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[XB1] Assassin's Creed Odyssey $18 @ Harvey Norman & Amazon (Free Shipping with Prime / $39 Spend)


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Available in Harvey Norman at same price $4.95 Shipping applies to most areas.

Prices dropped once again. Enjoy :)


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  • Such an amazing game! They’ve made so many little tweaks from Origins which has made the game so much more enjoyable. The storyline is excellent too with quite a bit of humour.

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    and the Season Pass is 50% off at the moment on Xbox, down to $29.

    So $47 all up!

    • Is the season pass worth grabbing? i haven't even started the game yet but i always enjoy more content if it holds value.

      • Yeah it is. I completed the main game a few months ago and put it down. Then picked up the season pass last week and have been enjoying it. I think if you were to play it all at once you may get a bit of ac fatigue but broken up it’s great. Good story too.

    • I bought the gold edition for $47 back in, I think, march.

      been slowly slogging through all the content

  • $18 is pretty tempting.

    • Yeah I was going to wait till it reached $15 or below (yep backlog) but tempting at this price given the size of the game.

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        Mate it's three bucks away from your price point, hardly a decision to wrangle with.

        • If it was anything else, I wouldn't think twice but given the amount of unplayed games, plus those I can access via Gamepass - this wouldn't be played for a while.

          See mlburnian's comment below.

  • Hi guys, I am prime member, I just ordered one on Monday for $29 and should be delivered today. I feel terrible when I realized I could've gotten it $11 cheaper. Any chance I can claim the price difference? A first-time poster so please be gentle. :)

    • responds gently
      This is a question you should ask Amazon directly.

      In my experience they've been really good with this sort of thing so chances are they'll refund you the difference.

      You should be able to do the whole thing over chat if you want.

      • Thank you for your gentle response.
        It is no longer on Amazon so they said Amazon cannot refund me the difference I will have to return the order and if you factor in return postage + shipping + $18 best case scenario I will be saving $6 (return postage = $0). Really not worth the hassle. Plus it's not too bad, ok to pay $29 in total.
        Thanks anyway!

        On a side note, some credit cards are known to give the best price guarantee right?

    • Just order this one and return the other copy for free once it arrives.

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  • Best game in the AC series so far, the content will easily give you 100hrs + of gaming.

  • Man I paid 39 for Origins and still haven't even gotten around to it.

    Still tempted by this!

    Great price for what seems to be a great game by all accounts

  • Cheapest price on Amazon has reverted to $39.99, HN seem to still be delivering

  • This is only bound to get cheaper, better off waiting unless u plan on playing it straight way

  • This is a excellent game.

  • Can confirm in-store price at HN is also $18.

  • Still scanning at $18 at Harvey Norman, although they are marked $79. I just bought one at the Hobart CBD store, there's at least 4 left on the hook.

    Also a few other games really cheap, but be aware, they don't like you standing in the games section looking up game reviews on your phone! I got asked by 6 different people if I needed a hand with anything in about 15 minutes. Haven't had that happen since I was in high school! Other areas of the store I was also on the phone a lot and taking photos, was asked once and left alone.