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Tiger O/W Sale: Mel <> Hobart $41, Syd <> GC $45, Mel <> ADL $55, SYD <> MEL $59, PER <> MEL $122 and More @ TigerAir


TigerAir in with some of their best domestic prices in some time.

Flights from $40.95 One way, max of $131.95 (Perth to Sydney).

Deals exist from Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Gold Coast, Perth, Cairns, Adelaide, Brisbane, Coffs Harbour and Canberra!

Most deals finish tonight (1 day only!), others on Thursday night.

If worried about their on-time rating, make sure to compare with Jetstar's domestic ticket prices as well since both are on sale at present.

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Deals from Sydney, Deals from Melbourne, Deals from Adelaide, Deals from Canberra, Deals from Perth, Deals from Darwin, Deals from Cairns, Deals from Brisbane, Deals from Hobart

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      Optimal (profanity starting with 'W' rhymes with 'Banker').

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    Meh, by the time you +++ everything then there is really no great saving to be had. Good if you just need to jump a flight but not care about seating or luggage.


    PER <> MEL $122 , what is the date ?

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    They appear to be getting worse as time goes by. Can’t argue with stats.

    At the other end of the spectrum, Virgin Australia’s low-cost carrier (LCC) Tigerair Australia continued to trail other domestic carriers in July, recording 61.2 per cent of flights arriving on time and 64.1 per cent of departures leaving on time, a decline on its June performance of 66.1 per cent and 68.2 per cent, respectively.