jump ship? I have an education email so I can get an S10e for less than $800 (at least for the next couple of days). I single out the S10e because it’s been widely reviewed as an excellent device, has a nearly identical footprint to the iPhone 6 and has stuff I care about (like a headphone jack) but also expandable storage.

What do you think?


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    Do you use a lot of apple products like a macbook, Apple TV, Apple watch? If you do, you'd may not awant to switch. If you don't there's no harm in switching…just be prepared for a learning curve.

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      I have an iPad but that’s it (I use PCs for work).

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        should try android tablet.

        i used ipad, it's a pain even to transfer a file….. air transfer requires paid app, where android has many free apps (if you can bear with some advertisement - when u transfer file once or twice a day or once in blue moon - more reason not to pay for it)

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          Switching from ipad to android tablet, the problem I have is that many apps' UI seems to be forcibly enlarged, while with IPad they have a separate design. A bit of a step down in terms of UX imo.

          Those file explorers on Android are definitely amazing for file transfer. Though I dont have much file transfer need on tablet. Most stuff is between phone and laptop.

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          You use AirDrop to transfer files between any Apple Devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac etc) and the speed is FAST!

          If you want, you can also use iCloud to transfer with Windows and all other Mac devices.

          and both methods are free unless you want more than the free storage Apple provided.

          For a not so free method, you can buy a USB stick with lightning connector which allows you to copy files between iOS devices & Windows or Linus like a normal USB stick.

          Using Android phone and iPad would be a painful move though. Either switch all to Android or stay with Apple.

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          I think transferring files on ipad will soon be less of a problem with ipad with the upcoming ipados which includes a proper file manager. I have used android tablets before and they would be perfect if not for the lack of proper tablet apps. Quite annoyed I can’t torrent on ipad though.

          In Australia I think i’d avoid Samsung high end mainly because they use exynos chips compared to snapdragon on other regions. Apparently it’s a less capable chip and they’re still the same price.

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    I am literally in the same position as you. iPhones since 4S and currently using a 6. I was also seriously considering an s10e or an s10 as I can’t see the value in paying $1100+ for an iPhone.

    I read heaps of reviews and it seems to be a very solid phone. I think android has vastly improved and mobile processing power has advanced a lot quicker than software demands that it should be fast for a while.

    Unfortunately I recently found out I don’t have the money for a new phone so my iPhone 6 will have to hold on for another 6months at least

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      Since you clearly hold onto your devices for a while, is $900 for an S10e vs $1200 for an iPhone XR (as an example) such a big deal?

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      You got 5 years out of you last phone - That's pretty amazing value considering if you bought the equivalent Samsung galaxy S5 at the time you would have stopped receiving software updates after October 2015 and the iPhone 6 runs the latest version of iOS.

      • this is an interesting point. The S5 is very slow now when running the latest apps. I was a total android fanboy and use both an iphone 7 for work and an s8 privately. Two obersavations - the s8 even with a larger battery drains fast (not even running the super HD screen). The Iphone is basic, but it fits perfectly in pockets and the hand, lasts much longer and all round better device. Having said this, I find iOS too restrictive and if I had to, would probably still buy an android device for my own personal use.

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    Since it's a 4/5 year gap since the last phone, you'll see a big improvement regardless of android or iphone.
    There will be a lot of equivalent apps which can be a pain to find the right ones and there'll be information overload. There's a lot of customization in android vs the polished and restricted aspect of iphones.
    I think going with an android is worth the try at least.

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    You wont regret it

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      should have save the statistic articles…..

      the answer is really depends.

      from my vague memory
      Nurse, Dr = iphone
      Engineer, scientist = android
      accountant = 50/50

      apple fan = stay with apple product due to apps, apple watch etc etc ….

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        Ozbargainer = android

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    • my wife was a long-term Iphone user - but she made the switch to Android - the main complaints are the learning curve and lack of itunes music and video file playback
    • app "Calm Radio" may help soothe her

      (free to listen to, with ad's; likely
      with -none- of the music she knows?)

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      Sign her up for spotify, basically a better apple music. For video file playback, i can recommend mx player pro but shouldn't the device have an inbuilt video player?

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        Most come with some application to play videos now. Even many file viewers have their own video players now (eg x-plore).

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          I have used Android for 10 years and never not had a video player? This confuses me.

          • @Nereosis: I remember having to find and load one on my first android phone, an original HTC Desire I bought in 2010.

            • @macrocephalic: I don't remember exactly what my first android phone was but I definitely remember pirating episodes of South Park and watching them on there.

      • I've used apple music ever since 6 month free deal and I get some videos on it with Android

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    I’ve had a similar experience coming from iPhone, when it came time to upgrade, I couldn’t justify the cost of the new iPhones. The s10e has been great for me. It’s really fast, has a great camera and I love being able to charge other people’s phones wirelessly. Having USB C is a great addition too. Android’s not for everyone, but it can be customised to be quite similar. E.g home screen apps only

    • I love being able to charge other people’s phones wirelessly
      Lol. Sure there are plenty of Apple fan boys but the same applies to the other end too.

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    What, purely because the yet-to-be-announced new iPhones are presumed to not be exciting?

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      They stated that the new iPhones are too pricey. Did you even read?

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        They could get any iPhone from 6S to XS second hand if they really wanted to.

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    Try the galaxy a range

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    Many people moving to Android find it hard at first. Apple is set out so easy and child friendly. Very limited to what you can do and only what Apple allows for customisation and software. Android everything is available and can install anything you want, not limited to just App store or the now defunct iTunes. Android is open source so there are ways to get anything you want downloaded for free. There's hacks and software so you can watch ad free YouTube and download anything you watch on your phone. Had a couple friends who have moved to Android after iPhone. One loves it and doesn't know why he didn't do it earlier. The other is still in the transition phase and isn't the most tech savvy. If you use Windows on a PC then what the hell are you doing with an iPhone. If you use a Mac then its understandable.

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      Technically, yes, but with significant caveats you may want to be aware of if you care about such things:

      Android is open source, but most of the software we run on top of the platform isn’t. This is true whether you get a Nexus device or something from Samsung. Unlike in the early days of the Android, the Google Now Launcher and most of Google’s apps have become closed source.

      Regardless, speaking as an iPhone user I think it’s worth trying Android. But may I recommend a low-cost way of trying out the platform first, say by borrowing one that’s a spare /older from family friends and living with it for a week or two as your main phone, if possible?

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      There is plenty of free stuff in the Apple store, as well, and it is likely to be well vetted for "nasties". I'm on an iPhone 6 plus still because I can't swallow the prices of the new phones either but the high end Androids are just as expensive. My suggestion, to anyone, is look at how you are going to use the phone before committing to either system and think about what works for you. Frankly I don't need "high end" anymore because most of what I do is on my Ipad so the phone is for bibs and bobs apps like weatherzone, taking pictures (mainly on holiday), Tram tracker, pedometer apps, etc. My point, to the OP, is work out what you use the phone for before you try to work out which one you want. I wonder how many people use all the "bells and whistles" with the Android hacks and how many just find them a PITA when trying to get simple stuff working.

      My personal experience was a moved across to Android, got a dud Samsung one that was a pain to setup and kept crashing, and moved back. At the moment I'm nursing my iPhone 6 plus because I just don't know what I want next. I keep looking at the new "shiny" high end ones but I really should be looking for a good camera and stuff that does what I normally use it for. I've been tempted by the Huawei phones.

      • This is all solid thinking. I mainly use my iPhone as an audio device, on-the-go camera (happy snaps and memory aid rather than ‘mobile photographer’) email reader and web browser. I have a few single-use apps like TripView, OzWeather and the Apollo Reddit client.
        Honestly, a huge thing that’s drawing me to the S10e is the footprint. I tried migrating from a 4S to a Galaxy S4 back in 2013 and the device size killed it for me. I want something pocketable.

        • Audio and Camera…seems like LG G7 or V40 are what you should be look into..both have good dac and camera

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            @xmchen: I had a good look at the LG range a few weeks back…the audio element is super-tempting but the consensus on the camera is ‘meh’ and they have a lousy hardware reputation.

            • @LlamaFace: if I remember correctly when I used LG phones a couple years back, they were always competeing with IPhone on top spot rank for phone camera.
              Quick search indicating the V40 is not bad when compare to Iphone XS

              Keep in mind the V40 price were less than $650 over the recent Ebay sales

              or you can look into LG V50 and G8 if your budget is around the S10E range.

            • @LlamaFace: I bought the LG v30+ recently and was able to sideload the google camera app without having to root. The nightsight feature is great.

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      So your only selling point for Android is software piracy?

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        I believe the point is the device is yours to do with as you wish.

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      honestly I found it hard…. very restrictive.

      So for simple people who does not want to explore new function out of the box = Iphone
      For those who wants flexibility = Android (there is always a solution as long as someone thought of it)

      try to look for the articles, recent iphone has copied all the open source android ideas and lack of innovations.

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      If youre worried about easy to use, go google pixel. Ie android for dummies.
      If you want value for money, samsung galaxy a or s series.

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        Since when is samsung a value for money?

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          Have a look at the Galaxy A series. It would be difficult to argue that they're bad value.

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      Most people who buy Android do so for the price, not because they can install some chintzy themes or for this perceived level of "freedom". You make it sound like Android users are more technically knowledgeable when this isn't the case at all.

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        Well you have to be more tech savvy to use android in its full capacity to iPhone. Same thing, but even more so from Mac to PC users. You sound like you use an all in one computer and call up Apple when a lights blinking on it. Apple is so restricted in every way. Repairs, updates, customisation, hacks, downloads, power, graphics, speed etc. The list is endless in how Apple is so far behind the game. To be brutally honest Apple products are mainly for certain women and older people as they don't know or don't want to learn the tech needed to get the most out of the device. Not saying women are dumb or anything like that but its marketed amd designed for certain types of customers.

        • Your reply makes you sound miserable to be honest; imagine being this upset about people who don’t use your preferred platform, and to top it off you feel the need to insult them because it makes you feel like a big person. I’m sorry if you and your sycophants are unhappy and feel the need to act like trash on the internet in an attempt to big note yourself. I use all platforms, but it might surprise you to know that unlike you lot I don’t feel the need to act like an obnoxious, narrow-minded twat all the time.

          • @smartazz104: Why would you say I'm upset? Like I said I'm just being honest, people can choose however they want to take it. Not really phased what people use but a little different when someone says android or PC users aren't as technically minded as Apple users when it's the complete opposite majority of the time. I may be miserable and cynical but definitely not upset :)

            • @Monstalova:

              android or PC users aren't as technically minded as Apple users

              No one made that assertion, but if you think most people are not buying Android phones because they are cheaper you'd be mistaken. Let's face it, most people in general are not technically minded. Either they want something flashy, or something cheap. Anyway I didn't mean to snap at you, I apologise.

              • @smartazz104: You literally said this - "You make it sound like Android users are more technically knowledgeable when this isn't the case at all" What's the difference?!

                • @Monstalova: Perhaps my implication was that all users are on equal footing. At any rate, why are you still on this? Time to move on.

  • I’m using an iPhone 8 in my personal life, using an S9 at work. The S9 has better battery life, in part due to the fact I’m probably not using it as much - but the built in apps are incredibly glitchy, freeze constantly, it’s a pain in the ass to send a text basically. I haven’t downloaded anything extra other than an app for scanning documents, and even that slowed my phone down substantially. Call quality is poor, using it as a mobile hot spot is poor as well - constantly drops out and I just give up and use my personal phone for it. Both phones are with Telstra so I’m guessing it’s not a network issue. I wouldn’t recommend the change personally.

    • Why would you continue using the messaging app if it doesn't work?

      • I’m usually texting clients using low end brick phones that don’t have the capability for other messaging apps. If there’s something you could recommend that works better than the built in app please for the love of god let me know because it’s frustrating as hell.

        • "Messages" from Google works fine for me (and now the default for Pixel phones). Most manufacturers replace it with another but it's in the Play Store. Has a web client, RCS, etc.

          Chomp and Textra are probably the most popular third-party apps. I used Textra for a while and it was pretty good but now Messages does all I need.

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      Is the S9 a work provided phone? The probably added all sorts of 'security' crap to it.

      • Yeah it’s provided by work. They gave it to me in a sealed box, not sure if the manufacturer can arrange security features in that case but I may be wrong.

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      Honestly comments like these just make me think you are an apple fan boy. Android has matured quite alot, Samsung S series phones are better in hardware compared to equivalent apple phones and having used an s9 myself I find this absurd… unless you are using some crap shoot apps built by a 10 year old and downloaded from an unofficial source or have a knock off Chinese s9

      • I haven’t downloaded anything outside of the play store - and that was just an app for scanning documents, I paid about $6.99 for it. That’s really the only app that seems to function okay, though it did slow down my phone substantially. Work gave it to me in a jb hifi bag, let me know if they sell knock off products because I’m pretty sure you’re just upset I think this phone fails at incredibly basic functions. Glad you enjoy it but I’m constantly frustrated by it and I’m considering just buying a new iPhone and using my current phone as a work phone like my boss and a few others have done.

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      You said, it's work phone. May be your company custom ROM messed it up. My wife have S9 and never had a issue.

      • It was sealed in box when I got it.

  • I'm a Microsoft Outlook user (personal preference and don't need my diary/contacts in The Cloud) and my iPhone sync's seamlessly with Outlook via iTunes - simply by plugging my phone into USB connected cable on PC. If Android phones were as easy to sync I probably would have switched long ago, as my wife has had a couple of Samsungs and she doesn't seem to have anywhere near the issues (particularly battery life) that I have with iPhone.

    • I personally trust Microsoft Cloud security over my personal computers as they have more money to spend on security patch than I do..as you said, it's personal preference. I know there are software that helps you sync between computer and android phone.

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      I have the office apps on my android phone. I don't need to plug it in to sync, nor use an extra app (ituens), it's all synced all the time.

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      Your requirement is to sync from Microsoft to device? Android has significantly better support for this than IOS?

      • I must admit that it is at least 12 months since I investigated this but back then the phone experts (at the various Telco stores) said it was not easy to sync Outlook to Android device. So I'd be keen to hear how Android can do it easier and better than iOS

        • The easiest way is to just install outlook for android on the phone. This will sync everything. If you want to do it without installing Office then it might be harder, I'm not sure - I've never wanted to sync before I got office for my phone.

        • +1

          There are a lot of people who consider having to actually look into something as 'not easy'.

          Syncing Outlook to android is as easy as downloading Outlook from the Play Store (app store for Android) and setting it as the default mail app.

          PS: People in telco stores are far from experts.

          • @Nereosis: Hi Nereosis … thank you for your input, however do you understand the concept of synchronisation? What I want to do is seamlessly synchronise my desktop PC Outlook calendar to my calendar on my iPhone and iPad (i.e. have exactly the same mirrored content) - I do this by plugging my phone into my desktop and it then synchronises (i.e. adds new and updates changed appointments in both directions). I don't have to upload anything to the cloud or anywhere else. I don't need Outlook on my phone to access my email - I've already got it set up so I can access mail using the native mail client on my phone/ipad - that's definitely not rocket science!

            • @marchred: Now imagine you can do all of that without needing to ever plug in your device. That is what Nereosis and others suggested.

              I've been doing it years upon years.

    • I sync from Outlook to Android (direct, no cloud) using MyPhoneExplorer. Don't even need to plug my phone in. It does it via Wi-Fi.

      … seamlessly… iTunes…

      Now there are two words you don't see together often. :) Still, I'm glad it works well for you.

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    I had iPhone for 6 years and switched to Samsung S8. Never looked back.
    I still use an iPhone at work.
    Email interface is so much better on a Samsung. Shortcuts, apps edge, multi tabs, split screen are just some of the better things a Samsung can do.
    The appearance of SMS and email on an iPhone hasn't really changed since iphone 3. Perhaps that's why people like it.
    It only took me 1 day to adapt to Android. Not as difficult as some may suggest.

    Yes you may give up iTunes if you don't have any other Apple device to use it but Spotify is so much better and cheaper.

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    Went from iPhone 6s to Samsung galaxy S8 then back to iPhone X.
    One thing that stands out to me (as a pc gamer) is FPS.
    Apps seem to struggle on Android (ie. Pokémon go is what I noticed it on mainly) as there are so many different hardware sku’s you simply can’t optimise your user experience on android.
    Random freezes or stuttering really annoyed me on Android, despite reflashing and going back to stock software multiple times.

    I vote stick with Apple but your mileage may vary.

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