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Brilliant Smart Bulb 3pk $39.99, Downlight $19.99, Spotlight $49.99 @ ALDI


Compatible with Google, alexa & IFTTT.

2 Year Warranty and 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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  • Again? Must've been popular

  • I was kicking myself for not getting them last time. Specially downlights. Will buy them for whole floor. Thanks OP

  • Got a few Downlights from last sales,

    They are bright for a 9W LED and very responsive when paired with TUYA app.

    Though the change of the color temperature is quite limited you can change from Warm to Cold but not much in between.

    Work with Both Alexa and GH from my SONOS setup.

    • What’s tuya app?

      With google home can you setup timing? To turn it on and off.

      • I can use Home (the Google app) to turn on and off my Brilliant smart plugs - I assume the lights are the same. To set up a routine, that will turn things on and off on a schedule, you actually need a Google Home device (which may have been what you are referring to).

      • TUYA is what these Bulbs are re branded from. TUYA app offered a bit more function than brilliant app.

        In term of use GH and Alexa you need to link the account either from TUYA or Brilliant, your choice.

        GH's routine is very basic which doesn't offer a trigger like Sunset and Sunrise (only basic timer) so I use TUYA's native scheduling, also the Automation and Scene is very useful to group things together not needed to call multiple devices in the routine.

      • But won’t the on/off schedules fail if there is no internet connection ?
        There was a comment recently that the wifi powerpoints don’t store the events locally on the device and a workaround was to use home.assistant.

        • I’m hoping it’s easy.

          I’ve got google homes throughout the house and also a Sonos google assistant.

    • You can control any color between yellow & white. Use smart life app for Android.

      • you can but the range is quite limited. I'm comparing this against my Yeelight ceiling light which does a good job rendering different shades of yellow.

    • I wish they were sold as singles. I also wish they had an RGB version for around $20.

      What are most people doing with the wall switch?
      After all the system doesn't work very well if someone turns it off at the local light switch. Seems a bit of pain to pull out your phone to turn the light on or off. I thought there might be some cheap battery powered touch switches that could be just stuck to the wall. The only option are wired in models, which is fine if you were legally allowed to connect them. The cost, lack certification on many and then the additional cost of having an electrician wire up the switch makes it too expensive.

    • Is the LED replaceable? Just in case I need brighter light.
      Its for 3x3 bed room

  • At this price. The downlights are worth grabbing finally!

    Has been the only downside of downlights throughout the house!

  • If only they offered the bulbs in B22 base as well!

  • They didn't sell any in the 2 stores near me they where to expensive for what they where the downlights where overpriced by $10 and I even said , if these where $20 they would sell out, funny that it's now $20 😂

  • I just recently grabbed the Hue Starter kit and I'm looking to grab some more bulbs to kit the rest of the house out. Is there any benefit in grabbing these or since I've gone Hue I should just stick with Hue bulbs?

  • I tried hooking the bulbs up, did not work, took a while and figured out theyre not good with 5G wifi, needs the old school 2.4

  • anyone here familiar if these can be easily cracked open to flash tasmota/esphome to integrate into home assistant.

    The security light looks interesting if the motion sensor is wired up as an input into the esp8285 and not hardwired into the mains circuit like traditional security lights.

    • From the last post, the downlights can't be flashed OTA, but easily accessible to flash by wire.
      The security light didn't appear to have a compatible chip. Not sure about the others.

      On HA, anyone managed to use the downlights with the Tuya component? I tried with both Tuya and Smart Life platforms, but can only get the scenes, no devices listed.

    • I purchased one of these twin security units today. I wanted to know if I can use just the sensor part of the unit and not the two spotlights. Currently have an arlec sensor controlling our front light (which is a separate unit), and the sensor is not great. I need to be able to turn it off and also on for time periods. The wifi control looks great. So I want to connect up the twin security unit to our existing light and have it control that (obviously not being able to dim it, just the basic functions). Is that possible?

  • How hard is it to install the downlights? Do I need an electrician?

    • If you are replacing existing downlights and you have a plug base up there, it's a matter of plug and play.
      If they need hardwiring (or a plug base installed) you legally require an electrician.

      • Do the downloghts come with the plub n flex cord?

      • How do I check? Just pull down the downlight? Are the Philips Hue downlights plug and play too?

        • Yeah if you can see it, otherwise a trip into the ceiling.

          The existing ones will have a transformer which will likely be mounted so you might not be able to see whether the other end is hard wired or has a plug.

          @rdhupar Yes these include flex and plug

        • philips hue downlights are not plug and play. they also require quite a large cutout compared to the common 85-90mm.

  • Anyone wth feedback on the security lights? How difficult is it to install?

    • Simple to install yourself if you already have the wiring running to where you want. I got an electrician to wire it for me as I didn’t have any wiring to the spot. The spotlights also allow you to adjust warmth between 3000k - 6000k.

    • Unless they have a 3 pin plug which would be unusual for outdoor security light you’ll (legally) need an electrician to install it.

    • is there any way you can deactivate the motion sensor?

      • Yep, can do through the app, @Lionking48.
        You have a choice between, Auto, Override, and Flash. It also allows thee sensitivity settings for the sensor and you can adjust the timer between 10secs and 10mins (if you decide to use the sensor to trigger the lights).

        All settings are through the app. There’s only one button on the unit that’s used to connect it to the app - which is fairly pain-free btw on 2.4ghz wifi.

  • Strange they are selling them cheaper and within the 60 day period of the last time. Going to get a lot of repurchase and returns I'm guessing. Can't complain though, $20 is a good price for the downlights. Wonder if JD Lighting will beat the price again this time.

  • Can we dim downlights without physical dimmer installed? Is it through app? If someone can advise please. I am assuming they are convertable to warm and cool white through app?

  • Hi I bought the garden spot light at their previous advertised price of $129. Will I be able to simply get a $29 refund or will I have to return the whole kit in a box to aldi to get $29 back. The problem is I have installed the kit in my backyard ☹️.

  • These are not very bright, especially if you change the colour. The Xiaomi bulbs are much better; the brightness is maintained across different colours.

  • I wouldn't get the garden lights. I bought two packs and returned them. Not very bright and hard to get a good warm white tone.

    • I agree that they're not very bright. They suit what I need for a more subtle highlighting of plants etc, but if you want bright, then these outdoor lights are NOT for you

    • +1 set mine up on the weekend but decided to return as it was just not bright enough. Also, wires not long enough to reach the areas I was hoping for

  • bunnings equivalent for the spot light?

  • Any idea on if these work with HA? And how difficult? I am still a noob with it, waiting until I graduate uni in November till I dive right in more with it so cant spend too much time on them atm

  • This work well with My HA setup. I use tuya component. I can control brightness as well.

    • Are you using tuya or smart life platform?

      I registered mine with smart life app, but can't see devices in HA, only the scenes I created.
      I changed one to Tuya app but still not seeing the device.

      (Oh I guess I should ask which light you're using. I'm trying with the downlights.)

      • on Android i use SmartLife. but on HA i use https://www.home-assistant.io/components/tuya/. set it up as smartlife

        • Weird. Same here, I specified smart_life platform in the tuya component and is connecting ok since I get scenes.

          Are we both talking about downlights here?

          This is my config, shouldn't need anything more than that?

              username: !secret tuya_username
              password: !secret tuya_password
              country_code: 61
              platform: smart_life
    • Which ones?? I've been trying with the smart globes and can't get them to pick up

      • the globe, i bought from bunnings. I tried Tuya and Smartlife both is working. but with smartlife it will work with IFTTT

        • Ah ok.. Not that I have the smart globes, but maybe a firmware difference or something between the ones from Aldi..

          • @bamzero: ah sorry , i just remember the bulb i bought it from Kmart. mirabella genio. hmm but it's also use tuya and smartlife. yeah maybe the firmware is different with brilliant

            • @shortcircuit: Looks like I'll be pulling all these downlights down one of these days to flash them.
              For now need to keep them wife friendly so she can use with voice assistants.

      • tuya:
        username: xxxx
        password: xxxx
        country_code: 61
        platform: 'smart_life'

        HA 0.96.0

    • I have the led strip light but so far haven't had it recognized in HA. No errors in the configuration.yaml
      Any suggestions.

      • are you using Tuya or Smartlife? maybe try change the server. i don't have any issue with Mirabella Genio on Tuya or Smartlife.

      • Just need to wait it out. Some of the newer stuff doesn't work with HA yet but apparently Tuya will add support.

        They will still function in scenes though, so a partial workaround is to create on/off scenes for your light strip in the app and you should be able to activate in HA. Not ideal, but not much else we can do at the moment unless you can flash with another firmware.

        • Thank you.Scenes does work. Much appreciated. They do work with Google home but wanted them on my HA panel.

  • I know they are more expensive but just thought i would chime in an mention the Lifx globe I bought recently. The app is good. has many features to control the light with themes etc, and the 1100 lumens light is pretty amazing.

    • I have 4 LIFX globes and each of them have randomly disconnected from the WiFi at some stage and become undiscoverable, even after a factory reset, then they randomly show up. I am going to be swapping from them because of this, I have had my office be an expensive normal light for about 7 months now and it has been reset multiple times

    • Agreed, I've been using the Lifx older 1000, newer 1100 bulbs and LED strips. The initial setup takes a while to download and install firmware updates so a bit of patience required there. But they've always been working well after setup.

      I've had many friends comment on how they liked the brightness and colour.

  • Anyone got these working with HomeBridge. Keen to try the bulbs at this price!


    • Should work me thinks, I have first gen Lifx bulbs connected to HomeBridge which is running on RPi so I guess the process will be quite similar.

  • Brilliant price for the brilliant downlight, definitely worth a try!

  • Are these like Yeelight as in Plug and Play?
    (Download app and you can turn on or off easily?)

  • Been hunting about to replace my LimitlessLED bulbs (Milight / EasyBulb rebranded I believe) these might just do the trick as I can’t seem to figure out how to get the Milights hooked into Google Home. Only downside is now I’ll lose the actual 2.4GHz remote functionality which I have littered throughout the house to use as switches - anyone with any suggestions of alternates I’m all ears

    • Have MiLights working via google but it's not simple. Step one is to get them on your wifi network. To do that you need to get a wifi bridge - called an "iBox 2" for about $10 or so off aliexpress or eBay. I'd note that if your lights are scattered around a large house you may end up needing more than one of these. Once that is setup and linked to your lights (you can also use the remotes, although I think I had to link my remotes again after setting up the bridge), you can then go to step 2. That involves setting up HomeAssistant - I used a dedicated raspberry pi - and giving the bridges fixed ip addresses. Once that's setup you can then include limitlessled in your HA configuration. After all that, you can now control the lights both via the remotes as well as via a web browser/mobile etc.

      Finally, for google integration you can then enable access to your HA - the easiest way is via the paid home assistant cloud subscription. I'm a cheap sod, so I avoided that by using a workaround with my existing Vera and vera concierge installation.

      Someone has even written a 'howto' guide - sadly well after I did it! https://dew-itwebservices.com.au/integrating-google-home-wit...

      • Thanks for that man,

        I did stumble across that how to awhile back, some of it goes a bit over my head (I do have a Raspberry Pi zero laying around so I might try work out how to use it) I did have the wifi bridge but it sizzled out recently so I'll organise a new one of those first possibly.

        • NP. Frankly it's all a bit on the mouse trap/Rube Goldberg/W. Heath Robinson side of things ie multiple devices any one of which could fail preventing the whole from working. FWIW The Pi zero probably won't have enough ergs to power HA reliably - and reliability is key for home automation to be successful.

          • @PlasticSpaceman: Yeh I will probably look at alernate options as well if I'm going to sink $15-$30 towards a new wifi box, that money might be better spent put towards a new set of lights if I can find one that has a physical remote that's not on the phone and Google Home Support)

            There was another extremely elongated way that I actually had working originally but it wasn't pretty. Essentially had a plugin running on Kodi that could switch the lights on and off, then a Keyboard shortcut translated into a flirc command which could then be activated with my Harmony Hub and as such used with Google home. But as you said, one device fails they all do.